Comments for Guests Evacuated From Disney World Attraction After Ride Breaks Down

Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway Marquee

Credit: @ThatDisneyBoi


  1. All I have to say is if he is not In Fantastic beast I will NOT waste my money he made that re same goes for pirates of the Caribbean. I sure as hell will NOT be watching aqua man two if Amber Heard is in it cause men deserve our support in domestic violence when it comes to crap like Amanda Heard. They won’t get my money i stand by Jonny Depp 100 percent

    1. Mark Kaplan

      Thank you for voicing support for us men.

  2. Sue

    Disney should have left the Great Movie Ride in the Chinese Theater; it just needed updating.
    A ride for Mickey & Minnie belongs in the Magic Kingdom.

  3. Tamara

    Maybe Disney should use the mega money they are making in maintenance education.

    1. Sue

      So true Disney is spending millions on building. New rides. They need to take care of what is already there and have people that know how to maintain the park stop adding new stuff and fix the things that are old and broken down first. A lot of the old stuff is better then the new.

  4. Wincharm99

    We just got back from our annual trip 06/04/21-06/17/21), and noticed lots more ride problems than usual. Everything from extended down times (not counting outdoor rides due to weather), rides not operating properly, and even “It’s Tough to be a Bug” glitched out. One of our “Flight of Passage” seats was not “breathing” or moving properly. With the cost cutting Disney is doing, are they skimping on maintenance?

    1. SG

      I so agree! It’s Hollywood after all, The Great Movie Ride was cool. All it needed was updating. M&M Train ride is very underwhelming, total waste of time. It’s the wrong thing for center stage, The Chinese Theatre icon.

  5. Steve Spooner

    Ride evacuations are so common these days why even bother to report it?

  6. Jaime L casey

    Was evacuated off The Beast at Kings Island in Cincinnati. On 1 of the backhills just before it released screaming topspeed thru the tunnels…After about an hour in 90 degree weather we was informed that we were to get up 1 by 1 and walk back the track to the waiting firetruck and climb down. From there we would be driven back into the main park….thanks but no thanks getting off where I got on…3 got off…5 mins later ride said click click click and 20 seconds later we was back in the station. Also stuck on the vortex as we entered a loop

  7. Katy

    We were inside Space Mountain getting ready to board when the lights came on!! It looks so small when you can see everything! I’ve been on a lot of rides that have stopped it needed to be evacuated in the 40x i’ve been there. But, that was definitely the one that stands out the most!

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