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Festival of Fantasy Parade

Credit: Disney


  1. Rob

    I’m not a parade person per se but definitely a Disney parade person. Fireworks and parades are a major part of our Disney experience. Because of this, and we used to be yearly goers, we are not planning a trip to Disney World anytime soon. We can go to other theme parks that are significantly cheaper just to “ride rides”.

  2. Brian

    That’s terrible news in my opinion. Calvcades are lame and last 30 seconds, makes 0 sense that they have dropped masks everywhere, brought back fireworks, done away with social distancing but aren’t going to bring back parades OR character meet & greets.

    1. T.R.


    2. Ryan

      Your exactly right. This is liberal thinking and doesn’t make any sense. Either shut it all down or open it all up. Enough of this half in half out nonsense

  3. Deb

    I love the cavalcade, there are not hordes of people all in one area not allowing people to walk thru!
    I hope they keep the cavalcades and forget the parades.
    This way you are not wasting hours of your day waiting and watching parades when you can see the characters in a cavalcade!

  4. Kensey

    The cavalcades are so puny and pathetic compared to a parade. Not to mention, performers aren’t paid their “show premium” for cavalcades because cavalcades require no special skill, which performers earn through subsequent auditions. That is, cavalcades are extremely cost effective for Disney compared to a parade. More Chapek-covid penny pinching!

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