Comments for J.K. Rowling “Canceled” Horror Author Stephen King


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  1. Summer Smith

    Being a fan of Harry Potter, and a non binary person, I am so sad to find out JKR is a TERF. We aren’t predators. We just want to live our lives. I’m glad that Stephen King will stand up for my brothers and sisters, even as JKR turns her back on her fans.

    1. Frank

      Whoops! You guys misspelled Stephen King’s name.

      1. Cindy Hardin

        This is more for the question of who we are rather than Rollin’s and free speech. To me any time you run into someone who doesn’t believe as you do is a time to pay attention and learn.
        Not to who is right but to another way of thinking I am a lesbian through and through. I have never even considered sleeping with a man. That said. When I came out both to my parents and mysrlf at same time first thing they wanted to know was if I was ok being a girl or did I want to be a man. First group of gay women I hung out with were believed buches went with fems not with each other. I didn’t get that. I just wanted to be me. Wanting to be the other gender didn’t make sence to me. But I was friends with women who fought with that dilemma every day. At the same time I worked with a guy who was doing just that. Changing from female to male. He was through all but the private parts. He had just gone through breast removal. I was good friends with a woman who was really having a bad time with masculine/feminine traits. At this time Billy Jean King was planning to play Rigges. My views were not society’s new views on the subject. I still think like back then there are too many people in the LGBTQ family that are mistaken about liking their own sex so think they sre in the wrong body. There ste those who love to play with the other sexes “toy” and dress. But in the vast group of people who have been forced to analyze their preferences there are those that need to switch sides. For them there is more than wanting to dress up or play with the same parts as their own. The very young man I worked with as well as I know people was a male in every way but the most important thing – his body and that was changeable. His derp down feelings that are the most important thing about a person could and should not be changed. He was “all boy” in my book no matter what showed out side. The more people you are around and know what some men to woman call their “truth” the more you get it I think. Yes you should be able to feel what ever you feel and say it out loud. But if you cut to many people out of your life that you disagree with your life becomes smaller. These people more than the ones you do agree with will help you grow and learn. I might have stayed in a place where those who wanted to change their sex were all just gays not bsing able to handle being attracted to their own sex so they must be in the wrong body. There are so many wonderful ways to be human. Your truth may not be mine and that is a wonderfull thing.

    2. Chris Wood

      She is entitled to her opinion, as you are. But she shouldn’t be cancelled because you don’t like what she said.

      1. Poppy

        So, is it okay for JK to cancel S.King because his opinion is different?

        1. elise

          How can her blocking him mean she has cancelled him??

          She got thousands of death and rape threats, he got blocked and then lied about her views.

          Get some perspective?

          1. John La Russa

            How did he lie about her views? Grow up.

      2. Jeannie

        I agree with you 100% – everyone is entitled to their opinion and should not be ‘cancelled’ because of it.

      3. this isn’t nearly close to an opinionated matter. She isn’t being cancelled merely because people “don’t like what she said”. It’s much more profound than that, this is about an entire marginalized community that face severe discrimination, stigma and systemic inequality everyday.

        JKR is acting like the victim by saying trans women endanger “real” women, and as a cisgender woman, I can only imagine how hurtful this must be for trans people—much less trans women.

        JKR is a transphobic bigot, and if you disagree you are just as awful and ignorant as she is. Trans lives, stories, and voices matter. I will always stand by that.

    3. Darla Wilson Gabaldon

      It’s so sad when we live in a world full of opportunities yet if we disagree or have an opinion we are the bad guy. She has a right to her beliefs. This world is so biased. You are damn if you do and damn if you don’t. Be proud of your beliefs and don’t change just because people do not agree nor accept your beliefs. Example I believe in God, some people don’t and I will respect their decision however in return respect mine.

      1. Jor

        Historically atheists have been persecuted and are and opiniond earn respect by not pushing intolerance

      2. Confused

        Ummmm historically more people have been persecuted and killed in wars based off of religious beliefs and attacking those of other religions….

      3. Eris Boyd

        JK Rowling spoke only the truth in her postings regarding “trans” people.

        So-called “transwomen” are typically non-intersex biological men who have chosen to adopt the imaginary, unnatural, restrictive gender roles created by society for biological women. Desiring to be a woman, and choosing to act the way mysoginist people define how a woman should behave, no more makes you a real woman than desiring to be a wolf, eating raw meat and running naked through the woods makes you a real wolf. You can’t change reality, no matter how you may wish otherwise.

        #IStandwithJKRowling ?

        1. Melissa Sanchez

          Wow such a heartless comment

          1. sausage

            I am utterly perplexed how in all honesty you can say that.

        2. Scott


        3. Ra

          Great truth in your post, it’s called material reality . Deciding to wear a dress and feel a certain way doesn’t make a female a male or visea versa. The concept is a huge trigger for the “awoke”!!!

      4. exactly. Except JKR has utterly disrespected, and harassed trans people regardless of her large platform of which she influences thousands of people. This isn’t simply a belief or opinion, it’s an ideology, I harmful rhetoric that perpetuates society’s ongoing harassment and discrimination of trans people. How can anyone be proud of something like that?

    4. Tess

      I can’t believe how close minded she is and cruel

      1. sausage

        Its you that is being close minded, as to cruel, thats quite insane.
        You clearly know nothing about her, nor the appalling abuse she got, ironically mainly rape threats, 1000s of them from men who apparently want to be women, all the while expressing the deepest misogyny.
        the irony may escape you, if you are a fool.
        If a knave, you will enjoy the insane double standards.
        But if you are reasonable, then you can see the howling hypocrisy of your statement.
        She has saved multiple peoples lives of both genders and different sexualities, show some respect and gratitude, and most of all, some thoughtfullness as to who your real enemies are, because it isnt her..

    5. Didn’t King have a bad spell of selling no stories to magazines or book publishers in the beginning of his career (late 70’s), then had to work at a donut shop, and became violent and drunk, abusing his wife Tabitha? It’s what I remember him saying many times that that is why he wrote books like “The Shining.” How a writer with a drinking problem can become possessed, …haunted. He said he never eats donuts because of that time and is very apologetic to his wife for that period of their life.

      But, J.K. Rowling was a survivor of domestic violence, right? Like, Harry Potter came from some small stories she thought of while putting a child to sleep at night during her abuse or some such? You know, kind of how “The Boy Who Lived” was tortured under a staircase and then freed, but still had to fight in this world only not alone, and with the help and sacrifice of the many?

      King, no matter what kind of transition (dress or surgical) was born to be strong enough to be able to beat or verbally abuse his wife and children.
      As a born woman, Rowling would have to be freed, take flight somehow, and try to find help from many others in order to get away from a born male abuser no matter the way she dressed or what surgical procedure had because often times women are not as strong physically or aggressive enough to fight back as evenly and defend themselves.

      But as someone else said, “call a spade a spade”. She knows what it is like to fight a harder fight because of her gender, and so does Stephen King, but only because he decided there was a drunken fight to be started.

      He says what he says often, I am sure, to not be unpopular and to try not to remember what he did to his wife and family like he did to the van that hit him in the 90’s. After his hospitalization, he purchased it and then beat the hell out of it with a hammer to get his frustration out.

      I don’t believe Rowling, by her very being from birth, would ever do the same.

      1. Jack

        Stop lying. He did have alcohol issues but he never abused anyone.

      2. S.

        Every cell of a human’s body is designed to either be male or female. Even with surgery that scientific fact doesn’t change. Gender dysphoria is in the mind and my heart goes out to people who are suffering. JK Rowling is simply stating fact and Stephen King is simply stating his belief that a biological man can be a woman, is not a fact.

        1. uhm, no. Why? Because biological sex is far more complicated than XX or XY. XX individuals could present with male gonads. XY individuals can have ovaries. How? Through a set of complex genetic signals that, in the course of a human’s development, begins with a small group of cells called the bipotential primordium and a gene called SRY.

          what I’m saying is.. your biological sex isn’t carved in stone, it’s a living system with the potential for change. Plus, one reason trans people may transition in the first place is to experience the euphoria of expressing their true, authentic self, whats dysphoric about that?

          anyways, defining a person’s sex identity using decontextualized “facts” is unscientific and dehumanizing. trans people are and will always be an indispensable part of our living reality.

      3. Iamnotyourcisoryoursis

        JK Rowling is a hero!

    6. Giuls

      Nobody’s saying ALL transgender people are/will be predators! But denying that actual predators will take any chance they can get, including using being transgender and getting dressed as women, as a mere excuse to more easily get access to their potential victims (= allowing all people to use whatever bathrooms they please, regardless of their current biological sex), is extremely dangerous! Why is this so hard to understand, I will never get. That’s the only thing Jo’s trying to say by stating that sex is real and some “rules” should be kept as they are. It’s a matter of everybody’s safety. Of not giving actual predators yet another weapon to assault more. That’s all it is. You can choose to live your life whomever you like and if you say to me you feel like a woman I will treat you as such, no questions. But until your sex is actually/eventually biologically changed, you also need to be a bit understanding in regards to other’s safety and right to feel safe in such a private moment.

      1. Sheri M Mitchell

        I agree with Giuls. Idk what someone identifies as, it doesn’t matter to me, and IDC if they want to use the same bathroom as me either. It’s the predators I’m worried about coming in the bathroom while I or another female are in there, using the excuse that they identify as a female. And yes I understand that it can/does happen now, but it would be more prevailant. Any transgendered person that identifies as a female should, I would think, feel the same way since of they are more than likely dressed to appear female and could also be attacked by a sexual predator. Then again, anyone can dress like a female and march right into the lady’s room, so there’s really not a solution. I do think some things are blown out of proportion though. Why should it even be announced that you are biologically a male identifying as a female and entering the lady’s room? Why does the public even need to know? If you identify as female, dress femininatly etc. how is anyone going to know unless you say something? Just like I don’t go around announcing what goes on behind my bedroom door or go around trying to shove my religious beliefs down your throat. No matter what it is (religion, sexual preference, sexual identity, or yes, even race) why must we announce it? Unless stirring the proverbial pot and wanting to cause drama or get a reaction out of people is the objective. No one actually cares IMO.

      2. >>>But denying that actual predators will take any chance they can get, including using being transgender and getting dressed as women, as a mere excuse to more easily get access to their potential victims (= allowing all people to use whatever bathrooms they please, regardless of their current biological sex), is extremely dangerous! Why is this so hard to understand, I will never get.

        Really? Never? It’s actually pretty simple. A public restroom is a public place. It’s not a place that is private enough to be a safe place to commit a premeditated violent crime.

        And do you really not understand the paradox of suggesting that CIS men will don an elaborate disguise in order to “more EASILY get access to their potential victims”? Do you think that’s really an easier way?

        If you’re not going to pass as a CIS woman, dressing as a woman isn’t going to give you a chance to enter women’s spaces without calling attention to yourself. If you CAN pass as a CIS woman, the rules won’t matter, right?

        I know of no rational argument as to why allowing transgendered people to use the bathroom of their chosen gender provides a safe, easy, or convenient way for a male predator to gain access to potential victims. There are more private places, and easier ways to enter them.

        1. Francine

          Two words: Jessica Yaniv

          1. Maybe if you add a few more words, you’ll have an actual argument.

        2. Kc

          “pretty simple. A public restroom is a public place. It’s not a place that is private enough to be a safe place to commit a premeditated violent crime”

          I don’t know what imaginary world you live in… happens ALL the time. So glad you’re anti-femake rights.

        3. KC

          “pretty simple. A public restroom is a public place. It’s not a place that is private enough to be a safe place to commit a premeditated violent crime.

          Not sure what imaginary world you live in, happens all the time.

        4. Felix Ray, exactly.

      3. Iamnotyourcisoryoursis

        You know what’s disturbing about this debate on whether Trans people can be a danger to women? Trans activist are pushing the notion that unlike everyone else, trans people are unable to commit crimes based solely on the fact they are trans. It’s being framed as if trans people are morally superior or exempt from violence simply because they’re trans. Didn’t Hitler and the Nazis have a similar message?

    7. sausage

      She is not a terf and thats hate speech.
      Its a real pity you didnt read her long and thoughtful essays on the subject instead of listening to a twitter court.
      And she most certainly hasnt turned her back on her fans. such a disengenious comment on your part.
      Rather its you turning your back on her, so fickle and fact free .

    8. Larry

      You know she hasn’t one time said anything negative about trans people. She stated that women are women and transwomen aren’t the same. Nothing false or negative about that.

  2. Ken

    I mean, I think she went to far. Trans people have transitioned lifestyles but not sex (or gender. Same thing). Everyone should do what they want and should be respectful of others. But you gotta call a spade a spade. I think it’s strange I can be an woman but not an Asian woman. Regardless, I feel bad for anyone who is so uncomfortable with themselves that they feel they need to try to be something/someone else. Doesn’t matter the situation.

    1. Sherri

      The real shame is that people who don’t understand this will be a homophobe.

      1. Owen Hayes

        Umm Maya wasn’t fired her contract just wasn’t renewed ( which companies are allowed to do) and the person she was verbally attacking was a possible client which for the record ain’t good for business. Nice “journalism” there.

        1. Lilu

          Non-renewal of a fixed term contract is considered a dismissal in UK law.

      2. God

        We do not get to pick our gender, genetics does that in the egg of a female when it is fertilized by the sperm from a male. No matter how hard you wish, want or try you will always be your assigned at birth gender. Anyone who feels like a woman trapped in a man’s body is suffering from some for of psychosis and should be provided treatment to help alleviate the imbalance. Now that does not mean people can’t be attracted to the same sex, or enjoy wearing the other genders clothing, but it should certainly keep men from dominating female sports as we saw in the Connecticut track fiasco. Bottom line, you are born with ovaries (female) or testicles (male) . Any one who believes otherwise is delusional and needs psychiatric help

    2. Amin

      There are only two genders, based on biology..nobody has a problem with someone believe he is a woman or she is a man.. the problem is that these transgenders want to distort reality, they are ignoring biology as a science and claim their subjective illusions and inner feelings are true no matter what facts say!

      1. Jhamm

        There are 2 biological sexes, that’s science. Gender is a social construct that has been defined and redefined MANY ways over thousands of years. “These transsexuals” (as you put it) are not the only OR the first to redefine gender.

        1. Laurie Bay

          Then gender has absolutely no meaning. Stop using the word gender and use sex. Gender has no more meaning than hair color.

          Transgender girls are male. Period. (No pun intended)
          They should not be in female locker rooms or play female sports.

          1. Angela

            Gender does not exist biologically, but we cannot simply wish away the way our society imposes gender roles on us. Those of us who happen to fit our gender might not notice it.

            It seems as if you are very new to the subject of gender and sex. It is a very complex topic not well suited to short comments. It’s impossible to really form an opinion on the subject of transgenderism until you really understand the difference.

            It can be very difficult to adapt to a changing world that asks us to accept things we were taught were wrong. But as someone who was born before the Village People existed, I have come to believe that it’s my job as an American to keep learning and trying to understand *why* things are changing.

            It’s easy to see things in black and white and form an opinion based on what we already know. Certainty is comforting. It’s much harder to do the work and constantly read up on new things. But as an American, I am not afraid of work.

            I try to keep an open mind until I have all the information.

        2. Clare

          Actually, many many people are born every day who are NOT one of the “two sexes”, and that is far more scientifically correct. Do a little research into Klinefelter’s syndrome or intersex. They are just as real as you or I. However, but they prove this question of who we are as a gender isn’t rooted simply in our chromosomes.

    3. Coco

      Are sex and gender the same thing? I understand sex as a biological idea, while gender is more of a social idea.

      Even outside the topic of trans peeps, gender and sex have been treated as separate ideas for a while–in America, at least: people defining what makes a “real man,” “a proper lady,” etc.

  3. Carl B.

    JK needs to realize her billion dollar empire doesn’t exist without Hollywood. With her stance on LGBTQ+, once her Creatures saga ends, she could find 99% of new money dry up as she gets blacklisted.

    1. Backcountry164

      Nope. Her IP is worth way too much money to way too many people. I can 100% guarantee that Hollywood cares more about money than they do Trans rights…

    2. First jk has the full right to sat whatever she pleased its not china here ok? second she was totally rights and logical about that these are facts which somepeople prefer to deny to keep lstaying in their fictional world and who know better about fiction than jk lol

    3. Maria

      She supports trans people, just not self ID, considering rape is up in female prisons IF you were a real feminist, you’d care too….

      Sex matters when your sex is female, anyone who isn’t, should STFU.

  4. Laquita

    Good for her standing up for what she believes. Trans folk can do what they want I don’t care but they should not be allowed to compete in women sports if they are born male. They automatically have higher muscle mass testosterone, lung capacity etc. Good job DeSantis for signing this ?

    1. John

      As if she has the power to cancel King, the very idea is laughable. She needs to stick to what she knows best before worrying about others opinions.

      1. Surya rantonika

        I think i stand with her. Thing is transwomen can not be in the same category as real women. For example in sport, they can not compete there, as they have dna advantage as being a male with all their streght.
        This not the same like i hate trans people. It just to make, people understand that there are difrences between them.

        1. John Gregory

          Except all the empirical evidence shows that trans women don’t have an athletic advantage, so your point is moot.

          What’s more, even if it were true, we don’t exclude people from sporting events for their biological advantages, or else Michael Phelps and his taste genetic mutation would disqualify him from swimming.

          1. NJC

            Neither of you statements is true.
            1. If trans women don’t have an advantage, how do you explain that trans-men have not been competitive in men’s sports?
            2. We do exclude people based on biological advantage: women’s sport excludes men. If it didn’t, women would never win at track and field and most other sports contests.

    2. Sherri

      Sure you care, if you didn’t care, you wouldn’t have brought up unrelated issues into these comments.

    3. Eliza Elphinstone

      Totally agree.

  5. Ruari McCallion

    Stephen King seems to be a little confused, and so do you.

    JK Rowling stood up for women, women’s safe spaces, biological fact and women’s rights as established under the existing law – and upheld in Maya Forstater’s case.

    JK Rowling spoke out against the erasure of women from the public square but also upheld the right of trans people to be protected against discrimination, prejudice, unfair dismissal, etc.

  6. N/A

    Live and let live!

  7. Bobabooey

    Gays lied to us when they said they only wanted to get married, they want everything to go their way or else.

    1. Louis

      This is on trans people, gays have nothing to do with it

    2. Matt

      “They want everything to go their way or else.” What does that even mean? Nothing, that’s what. Gay people don’t have a dastardly plot to get their way. That’s ridiculous.

      1. Lillith

        What a bunch of close-minded jerks there are on here. Not all…mind you, but most. SK said she was entitled to her opinion but apparently JK didn’t like his so she blocked him. She’s not only a horrible human but childish as well. My daughter is in the LGBTQIA+ community and grew up with the Harry Potter franchise. Of course we will never support JK in any way again. Not that it matters seeing as she has so many folks as equally close-minded to waste money on her.

        1. NJC

          She is a “horrible human”, and we are the close-minded jerks?

    3. Lincoln

      …. you OK hun?

    4. Violet

      They don’t want everything there way they just want to be treated equally with basic human rights like the rest of us. Also that’s not even what the article is about.

  8. Luisa

    It’s so interesting how the focus is always on transwomen. Everyone forgets that there are transMEN. Apparently, there’s no problem with them, being male and all. There never is.

    1. NJC

      Neither of you statements is true.
      1. If trans women don’t have an advantage, how do you explain that trans-men have not been competitive in men’s sports?
      2. We do exclude people based on biological advantage: women’s sport excludes men. If it didn’t, women would never win at track and field and most other sports contests.

  9. george cohn

    Rowling has a dark mystery within herself to explore, be it a stone, a demon, or an outdated view of gender rigidity.

  10. Julian D. Woodruff

    King, being married to a woman, might be either more broad-minded or more timid than Rowling. Rowling, not being married to a woman, can perhaps be a little freer in her thinking and speech.
    The sports thing is stupid . Would you be interested in seeing a 10-year-old compete against a 20-year-old in weight lifting? What about chess? Take the fields of dance, figure skating, and floor exercise routines, and woman are probably physically superior to men overall.

  11. Eliza Elphinstone

    Totally agree.

  12. Areal Woman

    Well, as a lifelong King fan, it’s sad that I will no longer purchase anything with his name on it. Funny, I never cared for Harry Potter. However, Rowling apparently is more rational than King. The real horror show is supporting the belief that confused men are considered real women and that many are choosing this hill to die on. Misogyny has become a greater force than ever before.

    1. Cher

      You’re obviously not a real life long fan of S.K. If you were, info like this wouldn’t matter. I love him for his stories! His personal opinion is his own, whether I agree or disagree. It would never stop me from reading him. Same with Rowling. We are all different. Love and let love. And I am a female.

  13. Mafalda

    Wow, JKR is more powerf6than I thought, if she can remove people from social media as you say. Is it a spell?

  14. Chris Wood

    She is entitled to her opinion, as you are. But she shouldn’t be cancelled because you don’t like what she said.

  15. Owen Hayes

    Some of you are arguing we shouldn’t let certain people join certain activities based on their genetic background. I need you to realise why you’re wrong without me telling you. Also trans women have been in the Olympics for over a decade now and have not won any medals sooo… That’s a garbage argument.

    1. Njc

      Women’s sports is premised on exclusion .. of men. Always has been.

  16. I agree 100%! They should have transgender sports. It’s a fact that a man is stronger physically. It’s not physically even or fair for females to compete against them. If a man wants relate or be female, that’s their individual right but they are still going to be a man in strength. Thank you Rowling’s for speaking what you believe. It’s her right to do so and if people don’t like it then quit asking peoples opinions on touchy subjects.

  17. Lincoln

    Well from the headline I was all braced for “she’s in no position to be cancelling anyone!!”… then I read the article, and actually what happened seems to be “she blocked him on twitter”.

    I’m not remotely a fan of JK, and don’t agree at all with her (highly dangerous and flawed) opinion on trans people, but what she did isn’t cancelling. Infantile, yes, but not cancelling.

  18. Tod Janssen

    Ms Rowling’s hatred for men is even more intense than any man displaying misogyny. She needs major psychological help for her mental problem.

    I also think the psychiatric community should adopt the term the disease she and others suffer from as ‘Rowling Derangement Syndrome’.

  19. John Doe

    Virgin Rowling vs Chad King

  20. Cassiel

    She have the right to believe in whatever she likes. She’s not saying anything wrong to anyone.
    Just remember, what is great for you for other person is the worst and that’s part of be human just different opinions and ways of thinking.

  21. Kathleen Wang

    I agree with King.His positions on most issues are mine.
    Why she needs to malign trans people escapes me.
    Trans people just want to live their lives, no harm to anyone.

    1. Bob

      No harm to anyone would be nice if true. But she’s talking about people being harmed by someone else just living their life. Imagine you spend 10 years training to be an athlete at elite level, you complete and are tested for PEDs 10 times a year. One day, Suzanne rocks up with a sausage still dangling between her legs and smashes your record. But isn’t tested on the same strict basis for the 20 years of testosterone she took before transitioning. That is real harm, that is denying women their right to compete in sport. That is erasing women from the record books. That is Misogyny.

  22. Katie Hansen

    She doesn’t have the clout to cancel Stephen King. Yes, I know of her success, but she still can’t hold a candle to him.

  23. Eris Boyd

    JK Rowling spoke only the truth in her postings regarding “trans” people.

    So-called “transwomen” are typically non-intersex biological men who have chosen to adopt the imaginary, unnatural, restrictive gender roles created by society for biological women. Desiring to be a woman, and choosing to act the way mysoginist people define how a woman should behave, no more makes you a real woman than desiring to be a wolf, eating raw meat and running naked through the woods makes you a real wolf. You can’t change reality, no matter how you may wish otherwise.

    #IStandwithJKRowling ?

  24. Sandra

    I’m with King! I don’t agree with anything Rowling says. She does have her opinions but she thinks nobody else’s counts. She is gonna turn a lot of people against her. Including her fans.

    1. estefanunscripted@gmail.com

      Nobody agrees with anything you say either so that’s Fair enough. The issue is not JK Rowling herself or her personality or achievements Vs that of Stephen king. The issue is whether a man who believes he is a woman in a man’s skin should be allowed to parade themselves as ‘female’ and be accepted as such by other natural women. Yes they should and call themselves what they like but they should not be allowed to deprive genuine natural born women off their rights to fair competition knowing fully well that imagining or believing yourself to be something isn’t exactly the same as being that thing. It won’t work naturally and never will. So if you believe your real self is a lion or tiger and are uncomfortable with life as a man or woman then by all means go and live with a pride of lions and see whether they will naturally accept you into their pride. That’s the litmus test you and everyone else should take to prove the wrongness or rightness of what JK Rowling said.

  25. Ham

    King cancels about 1000 people every day on Twitter. Call him a hypocritical cant, and he’ll block your account and report you to Twitter. He is the king of cancelling. Read his books someday too, he’s obsessed with using the “n” word, he uses the story of Noah’s son Ham many times in his works,. I’d not be surprised if his grandpa used to wear a white hood late at night. This is just a sad grab for attention by an ailing racist loser.

  26. Jo

    Who cancelled who? From what I read, JK cancelled/blocked SK possibly because of each other’s view points. Or Didi miss something?
    Either way I like & respect both authors.

  27. D Rich

    If sex is changeable, there is absolutely no reason race can’t be changeable.

  28. Jordan

    JK Rowling doesn’t have the power to cancel anyone. Much less Stephen King. Sounds like she is looking for attention to me.

  29. Kim Lee

    First, if you’re writing a story about one of the most popular authors of all time, spell his name right. It’s Stephen King, not Steven King. Don’t know what else your article says because, yeah, you spelled his name wrong.

    1. Mike

      100% agree with JKR. This “pretending” to be another sex or whatever has got to stop, it’s absolutely ridiculous. You’re either a Male or Female (whatever you were born as) and just because you want to be the other, biologically it’s not based in reality. I’ve always wanted to be a Transformer but no matter how much I want that, I’ll never be able to turn into a truck or car or whatever. I feel sorry for the people that are confused about themselves and have to wonder what went wrong in their lives to be so confused. It’s more sad than anything…

      1. Mohamnad Amin Jabbari

        I totally agree with you mike but unfortunately people hate to accept facts

  30. Jeff

    This is like a kid canceling an adult. Ok. Thanks kid. Good luck with ya.

  31. Mohamnad Amin Jabbari

    She has the full right to say whatever she pleased and no one neither stephen king have any right to cancel her and Im a stephen king fan

  32. Dinah

    I agree with JK Rowling, a surgically enhanced gender change or reassignment isn’t natural period, if it was then you would not need to enforce acceptance through political correctness lessons and media coercion. Acceptance will come naturally because a man is man by nature and woman is a woman by nature. Therefore I would not be able to see a woman who used to be a man as a natural woman and vice-versa. Maybe if she does not mention it and appears all out to be female then I will relate to her that way but the moment the cat is let out of the bag forget it. It’s only natural to be your natural self and honey whether you like it or not you are still you regardless of what you remove or add on to yourself physically. If you really don’t accept your natural gender then don’t expect that other people will accept you for what you’re really not, especially when they find that you used to be a different gender. Sadly the Western media often goes on a self-righteous course to enforce acceptance on society and often end up causing more damage than good to those concerned. It is enough that transgender people see themselves as different because they know they are not the natural physical gender they were born with and that people might find it difficult to accept their reassigned gender because they will see them as not only not having the full natural experience of manhood or femalehood e.g. puberty, menstruation, pregnancy or the ability to naturally impregnate nor the knowledge of what it is like to live in a natural man or a woman’s skin but are simply uncomfortable with their nature-assigned gender. Women in particular may also struggle with the moral dilemma of accepting a man who has lived a life of male privilege suddenly claiming to be female because he can afford the enhancement to do so. But the question is, is he really a natural woman or a plastic one? Does he really know whAt it is really like to be a natural woman especially if you were not born that way and have lived your life as a man. I think everyone should stay in their lane. If you transition into trans then let people recognise and accept you as transgender, don’t try to force people to accept you for what they struggle to see you as. And the media should stop stoking their self righteous embers by trying to forcefully change public attitudes through media-coercion and constant bullying of people including celebrities who have or express a different opinion based in how they see the world and not how the media wants them to see the world. That is a specific problem with the Western media where freedom of thought and speech is constantly being bashed by the media. Regarding those who decide to change gender it is your right to do so but do t expect everyone to be comfortable or accepting of it. It is not their business either so perhaps keep your issues to yourself if you do not want to hear other people’s contrary opinions cos you can’t force everyone to agree with ir accept your decision as natural or logical. But it is your right and it is their right to have their own views. In terms of facilities the best solution is to provide separate facilities like communal toilets etc for transfolk as most women would prefer to have separate toilets and changing rooms from men not only for privacy reasons but also for safety reasons and I wouldn’t feel comfortable changing in a room with someone I know was male or is still male but identifies as non binary. My naturally female instincts would struggle with that and I’m not sure I’d feel safe. So best to assign separate facilities for non binary or gender transformed folk to ensure that they too are given a safe space if their own.

  33. Billy Bob.

    Simple. There are males and females. They are not the same and not interchangeable. If a man sees himself as a woman, it equal to a thin person seeing a fat person in the mirror. It is a mental defect, or sexual kink. Nothing more. They are not heroes. They need help, and therapy, not new genitalia. Most do not get the irreversible changes. They are playing at being something they aren’t. The ones that hack off their bits, well they are another level of not well.

  34. Paul

    Just here to read about the conservative heads exploding over this.

    Made my own Galaxy’s Edge popcorn, and it’s just like being at the movies.

    Dang, y’all are so much fun to mock.

  35. John La Russa

    Sad that J.K. is so old fashioned, so closed minded, & so frightened of the world around her that she cannot conceive of the fact that a gendered male who has identified as a female most if not all of their life would no more want to assault & rape J.K. or any other female on the surface of the Earth shows Rowling has never given this issue any real thought. Gendered males who have identified as females are NEVER also identifying themselves as lesbians! They identify as females IN PART because they ONLY feel a sexual & love-based attraction to men, NEVER women! Next is the fact that women are not weak little powerless children who are incapable of not only defending themselves but of being able to flat out kick a man’s butt! Especially because 99% of all MEN underestimate ALL women, view them as being dainty helples little things too, & go into a fight against a women as if it were a fighting against a weak cowaring girl when they are in true going up against a HELLCAT WARRIOR! Welcome to the 21st Century J.K. & your ilk, think things through like a supposedly intelligent adult & world-class writer to realize female-identifying individuals no more want to beat & rape you ANYWHERE than any other straight woman does – or than you want to beat & rape some other random woman! Or do you secretly want to do just that & thus assume that everyone else must feel that same way to, especially the ones who say they’re female but are gendered male – projecting you desires onto others? I suspect something far worse happened to you & now you are broken, suffering from accute trust issues that have you unfairly & unjustly prejudiced against an entire group of your fellow human beings – and is so very sad for you. You need help, so do so many others just like you who are scared of others & too afraid to admit it by getting help – like neonazis, skinheads, proudboys, etc – but you need help first because you have a worldwide following that actually listens to you & cares what you says unlike all the other hate groups & individuals like you who blindly judge all people of a group & by prejudicing againt them you are hating them all blindly & passing that exact message of hate & prejudice to all your followers, friends, family, & associates! You & your ilk might claim you don’t hate the transgender community but when you prejudice against an entire global community especially out of fear that they might secretly be rapists or other types of threats there’s only one name for that feeling, it is HATE. And haters suck UNIVERSALLY! BTW: I am a straight male, a Social & Behavioral Psychologist, & a Medical Psychologist specializing in Neurology.

  36. Irrelevant

    Unfriending or blocking someone on social media is not cancelling. Starting an entire campaign against someone and requesting no companies ever deal with them and asking everyone to gang up against them is cancelling. King said more than that and naturally isn’t forthcoming about what he said. JK didn’t show him the same attitude at all. Even his description of his views here are worded in an obvious attempt to belittle her and to pretend her views are simple and largely based on toilet attacks. He responded like a juvenile 12 year and then pretended he was taking the high road. Guess what…science doesn’t cease to be science because a microscopic fraction of the planet want to force you to believe the fantasy they are playing to deal with their insecurities. Wisdom isn’t going to disappear because a group of morons are crying that other people won’t play their offensive game. Toodles.

  37. Rob

    Stephen King says ” If a man says he is a woman, then he (she) is a woman (the science says otherwise). So by King’s logic I should be able to call myself Stephen King and have all the rights and privileges of him and his bank account, after all, what is a name as there is no actual science attached to it. When all is said and done and they dig up your bones you will be classed as 1 of 2 genders, that is science. When they find unidentifed bones in a shallow grave they will tell you the gender in the hope of being able to identify the person. Prove me wrong. Call yourself whatever you want, but how will science identify you?

  38. CR45H 0V3RR1DE

    I’m not going to get into this debate. Because, frankly, it’s not worth it. But I will say a few things. A: blocking someone on Twitter does not equate to “canceling” them. B: the reason she blocked him was because of her embarrassing compliment she used, in regards to Mr King, when she thought that he was in tune with her thinking. Then, when he tweeted out that he felt transwoman are women(they’re not), she recanted that tweet and blocked him. All in the name of saving a little face. Not the classiest thing to do, but understandable, nonetheless. This whole narrative they are spinning about all of this, is ludicrous.SMH. It’s cute though, they don’t want the addition of “trans” to their preferred gender, because it feels exclusive. Yet, have no problem adding “CIS” to straight people’s description, to further differentiate normal folks from everyone else. Oh, the irony.

  39. Jon Whitney

    An opinion is just a reflection of your life experience. Not everyone is on the same page. Just because someone has a different point of view doesn’t make them an enemy of your view. Her views on women’s issues need to be respected just the same as anyone else. I love Stephen King, but he’s not a member of the women’s community, and neither am I. I’m not going to tell her how she should feel and it’s wrong for others to presume to judge her heart. I’m all about inclusivaty, but making enemies is not the way.

  40. Ben


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