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Annual Passport

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  1. David

    That’s not what they are saying at all Kristen. A membership program and annual passes are potentially two completely different things. And not only that they only mention information regarding a membership program will be released relatively soon, not that an actual program will be in place soon.

  2. Linda

    Ditto to what David said. This David and Linda say the same thing!

  3. Pete

    As a “Legacy Passholder” I will be joining whatever Program Disney comes up with as soon as I can.

    1. Brett

      Are you prepared to spend more money?

      1. Echavarria Joyce

        Of course. Us real Disney fan livers dont care bout price
        Im in at any cost

  4. David R

    They need to do something quick, we loyal AP, DVC, Disney plus as well as D23 fans have been very loyal to Disney and spend lots of money during the pandemic at Down Town Disney. We loyal fans are always the first to be at Disney events and spend tons of money on Merch as well. Bring back our AP ASAP.

    1. Daniel

      Your whole message was sad.

    2. Kristina

      I agree with David. Bring it back!! Doesn’t sound Sad to me. Just real. Disneyland has REAL fans.

  5. Disneymom

    I think that it needs to be sooner than later. AP’s we’re their most loyal fans. We have been BEYOND patient the last 6 months waiting for the new program, whatever that entails. But watching all the restriction being lifted and still nothing from them is beyond hurtful and upsetting.

  6. Craig

    Great. Let’s jam up the park with more passholders so that those of us paying to come from out of state don’t enjoy ourselves due to an at capacity park, and don’t bother coming back. Passholders ruined the Disneyland experience. It was never designed as an evening hang out for the locals.

    1. Disneymom

      Not all AP’s were local. I am an out-of-stater and know many others too!!

    2. Kkb

      I agree! I am an out of state pass holder and We were so fed up with the crowds we considered not renewing.
      Hopefully the new membership program will limit that “weekend hangout” for locals. It’s just not fair for those who can’t just come back another day if it’s too crowded.

  7. Aldous

    I don’t think ap by themselves were the issues with crowding . The issue was ap on monthly installments. That’s when the random off season Wednesdays with 10 minute lines disappeared.

  8. DisneylandMom

    The monthly payment plans were not the issue. We’re from NorCal and when we come down, we eat at Disneyland, buy souvenirs, pay for preferred parking, all of our money is spent there! And, we only go 4-5 times per year! It was the locals who don’t buy food or souvenirs!

    1. Cindy

      Uh, I’m a local and I spend money eating there and buy souvenirs. Not only that, I bring my granddaughter and great Nieces and nephews. Senior locals spend lots of money there.

  9. Kevin

    Details coming soon means the program will be significantly different than it was before.

  10. LeRoy Scheller

    LeRoy, The sooner the better , I am old 83 and can not wait much loner to get back , ha

  11. Teddy

    I’ll be interested to see what they come up with. My daughter and I, who live in AZ, had Premium passports for about 15 years. When SWGE construction began, we let them lapse with plans to get them again after it opened and the first wave of insanity was over. Then the pandemic hit. Sigh. I really do want to get something resembling an AP again, as it allows me to visit whenever I can without the added cost of park admission.
    I agree that out of town/state visitors tend to spend more per visit than locals. It’s logical; we can’t just say “I’ll come back next week and buy that.” We also spend on lodging and gas, and tend to eat at the park more. However, I can’t fault local AP holders for using their passes to go regularly; if I lived there, I’d totally do that.
    And I also think that the monthly payment plans did indeed lead to most of the horrible crowding. As an out-of-state buyer, I had to pay upfront for my AP. And of course you can save up for it, putting aside the same amount you’d pay monthly (no interest, pretty good deal), but that means waiting a year to buy it. So people who wouldn’t be able to drop the ever-increasing amount for a pass could more easily afford to pay monthly. And the crowding was terrible. Logically, they should offer the payment plan to out of area pass holders, since we go, spend and leave, rather than just running in for dinner.
    All in all, I’ll look forward to seeing what they come up with. I just want to go back, since I missed my 2020 trip.

  12. Bob

    Yes I will be getting the top tier pass for my wife and myself. I hope Disney eliminates the payment plan which will help with pass holder crowd size

    1. Disneymami

      Not really.. all people need is a credit card to put it on LOL

  13. Daniele

    Once they get rid of the monthly payment plan, things will go back to not being crowded. People need to pay for their passes up front. That monthly payment plan just made it affordable for every Tom, Dick and Harry and the park was jam packed and many of the people that would not pay would move their pass over to a different credit card and still go to the parks and be able to get in free while transitioning cards. That monthly payment plan cost Disney a lot of money and hassle. Once that is removed, the annual pass program can come back. The pandemic finally gave Disney an excuse to fix the ap program. We have been passholders for 20 years and since they started the monthly thing about 10 years ago, that is when the problem started with overflowing and crowds in the park. Disneyland is expensive and people need to save up money to go there not just think that everyone deserves to have a pass.

  14. Ferollew

    If the new AP will give us Legacy PA the flexibility we have enjoyed then I am in. Drop the MPP which should help control capacity.
    Hope it is a good plan!

  15. D. Thomas

    Boy so many haters on the monthly plan holders. Biter biter biter. I’m only 10 minutes away from Disneyland and it Still costed an arm and a leg to go to it. Even when I Worked for Disney back in 2001-2007 We couldn’t just walk in any time we wanted to with our families. Only people who are from out of town Hate the idea of the Payment plan for Californian’s who live here because You can’t do it!!!!!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE. I’d Love to go to Walt Disney World, but I can’t afford that with a Family of 7. So yes, I was very happy that we were Able to do one of the offered Monthly plans with the Disney parks. You know why? They know, that they will ALWAYS have an monthly income coming in from Monthly Pass holders when the parks are slower and when there Off seasons come. They also make Big Bucks when they do there AFTER HOURS things like there Halloween night time bashes or there Themed night theme bashes like there Valentines one or there Star Wars one or there 80’s themed night outs, but I don’t complain about not going to those because it’s a $100. a pop or even more to go to one of these 3-4 hours Extra outings. I’d love to check one of them out, but I don’t have an Extra $150. Per Person, for 3 hours of just getting Candy for the kidds ????Thank you, but no. So I was very grateful for our monthly passes.

    1. Tori

      I agree 100%! People, don’t hate us because we live in California LOL not all of us “monthly payment“ annual passholders crowd up the parks. you can’t blame it on all AP holders, I am one of those ‘monthly payment plan’ Californians, but we only go about 4-5 times per year since we live up in Sacramento.

    2. El

      I agree. The mpp is helpful for those who want to give their families a nice vacation and can’t afford upfront

      1. Adam Heath

        So reading though these comments, this is what I’ve learned.
        1. Out of staters don’t think lower income people should have the privilege of Disney
        2. Out of staters don’t think the locals should “hang out” at one of the coolest places in the world in their back yard.
        Out of staters assume is local AP’s spend money on food and merch at the park.
        To point #1 you all complain how expensive this state is, let the locals have some benefits. #2 it’s our park and your the guest. (Joking not joking)
        #3 LOL local APs spend so much money at the park that’s why you get things like SWGE and the new Marvel land.

  16. Brett

    Do you people understand what Disney is doing here? They are getting rid of the annual passes! The so-called replacement “membership” program is likely going to be nothing but a discount card for “superfans”. Every annual passholder is going to end up paying more money under the new plan. Especially the superfans. The more you visit Disneyland the more you are going to have to spend.

  17. Echavarria Joyce

    Of course. Us real Disney fan livers dont care bout price
    Im in at any cost

  18. Robbin Stowers

    Yes can’t wait to renew my annual pass

  19. Carmen Murillo

    Yes, we are very interested in buying the annual pass this year we are excited.

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