Fans Want More Galaxy’s Edge Entertainment After Visiting Avengers Campus

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kids walking with chewbacca by the millennium falcon at galaxy's edge

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Since the opening of Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure last week, Disney fans have been raving over the interactions and entertainment of this new Marvel super hero-inspired land.

With Marvel super heroes in every corner, Spider-Man soaring over buildings, training with the Dora Milaje, a stunt show featuring Black Widow and Black Panther, learning about the Multiverse with Doctor Strange, and more, Avengers Campus is a Disney theme park land that has no shortage of entertainment. So now the question remains, what about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

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Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park
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Disney Fans React to Theme Park Entertainment

In 2019, Disneyland introduced Galaxy’s Edge 14 acre land with various Star Wars dining, shopping, and attraction experiences. Guests were able to run into Chewie, Kylo Ren, Rey, and even stormtroopers who loved to interrogate new visitors of Batuu.

disney galaxys edge
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As many of these Star Wars characters have been socially distant, and with very little entertainment, Guests of the parks are asking Disney to incorporate the same feel they get in Avengers Campus and add more entertainment at Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland Park.

Disney fan and theme park vlogger Patrick Dougall too to Twitter to share his thoughts after his experience at Avengers Campus:

Dear Disney,

Please take the entertainment and immersion factors that are displayed in Avengers Campus, and apply that to Galaxy’s Edge!

Thank you! 

Many fans agreed Disney should introduce Star Wars characters from the present and the past, including The Mandalorian that was introduced to us on Disney+. It seems that at Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure, Disney isn’t too concerned with sticking to on timeline as we have seen both Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson as Captain America in the land on the same day.

@Andrewwester24 agrees with Patrick and also states,

Yessss!! Even if they are new characters specifically for the land it would be great. If they don’t want The Mandalorian walking around you can still have bounty hunters in mandalorian armor for example.

Twitter user @Fuzzsocks statedL

Couldn’t agree more. Galaxys edge could use a little more kinetic energy.

@wallin_ballin made the following point:

If we have a flying Spider-Man, why can’t we have flying space ship drones over galaxies edge?

The big question many Disney fans ask is if Avengers Campus can allow for so many character interactions and entertainment in Disney California Adventure, then why can’t Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland? Will Disney incorporate more entertainment soon inside Galaxy’s Edge? And will they upgrade the land with more droid experiences and Jedi fight scenes after listening to what Disney fans are asking for?

Bring on the Droids!

In 2019, Star Wars fans were able to run into R2-D2 roaming around Batuu in Disneyland Park which gave Guest hope to interact with more autonomous droids. Not to mention, with early concept art clearly showing Droids as part of the Galaxy’s Edge experience, die-hard Star Wars fans were anticipating when this day would come where they could meet a droid up close and personal. Unfortunately, Disney hasn’t fully brought this to life.

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Galaxy's Edge Concept Art
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At the media preview of Galaxy’s Edge, there was a stunt show featuring Vi Moradi and stormtroopers. We also know that in the past Kylo Ren and the First Order have entertained Guests with a small arrival show in Batuu. Since there is enough infrastructure in Galaxy’s Edge to support more live shows and droid interactions within the land, then it would make sense for Disney to add more entertainment and galactic interaction in the future.

We hope that live entertainment at Avengers Campus is a good sign for the rest of the parks, but only time will tell.

As Disneyland Resort continues to open more experiences and entertainment and will allow the parks to fully operate soon, including welcoming back out-of-state visitors this month, we also announced that Disneyland is currently preparing for a certain performance to return —  check it out here!

Bb-8 Galaxy's Edge
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Do you agree with these Disney fans? Should Galaxy’s Edge offer more entertainment like Avengers Campus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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