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Credit: ITM Reporter Alessa


  1. Joe Sanabria

    I’ve been on a coaster but not this one and honestly, i would be frightened if I were to be evacuated off one especially if it was in the middle rather than the beginning of the ride as you mentioned and would most likely if it was a new one, not go back on it again just so I don’t have to possibly have a repeat of the experience.

  2. Cindy

    This is what we get for just rushing a ride bc we always have to beat wdw!

    1. B

      Expound on rush, because they started building that ride 2 years ago.

    2. B

      Expound on rushing because they were building that ride 2 years ago.

  3. Natasha

    I would be pissed waiting to get on this ride for hours then breaking Down and being told we cannot get back on it with an express pass. Wtf universal?

  4. Bob

    I was on the ride when it broke down. It would have been nice to have been given a pass to return to the front of the line when the ride opened back up about an hour later. But I also have a great story that few other people have. Universal staff got to practice their search and rescue just like the movies.

  5. Matt

    First of all the rides never “break down” so please refrain from using that terminology in future articles. It creates an appearance that the rides are not safe, as “breaks down” comes with an inherent negative connotation. The ride simply experienced and extended delay in operation due to a technical error.

    Also, of course they weren’t given passes to experience the ride again. It isn’t even open yet, just in technical rehearsals. There are signs up saying not all elements may be functional and that you may not even get to ride in the first place. Getting to take part in a technical rehearsal or “soft opening” is a privilege not a right. So to those evacuated, be thankful you got some form of compensation anyway and don’t be so entitled about it.

    And before you ask. No I’m not an employee. Just a theme park lover who knows how these things go and has respect for the industry and team.

  6. Miguel

    I’ve been evacuated from 3 coasters 1 Dueling Dragons (Dragon Challenge) multiple times, 2 Hulk, and 3 Kraken (Sea World). DD and Hulk were not bad just was annoying, but Kraken is another story. We were at the top of the climb and they stopped us, the front row was already hanging off the climb, we were in the 3rd row, but it took over two hours to get us down and we were escorted down by the fire department. They went one row at a time and used moveable platforms and you had to shimmy out of your seat and land on this platform. Not gonna lie, kinda scary. I don’t remember what caused it but just know that it was closed for the rest of the day.

  7. Vivian

    I was on the coaster and it stopped right before the second launch. It slowed down like it usually does before the launch but then came to a complete stop. They gave the announcement about the delay, and then said they where going to slingshot us to get us up the drop. So we did that and it stopped again. They called for the extraction team and got us off, and gave us one time express passes that could only be used that day, for only the velocicoaster.

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