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John Boyega Finn with Oscar Isaac

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Nick

    1. Make outlandish comments
    2. Become a problem onset and off.
    3. March off the set.
    4. Deny allegations.
    5. Claim racism

    This is how this will turn out.

    This man has shown over and over again that he is a diva. And a very untalented diva at that.

  2. Joseph Kastner

    Gee … who does this remind you of? Cryborg

  3. Patricia

    Leaving for family reasons is indeed no one’s business but his own. However, if he left without notifying anyone that he was leaving, that is very rude and unprofessional.

  4. Bren

    This “article” has nothing to do with reality. It’s nothing more than an “Enquirer” or “Star” article. He said/she said kind of mess. Not even worth “reporting” except for trying to stir up race relations among your readers. Proof since you bring up this man marching with BLM which has nothing to do with his filming, and casting doubt of his “family reasons” for leaving. Nothing but a gossipy mess wasting peoples time, and making the emotions run high. If everyone is so “concerned” and thinks they need to know his “family reasons” or think they know why he left, so just call him names, then you are the problem. If it’s truly family reasons, he owes no common person an answer. Netflix has done their statement so get a life people. Start realizing certain media is doing nothing but baiting the hell out of you with crap for “news” stories. And by the way, I have no idea who this man is. Don’t watch Disney + for Star Wars, haven’t had a Netflix subscription in years, and I’ve simply grabbed my popcorn because every time a story like this appears here, the morons will come out spewing hate and bigotry. Truly sad. Is this what your God wanted for human kind??? Go plant some flowers , look at the birds, hell, watch a tree grow. Your mind will thank you.

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