Comments for Disney Brings Back Jack Sparrow Without Johnny Depp

jack sparrow


  1. elijah waque

    Your film is ruined with out Johnny Depp.

    1. Pirates of the Caribbean without my darling husband to be Johnny Depp aka captain Jack sparrow.. disappear into Davy Jones locker and the franchise will sink quick as the titanic savvy. NO JOHNNY NO PIRATES ?‍☠️

      1. Leroy

        Dude plain and simple no Jack Sparrow. No pirate’s movie. The end.

        1. Teddie Newton

          Thumbs up

      2. Yvonne Miller

        Your bloody right Roxy.??

        1. Miriam Cancel

          No johnny depp movie not worth watching

        2. Lily

          Pirates of the Caribbean will never be the same and not worth watching without Johnny Depp

      3. He isn’t your husband are you the crazy ex wife Amber terd. If that’s who are you Amber karma is a real bitch

        1. Sumaiya

          omg!! Depp is the heart of this movie. Who will watch this now. Personal life issue, comming to professional life… Almost all Hollywood stars has some dark stuffs in their life. But this should not come to their professional life. Why Disney got so much love for depp’s x-wife more than him, because of who actually their franchise got so benefitted!!! May be she is so beautiful!! ?

        2. Jacqueline Keller

          I just don’t see it. Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow

      4. Julie Sheaffer

        You continue to screw over
        johnny so no I won’t be playing any of your games or go see any of your movies

      5. Kimalia Fazio

        The film won’t be believable it won’t be authentic. Pirates of the Caribbean is Johnny Depp he is the pirate of the Caribbean. You’re basically having a movie with a bunch of other actors doing pirate-like adventures without the actual pirate. I see no reason for Disney to spend the money or make the effort. Are you think in Texas or nobody cares about Jack sparrow’s personal life as Johnny Depp what they care about is the believable Jack Sparrow that caused the franchise to be what it is today. You don’t sit in the film and discuss with your children oh we have a new Jack Sparrow because Johnny Depp was involved in a nasty divorce. ??? The movie will fall flat on its face.

        1. Bobby Bob

          It’s not a film bro, it’s a dlc for a game. Thank the heavens amirite

      6. Olga Zambrana

        What?? Is this a joke? I am not going to watch POTC if JD is not in it. I read he was back, what happened?

      7. Cleo Carillo

        F?ck, he cannot be yours when is already mine, hon.

    2. Jayne Conlon

      We need Johnny depp back as captain Jack sparrow , the potc films without him are not worth watching , Johnny depp is pirates of the Caribbean, please bring him back in the films too

      1. Kathy


        1. Karen Butman

          Wont watch it with out Johnny Depp. Disney will lose millions.

        2. Kathy Poag

          I am so tired of the cancel culture. With no proof that JD abused Heard or anyone else. I actually I don’t see her loosing any work and she should as well
          She caused him to loose part of his finger.
          I won’t be watching unless they bring back JD.

      2. johnny depp is captain jack sparrow

        1. Yvonne Miller

          Your bloody right Roxy.??

        2. Kathy

          Absolutely right! Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow.

    3. Eduardo De Lima Perrone

      acho burrice não ter o Johnny Depp, agora está sendo provado que ele e inocente, tomara que Piratas do Caribe se torne um fracasso sem ele

    4. Teddie Newton

      I agree. I will not be watching Disney anymore.

    5. Yvonne Miller

      You ruin a man’s life but still continue to use his image…its beyond disgraceful.??

    6. Tyler J Regan

      It’s a game, not a movie. You must’ve had a very low reading score in school.

      1. Rain

        Yes it is a game and a movie, get a PlayStation

    7. Andy Gerow II

      I won’t be watching it without Johnny Depp!

    8. You are so right the movie is ruined you need Johnny Depp why would you screw yourselves. I know him and he’s fine

    9. mary

      There’s no sparrow without depp
      Disney shame on you

      1. Ashe

        Remember folks, the reason he lost the role is because of his sexually, physically and mentally abusive girlfriend, so if you want someone to hate you know who it is.

        1. Mark Kaplan

          Looks like someone is still wearing Duluth Model glasses to the whole thing. I suppose you think the late Twany Kitaen was innocent the whole time when she physically attacked Chuck Finley and had him humiliated in the process. But Amber is far worse than Twany. Amber makes Twany look like a female Baptist Pastor.

    10. Imelda

      Ja det finns ingen som är bra som Johnny Depp

    11. Kit

      Disney will get not one more penny from me in any way shape or form. This has been agreed upon by my 3 children and spouses, my 11 grandchildren and their spouses, and my 2 great grandchildren will agree when they get old enough to understand what Disney has done. No movies, DVD, theme parks, or merchandise. We will be spreading the world.
      Disney you shot yourself in the ass this time.

    12. Charles Thomas Morton

      Might as well call it Cutthroat Island 2 without Depp.

    13. Ashley Price

      Soo Very True, Elijah!
      Very, Very Disappointing????
      Replacing Johnny For This Role Is Really Heart-Wrenching

    14. Rose


  2. Christine Musselman

    Without Johnny Depp?
    What’s the point?
    He IS the pirate of the Caribbean.

    1. Sharon

      I am a HUGE Johnny Depp fan, from way back to 21 Jump Street. The thought of Pirates movie without him…WILL NOT WASTE MY TIME OR MONEY!!0

      1. Brenda Simmons

        Bring J Depp,back,he makes the movie (please)

    2. Gigi

      Yep I agree with everyone!! No Depp, No watch!

  3. Disney is foolish. You anybody would watch your dumb azz film without Johnny Depp. Definitely not me. As I am concern I am blackballing all disney movies. Most of them suck anyways.

    1. Eva

      Bueno, pues sabes que Diney, tu mismo te estas arruinando, en que estabas pensando el día en el que despediste a Johnny de esta película? Johnny Deep es el Capitán Jack Sparrow y nada y nadie más puede reemplazarlo, así que sorry disney tu eres el que sales perdiendo, además nosotros no vamos a parar hasta que Johnny vuelva, así que hasta la vista Disney!

  4. Jill

    I want nothing.. not laughs or entertainment nor merchandise from a company who says guilty when a court of law hasn’t convicted nor charged a person.

    1. Arnetta Thompson

      Well said

    2. Shirley

      Si Johnny Depp no está en Piratas del Caribe, no voy a verla, Disney piénsalo bien.

    3. Ginger Johnson

      For real, screw Warner Brothers too!

  5. Kimberly Fletcher

    I, most definitely, will NOT give Disney another penny of my money after the way they handled this. I hope Johnny Depp sues their asses.

    1. Tami

      Without Johnny Depp pirates of the Caribbean will be no more. Johnny is one of the main characters, without him there is no pirates of the Caribbean. Bring him back. His personal life and what goes on behind any of his movies is his business. So this should not interfere with him being Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp does a wonderful Jack Sparrow and should continue doing so.

    2. Karen

      I will not be watching the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and I will not watch any movies Disney makes.

  6. Ulla Rasmussen

    Disney wants to have their cookie, and eats it like greedy little spoilt children.
    But they’re not children so ought to know that stealing a man’s creative property to earn money from is immoral, even if it isn’t illegal.

    1. Carol

      Nope.. not watching…

    2. L. Barrett

      Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow. There can be no other. He has also been the most entertaining part of the movies(sorry other great actors). I agree, no Depp, no Pirates of the Caribbean!

  7. Kimberly Fletcher

    I, most definitely, will NOT give Disney another penny of my money after the way they handled this. I hope Johnny Depp sues their asses.

    1. Kim

      No Johnny Depp? Then im not watching it. Same as fantastic beast.

      1. I will Never Watch It

    2. Johnny Depp gave you an amazing character in his Jack Sparrow & millions, millions were made. What do you do if it becomes apparent he’s victim of scam to enhance her fame? Then what? Oops – sorry?

  8. Sammi

    Well, there goes the pirates franchise . Johnny made that franchise and I don’t think anybody can take his place . Disney needs a quick reminder that without fans they are pretty much nothing . Can’t wait to see the dismal loss coming from their choice

    1. Will

      He made the franchise amazing

  9. David S.

    I love the Pirrates of the Caribbean series. I have seen every movie countless times. But, without Johnny Depp??? I won’t spend my money on a Captain Jack Sparrow wannabe!

    1. Tim

      Amber Heard is a liar, cheat and still in Aquaman while Johnny Depp, who has been cleared was released by Disney? I say we cancel Disney, how’bout that!

      1. Lee Davies

        Not worth watching without Johnny Depp

      2. Kay kunashe

        Yes yes yes

  10. Dionna A Washington

    I will NOT be giving anymore money to Disney as long as y’all are discriminating against JD!

    Shame on y’all


  11. Tim

    Amber Heard is a liar, cheat and still in Aquaman while Johnny Depp, who has been cleared was released by Disney? I say we cancel Disney, how’bout that!

    1. Erica

      I’m for sure not watching this new junk they are trying to put out! Johnny is the best and made the series what it is. Shame in disney

    2. Rafael Aquiles Moran Ortiz

      Piratas del carbe es jhony Deep, sin jhony Deep ya no sera lo mismo

      1. Shari S

        They are behaving badly towards Depp.As cowards. Good luck with that. I will never watch Pirates without Johnny.He is a brilliant actor and a great human being.

  12. Celeste Kassler

    I hope people not only do not go to see the Pirates movie but sign the petition demanding Johnny Depp be returned on Change.org!!!

  13. Cathy

    Without Dep no need to watch or buy the movies as a series. You have ruined the movies.

  14. Linda

    No Johnny, No Pirates! Doesn’t Disney realize Johnny Depp is the reason the POTC films were so successful. Johnny created Jack Sparrow. Without him those films are nothing!

  15. Cynthia

    Nope, not watching

  16. Liv

    Not gonna watch it without Johnny Depp. No one can replace him, and I don’t care to watch someone try. Shame bc the pirates of the Caribbean movies were amazing, but Depp made them that way.

  17. Liz

    Won’t be watching it then if he’s not in it no one can replace him I’ve watched all of them with him in it and I am a massive huge fan of his for a long long so you won’t be having my money to watch it

    1. Dee B

      You can’t replace Johnny Depp in HIS role.. he made it what it is today.. simply foolish of Disney. I definitely won’t be watching it!

  18. Wanda

    Bull Crap ! He made those movies ! We will see how many don’t show up to #6 the flop.

    Where’s Walt, he was a upstanding man.

  19. Syntia Simpkins

    I’m not going be interested in tbe movie without him.

    1. Yolando

      I agree except with the Walt statement. Walt was a horrible person.

  20. Syntia

    I will not be supporting this

  21. Dot

    Would never watch a Depp film with NO Johnny. Huge mistake.

  22. Franzi

    Won’t watch it! No Johnny no pirates!
    This is just ridiculous, or rather frustrating sad!


  23. mehran

    Not gonna watch it , no way

  24. Franzi

    Won’t watch it! No Johnny no pirates!
    This is sooo ridiculous or rather frustrating sad!


  25. Anna

    Always waiting for new Pirates of Carribbean, but this time I’m just disappointed. Without Depp’s Sparrow it won’t be the same, I won’t even bother to see it in theaters as he was the thing I was waiting each time. Not the story but a show made around one of the best actors, who changes like a chameleon, and his character.

  26. Darla

    What a slap in the face to someone that has made the company millions of dollars. I realize this article is in reference to a game but it’s relative to the whole situation. Disney has become so ‘woke’ that they can’t see what’s right in front of them. People saw the films and bought the DVDs and other merchandise because of Johnny’s Depp’s amazing talent and his creation of Jack Sparrow. He has not be convicted of any crime. There is overwhelming proof that he was the abuse victim with AH being the perpetrator. She deserves to be cancelled and actually jailed; not Johnny. Disney you are WRONG and I hope it hits you most where it hurts…in the pocketbook. People will not support a female cast of POTC. ?listen to your fans!!
    No Johnny, No Pirates!

    1. Bob

      I don’t think it’s that people won’t watch in all female cast pirates of the Caribbean. It’s that they won’t watch it without Depp.

      An all female cast for pirates of the Caribbean would work as long as Johnny Depp was still there.

  27. Laura King

    Without Johnny Depp movie is dead in the water. Im not watching it. And sure as hell wont be watching Aquaman either. The man is innocent.

  28. Jayne Conlon

    We need Johnny depp back as captain Jack sparrow , the potc films without him are not worth watching , Johnny depp is pirates of the Caribbean, please bring him back in the films too

  29. Jeffrey

    Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow, he is the backbone of the franchise. No one can replace Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. You might as well cancel the 6th film if this is what you’re going to do. Disney is so two-faced and crooked it’s not even funny

  30. Reza.m

    Pirates of the Caribbean without johnny Depp is like a pool without water.

    1. SW

      Lol what a great article. Cites two tweets from random people replying to IGN, no investigating beyond a cursory glance at his IMDB page just so we can anger reactionaries with the headline. So glad traditional journalism is being replaced with stuff like this! ^_^

  31. Stephen

    Without Johnny Depp the movie will fail big time. He makes it fun and many people like him. Disney needs to get off their high horse and bring Johnny back.

    1. Balthasar Burghartz

      Pirates of the caribbean is ruined with out johnny depp. I love Pirats of the Carebbean but with out johnny depp I will never Look it again.

  32. Ashley Collins

    You can’t replace Johnny Depp. I won’t watch. Nor will I watch anything he was replaced on. I love Johnny Depp!!!

    1. Luli

      I will never Look it again when johnny depp can’t play Jack sparrow pirates of the caribbean is ruined with out johnny depp

  33. JD fan

    I don’t know what world Disney is in Cause in this world there is no such this as Pirates of The Caribbean without JD

  34. Shari S

    They are behaving badly towards Depp.As cowards. Good luck with that. I will never watch Pirates without Johnny.He is a brilliant actor and a great human being.

  35. Taj

    the fact that they refuse to add him back in the franchise is literally selfish and ignorant. Johnny has pulled in a lot of money due to him starring in those movies. without him it would just be another disney movie that everyone skips over. Disney is only producing movies that little kids watch and usually they just end up on a backpack being sold at the dollar tree. Pathetic…either we get johnny back in the franchise or you can CANCEL IT ALL, and i bet you not long after that disney will be canceled itself.

  36. C N

    I will not watch it as there is only one Jack Sparrow and that is Jonny Depp.

    1. Sheryl Thompson

      No Johnny no pirates. Thus movie will suck without him. I hope they lose millions on making it and nobody watching it

  37. Balthasar Burghartz

    I love Pirats of the Carebbean but with out johnny depp I will never Look it again

  38. Dave

    Ok, anyone who follows animation, especially VO actors, knows it is very common for a studio to save $$ and use an VO actor that sounds like the original. I’m a 100% sure this is what happened. Not what the article is speculating.

  39. Teddie Newton

    I agree. I will not be watching their films

  40. Jolene

    You can make the new movie Pirates and the Caribbean but nobody’s going to watch it and you’ll just be wasting money no Johnny Depp no money so apparently you don’t want no money cuz ain’t nobody going to watch it

  41. Teddie Newton

    Boycott Disney

  42. Savage Lynx


  43. LydIa

    There is no Jack Sparrow without Johnny Depp. Furthermore as a domestic abuse survivor I don’t believe her and people like her make it harder for the real victims out there.

    1. Dbee

      Disney just sucks for this.

  44. Kimberly

    It is wrong and I will not watch Pirates without Johnny. He is Irreplaceable.

  45. mychal

    ..then you brought back a fake. Only Depp can bring that pirate to life – and Disney should be bending over backwards to give him BACK the role they ripped from him, because they decided to believe a proven abuser and liar, instead of actual evidence. The fact they’re still going that path and replacing him after all of the recorded evidence showing he wasn’t the one abusing the spouse speaks just how low a supposed family themed company Disney really is

  46. Mary M. Kelly-Hawkins

    Shame on Disney. How dare they keep making money off of Johnny Depp while treating him like garbage. Then on top of it they continue to use Amber Heard. They are a disgrace and I am sorry that I ever liked anything Disney. If I would have known what snakes they were I would not have taken my children and grandchildren there. Shame on you Disney

  47. Dbee

    Disney just sucks for this.

  48. Deb

    Nope, It seems Mr. Depp lost his career and his ex is doing just fine! In my opinion, she is just as guilty. She put her hands on him too. They are both in the wrong. I do not condone anyone hitting anyone. We will never know the circumstances but he had some nasty cuts and bruises on him from her and she didn’t lose aquaman. That isn’t fair.

  49. Pam

    It’s a travesty and it’s theft. They are stealing Depp’s hard work based on the proven lies of a whore. The police body cams show her entire story was a lie and she committed perjury on the witness stand.

  50. Ginger Johnson

    Well, that’s one movie I won’t be seeing ever. Johnny Depp IS the lone and only Jack Sparrow. Any Pirates of the Caribbean movie without Johnny Depp a movie that will be without my attendance. I will be boycotting Call of Duty Pirates of the Caribbean movie well as go back. Personally I think shame on all of the executive decided to go against what is the most favorite actors in history. Doesn’t the law state that he should be innocent until proven guilty? Everything that I’ve seen and read about Amber Heard she is lying and she is actually the abusive person that former relationship. She’s still trying to manipulate him attention for herself. She can burn in hell as far as I’m concerned and I will never watch any of her movies

  51. Rebecca D Furr

    Johnny Depp IS The Pirates of the Caribbean. How can Disney be so unfairly judgmental against Mr. Depp when he has not been found guilty of anything and especially when his ex wife has been caught blatantly lying? No Johnny Depp, no watch the next POTC for this fan.

  52. AyE

    They found the accusations against Johnny Depp to be false.
    It’s bad enough that Depp is being dragged through these shenanigans, but to have Disney drop him from the POTC series based on rumors is ridiculous! Johnny Depp made POTC!
    Disney shouldn’t have dropped him!
    They killed off Barbosa, in the last film, now they’ve dropped Captain Jack Sparrow. While I respect other actors in the series, they were SUPPORTING ACTORS!
    BIG, big mistake Disney.

    1. Fredy Donald

      Any character in pirates of Carribbean can be omitted but NOT John Depp(Jack Sparrow).

  53. Tyler J Regan

    lol, why wouldn’t they use the Jack sparrow character just because they aren’t employing Jonny Depp? It’s a game, video games rarely use actual movie actors for voice overs. It’s not like Disney is going to just abandon the Jack Sparrow character entirely because of Johnny Depp, they own the rights to use the character. Johnny Depp is not OJ Simpson or Chris Benoit. His crimes whether innocent or not aren’t bad enough to completely stop using the Jack Sparrow character…

  54. unknown

    let’s see how many people would watch.. let them create a movie without Johnny and tet them waste millions on an awfull movie that no one will ever dare to watch

  55. TFTong

    all of my family, relatives and friends have a consent: no johnny depp, no pirates movie! disney? no way!


  57. I am a palm tree

    Well, this is what happens when everybody jumps on the woke bandwagon. Disney is so woke that they will indiscriminately throw their weight behind just about any social justice tripe that’s in vogue. Even if reason and evidence are stacked against that tripe. Yes, here we go. The same people who would like to present themselves as champions of justice would disregard evidence and assume a heterosexual MAN is guilty until proven innocent. And while they’re at it, they would take his job away. Hypocritical, they would still want to profit off the image made popular by the same human they would rather martyr. To all decent movie lovers, I suggest: make Disney walk the plank!!

    1. I will boycott the movie I won’t buy a dvd or watch it at all, you need Johnny Depp

    2. Carrie

      Absolutely agree.

  58. I love Pirats of the caribbean but with out johnny depp I will never Look it again

  59. Johnny had just lost his mother when the witch he was married to wanted to go out and party. He said no and she lost it. Disney is way out of line not using him as Jack Sparrow. Nothing has been settled in the JD case and until it is Johnny should be able to do what he wants. Miss Heard married JD for money. She deserves none. Settle the case and move on.

  60. Johnny had just lost his mother when the witch he was married to wanted to go out and party. He said no and she lost it. Disney is way out of line not using him as Jack Sparrow. Nothing has been settled in the JD case and until it is Johnny should be able to do what he wants. Miss Heard married JD for money. She deserves none. Settle the case and move on. I have never committed on this site.

  61. Tendoboy1984

    Video games rarely use big-name actors for roles, they always cast sound-alikes. Kingdom Hearts didn’t use Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, and they also used Jim Hanks (Tom Hanks’ brother) to play Woody in Kingdom Hearts 3. No one complained about that.

  62. Tendoboy1984

    Sea Of Thieves is a video game, not a movie. Video games rarely use big actors to voice characters. Kingdom Hearts didn’t use Johnny Depp to voice Jack Sparrow, and Kingdom Hearts 3 used Jim Hanks (Tom Hanks’ brother) to voice Woody.

  63. Fletcher

    It’s a video game you weren’t expecting them to pay Johnny depps prices for a shot storyline expansion were you? This Dosent mean anything if they bring him back properly it will be depp

  64. Ashley

    If it ain’t Johnny I don’t want it. ?

  65. Chrustine

    Johnny is innocent he suffers from All this undue harm without the truth saving him.
    His truth will prove Disney wrong.
    Disney will lose $$$ Millions and more fans will boycott Disney.
    Jack is Johnny, as Jonny is Jack. No one else will ever be accepted.
    We want Johnny our Captain Jack Sparrow. One n Only.❤️

  66. Susan Zeaken

    I won’t see it without Johnny Depp.

  67. PepicWalrus

    I just want to state this isn’t unreasonable for Rare to use a “Sound Alike” this is common for video games.

    I don’t think any POTC games have ever had ANY of the main cast voice their characters.

    Depp is costly, and while it would of been amazing for him to be brought in for this I understand why the choice was made.

    Using an Imperator means they can continue to get voice work done by this VA without having to worry about Depps schedule or price. It’s clear they fully support Depp as Jack with his appearance and seemingly authentic performance.

  68. Janice L Redding

    Disney is hypocritical with regards to Johnny Depp. They have cut him from the Pirate’s franchise but have no problem making money off the persona he created. Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow. I for one will not be seeing “Sea of Thieves”.

    1. PirateCaptain

      You can’t ‘see’ Sea of Thieves, it is a video game that got an update which included some Pirates of the Caribbean characters. It is also very rare that the movie actor voices the video game character due to budget / time reasons.

  69. jo

    Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. Why would Disney do this. He is suppose to innocent until proven guilty. Isn’t that how America works. You can’t replace or remove an ICON and expect your sequels to be anything but a block buster movie bust. I won’t see it without Johnny either. If no Johnny, why make the movie. Big waste of money.

  70. Wanda Perry

    I want absolutely Nothing to do with this film!! Johnny is Pirates of the Caribbean!!

  71. Laura

    No one can do Captain Jack Sparrow except Johnny Depp! He is Captain Jack! It is a Disney character but it’s the genius and talent of Johnny Depp that breathed life into Capt Jack and NOT DISNEY!! Your game graphic is not even close to how Johnny looked as Captain Jack Sparrow! Epic FAIL!!!

  72. E.P.

    One could understand that the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise completed a circle with all five movies. Now, there is a need of fresh air and a change of scenery. The essence is that, if you are planning to open another chapter, it will definitely not make it without Johnny Depp, who constitutes the iconic character of the franchise. Lets hope he will be able to take part in something new and refreshing.

  73. Db

    I won’t watch it and I think we should stop watching Disney movies! Next it will be Yoda!

  74. Carrie

    Big mistake. I will be boycotting Disney. What you did to Johnny Depp is very wrong. Besides he is an amazing actor and person, he makes the movie.
    Also wrong that Warner Bros. Did the same thing to him with fantastic beasts. Boycotting them too.
    Johnny Depp deserves better, he is a great human being.

    1. Alice

      Pirates of the Caribbean is worthless without Johnny Depp. I will not go see it. Bad decision Disney?

  75. Sharon

    I am a HUGE Johnny Depp fan, from way back to 21 Jump Street. The thought of Pirates movie without him…WILL NOT WASTE MY TIME OR MONEY!!

  76. Brenda Simmons

    I think that stinks, J Depp,is a good actor and his personal life has nothing to do with his ability to act.

  77. Rhonda

    I want Johnny Depp!! Only pirate for Disney!!

  78. Rhonda Miller

    No one can take Johnny Depp’s place as a pirate!!

  79. Iby

    Won’t even bother going to watch it… Johnny Depp is the only person who can pull off being captain Jack sparrow… absolute disappointment

  80. Gordon Watson

    We need to get amber heard

  81. Yvonne Miller

    Johnny has made the role of Jack Sparrow his own and no one can replace him. I don’t know what’s happening to Disney it’s never been the same since Walt died.??… and he will be spinning in his grave over Johnny being removed. That board of directors at Disney should be careful because what goes around comes around. England loves you Johnny and were praying for you.??

  82. Tim Lewis

    If you do this you have lost me as fan of these movies.

  83. Karen Harris

    This is a travesty!!! Johnny is pirates without him there is no chance of success. He is a true talent human man !!

  84. KenR

    I can save Disney hundreds of millions of dollars with some simple advice. And I don’t have to be an overpaid, multi-millionaire, Hollywood executive to do it. Here it is: Scrap any plans to produce and film a Pirates of the Caribbean movie that does not star Johnny Depp because it will be a BIG loser and nobody wants to see it.

  85. Bumble

    No johnny Depp no movie, very simple

  86. no no no without Johnny noooooooooooo please

    1. biaotoch


  87. Susie Q

    It will probably be better now.

  88. Bahama Dan

    This should NOT exist without Depp.
    Disney caves in again to outside pressures to preserve some sort of good image?!
    Also, Depp should get royalties for them using his persona.
    The only way to fight this and other similar stupidity is to NOT give them our money. It is going to be lame anyway…

  89. Khumo

    Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. You can’t have Jack Sparrow without Johnny Depp and you can’t have Pirates of the Caribbean without Jack Sparrow.

  90. Pamela M DiCarlo

    Seriously Disney? I’m surprised he wanted to be in one of your movies. Consider yourself lucky.
    And if you don’t have Amber kicked off Disney movies too then I will never do anything Disney again. Dumbest move ever.

  91. Kathy

    Johnny Depp is without a doubt one of my favourite actors. He is Sparrow. No other will ever be as good. Without him any Pirate movie is not worth watching. Keep him or lose viewers

  92. Kathy

    Johnny Depp is without a doubt one of my favourite actors. He is Jack Sparrow. No other will ever be as good. Without him any Pirate movie is not worth watching. Keep him or lose viewers

  93. Snow1981

    1st off no johnny then boycott disney
    2nd ive read some comments here questioning someone if they were HER and someone else asked about reading levels folks THE 1st person said HUSBAND TO BE every sane woman feels that way for JD that doesnt make them his ex, talk about reading abilities hmmm? and 2ndly yes i heard about the GAME and that they used JD voice for it? so then he should be getting paid for it it they are using HIS voice they may technically own the films and character (though it never would have amounted to anything without JD) but they dont own him or his voice, and if they want to consider him to be jack sparrow theres no halves about it either he is or he isnt so make up their minds they cant have their cake and eat it too.

  94. Johnny Depp Karma a bich.

  95. Johnny Depp Karma is a bich

  96. Marilyn

    Good bye Disney.

  97. Mandy

    Without Johnny it will not be the same…I for one will not be watching the Movie.
    End of. That goes for any film they Replace of Johnny Depp’s. Ridiculous!!! ?

  98. Lily

    Pirates of the Caribbean would never be the same without Johnny Depp and not worth watching

  99. L

    So Disney can keep cashing on the back of JD but he’s no longer good enough to voice the character or actual appear in any more of the movies….that BS at its finest! I love the franchise but will NEVER watch again, if Johnny Depp(Cap’t Jack Sparrow) isnt a part of it. Same way with Fantastic Beasts franchise and any other company who stands against Fepp and/or for Amber Heard!!! Shame on you all !!!!!!! #SupportJohhnyDeppforever

  100. Kim Taylor

    As much as I have enjoyed the franchise, Disney will not get a dime from me if they continue the franchise without Depp. He is Jack Sparrow.

  101. D

    Absolutely, this franchise will tank without Johnny Depp he is Pirates of the Caribbean.

  102. RM

    Johnny depp bought Jack sparrow into life, he created and mastered that character THATS WHY NO ONE ELSE CAN DO IT BETTER THAN HIM. he is being wrongfully fired from this role :'( just like the amazing work he has done in his career for us, he deserves amazing things in his life. i hope he is happy and healthy <3 we love u johnny depp keep doing what you love :') (..hope he sees this lol)

  103. Wynelle

    So wrong how Disney is doing Johnny Depp they need apologize to Johnny Depp and try to get him back i was going to get the game til I found out no Johnny everyone knows Johnny Depp is the only Jack Sparrow

  104. Rose

    Johnny Depp is a beautiful actor, when anyone thinks pirates of the Caribbean they think “Depp” with his out of the ordinary amusing style of acting! He makes that movie great in so many ways, that film will not be the same without Depp, Disney should really reconsider hiring him back! Despite all the Hollywood negativity.. YOU ARE STILL MY FAVORITE ACTOR JOHNNY! WE LOVE YOU ! ❤️💕

  105. Sarah Zielinski

    You can’t have Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp.

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