eBay Selling “Extremely Rare” Groot-Shaped Cheeto for $100

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Credit: Disney (left) Honeysuckle8 (right)

Finding interesting things on eBay that you would never think someone would try to sell is not uncommon, but what about when that item is a single Flaming Hot Cheeto.

In case you did not know, eBay has a big market for Flaming Hot Cheetos shaped in different ways. At the moment, Marvel fans can own their very own Groot lookalike from Guardians of the Galaxy in the form of a Flaming Hot Cheeto. Considering a small bag of chips costs around $1.00, you may think that this food option would not sell for much on eBay, especially considering it is only one single Cheeto.

Credit: Disney

It is actually quite the opposite; the Groot Cheeto is currently on sale for $100.00! The seller has labeled the Cheeto as “flaming hot Cheeto shaped as GROOT ** Extremely Rare Collectible ** Great Find,” the condition of the Cheeto is “new,” and it will be shipped first-class.

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Part of the sale will go to charity; however, at the moment, there are currently no bids on the Groot-shaped Cheeto. Personally, I wonder if the buyer would plan to frame the Cheeto or eat it! For a $100.00 price tag, something special should surely be done.

groot cheeto
Credit: Honeysparkle8

If the idea that a Cheeto shaped as a Marvel character can sell for $100.00 is blowing your mind, you should take a look at all the other single Cheetos for sale. For example, No Context E.T. (@ET_nocontext) posted a photo of an E.T. Flaming Hot Cheeto for sale that looks like the iconic finger.

Luckily, this Cheeto seems to be more reasonably priced, but that is not always the case.

Considering how many different Cheeto look-a-like’s are selling on eBay, this must be a popular trend for many! So if you are looking to own a Flaming Hot Cheeto Groot, you can click here to eat a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe today! 

Would you spend $100.00 on a Cheeto shaped like Groot?

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