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hollywood studios fight

Credit: Facebook user Sandy P.


  1. Rita


    1. Oh nosies

      Not in the slightest. Was this in Animal Kingdom?

  2. not surprised

    Is anybody really surprised? lol

    1. Me

      Not even a little bit.

      1. Jo

        Nope. Not surprised

      2. Madelane

        Really Sad… We should go to have a good time with family and friends WDW since we see this type of issues 24/7 in our daily lifes …we forgot how to get along with everyone.😔

    2. Mesha

      Not here to judge yall talking about them ppl but God calling your soul

    3. Darth Notices


      Can you please explain what your comment means?

      1. Ja

        Pretty sure you know what it means.

        1. Walt

          I don’t understand it either. Help us understand what you’re talking about.

    4. Melanie Durham

      It surprised at all, it’s so typical!

    5. Stephen Maxwell

      It is really sad that people are getting into a argument rather than enjoying themselves all the times I have been to WDW I have never seen any problems.

      1. Shaun

        Poor lil girl that’s her Disney experience. Sad

    6. Aingeal

      Just Disgusting ,And They Don’t Give 2 Sh#ts Where They Are Or How It Effects Other People !

    7. Tgk

      You’re a jerk

    8. Mike

      A whelp is a new born animal not a synonym for well

    9. ? so sad people can’t leave who they are at home for one day.

    10. Truth

      Same. Have seen 2 bad ones. One at animal kingdom involved family with innocent people getting pushed and knocked down. Classless people in all cases.

    11. Carlton Wilson

      Let’s be honest, those of us who are capable of honesty knew exactly who we would see before we ever clicked ‘play’. Why? Because reality is an undeniable thing.

      1. Dingo

        No it’s been tons of other incidents that involved all races. Take off your KKK hat sir

  3. PACman

    Wow. Slow news day? People yelled at each other – story at 11.

    1. Andria M Smith

      Right I saw a little yelling. Like why is this news. I didn’t see them being removed from a park. People get a life.

  4. danielle

    How sad for that child that has to live that daily. All that money to act like assholes.

    1. Walt

      We don’t know anything about that little girl’s daily life. A visit to WDW is a very stressful time for many families.

      1. Carlton Wilson

        B.S. We know a great deal about that little girl’s life from viewing this disgraceful incident. No Daddy, and she is accustomed to witnessing violence and angry shrieking on a daily basis.

      2. David

        Yeah some of us just have manners , you know raised better

  5. Rina Urquieta

    If you’re *that* concerned about family money issues where it turns into a physical altercation at a family theme park, then maybe you should not go to said family theme park.

  6. Ja

    Keeping it classy in the Happiest Place in Earth???…

    1. Hannah

      Always so disgusting to see people who behave like that around children. It’s all for the sake of being right and it is so wrong.

  7. Paul

    not at all, i hate all stupid people regardless of race, religion, and/or sexual orientation, nice try though

    1. Julie

      Good for you. Stand by your words.

  8. Hannah

    There is no way in any world should this be an acceptable act. Other children are having their first vacation and will have this in their memory now.

    1. Julie

      Oh for sure! For damn shame.

  9. Anthony

    If you want to be treated like a decent human being, you have to act like one first.

  10. GPG

    It is incredible to see these completely unethical and emotionally unhealthy comments about this incident. To those of you who couldn’t see the child screaming and crying from fear no matter what ethnicity or social status their parents came from, need not to be commenting on social media until they have a better sense of maturity and can learn about what is really important in life and then learn how to use nonviolent communication. No matter what the situation was it was clear to me that everybody was in a lot of heightened stress, which we have all been through each and every one of us and n our moments of desperation we all have our own stories don’t we? I am pretty sure it’s safe to say everybody set out to have a lovely time today and had no intention of having it fall to ruin with the incident that happened. I am appalled and disappointed yet again in my fellow
    humans/fellow Americans.

    1. ???

      Well said. Thank you for the composed comment. I was just reading this thread aloud to my husband after he asked me what was wrong. Apparently I was making a face after being completely gutted at some of these blatantly racist remarks. These sentiments are what should be making the newsfeed so people stay aware of who could potentially be next to them in the queue at Disney.

      1. C

        Yes! All of this is disgraceful…the person filming, the person who took the time to write this useless garbage article, and all of the Holier than Thou talking heads. Disgusting!!

      2. jim

        Because its the usual suspects almost all of the time. 13/90

    2. Nick

      OK hero.

      1. Darth Notices


        Please clarify your comment.
        Are you agreeing with the above statements, or are you being sarcastic? If it is sarcastic, what is the intent? Is it simply meant to illicit a chuckle or are you trying to belittle other’s feelings? And if it is belittling, why do you feel that is important to do in the way you did? Do you believe that a statement like, “I disagree,” wouldn’t be enough to express how you feel?

        1. Nick

          OK Hero

    3. We all bleed the same color

      I was thinking the same thing! Out of all being said, I felt so saddened for the screaming child. God willing, he is young enough to forget this moment. God bless us all!

  11. Alicia

    Selfish ignorance. Everyone there spent a lot of money to be in THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. If you don’t grasp the concept of being in Disney, don’t go. They are ruining the day for the kids around them and what’s worse that poor kiddo with them has to go home with them. Disgusting behavior.

  12. Kelly


  13. Kelly


  14. Carolina

    The fight started at Backlot Express, not SW.
    They were having lunch and the conversation started to get louder and louder until they were yelling at each other. Then a manager and the security guard on the video came in and escorted them out.

  15. Of course

    Didnt need to see the video to know exactly what they looked like

    1. Dingo

      That’s a lie. Its been multiple Karen’s fighting at Disney before. So don’t even go there

  16. Annoyed

    This isn’t news. This kind of thing happens all the time. The only thing different about this is a busybody thought it was “news” and sent it to a blog.

  17. William Norris

    This makes me sad. That place isn’t for any of those dumb grown ups. Its for that little kid who was with them.

    All the grown ups did was snuff out the magic with with their drama.

    I hope someone local with some sense can find out who that little kid was, and find some way to take them back to Disney with a grown up who has their priorities straight.

  18. Shelia

    What is most disturbing in this video is that poor little girl having to witness this violence. She was screaming her head off and they totally ignored her. That’s emotionally abusive and traumatizing for her. ??

  19. Gatorfan81

    That poor baby goes to Disney gets kicked out because their family can’t act right. Way to ruin a child’s trip selfish people

  20. Jack Sprat

    If you are going to call someone stupid, you might want to learn how to spell first.

  21. Lexi

    Dude, seriously? I can’t believe I just wasted almost a minute and a half of my life on this video that I will never get back. It was anticlimactic to say the least ??? A whole news announcement over some girl smacking her friend in the head. My own mother smacked me better than that for misbehaving, lol

  22. Darth Notices


    What are some other ways you can describe your same feelings without using inflammatory words? Even though you likely didn’t mean it this way, your second sentence could almost be interpreted as an apology for your first. With that in mind, do you feel that your third sentence, with a slight rewrite, could stand on its own without the first two?

    1. Fifi


  23. Cj Brown

    “If you ever witness activity such as a fight or anything of this nature, or if you are ever concerned when visiting one of the Disney Parks, be sure to find the nearest Cast Member” (or take your smartphone and film what’s going on while seeing how long it takes for Team Disney to respond to the situation – lol!) ?

    At least this didn’t drag on as long as Toontown at Disneyland 2 years ago! ?

  24. Jamie

    About 98% of y’all in this comment thread need Jesus.

  25. Roberto

    So what?

  26. Dru

    Great parenting, I’m sure that child will grow up to be a well balanced, contributing, member of society…

  27. Nick

    Like yours?

  28. Nennen

    Is that their kid screaming? Wow. Who acts like that? No wonder the kid is freaking out. Can you imagine spending all of that money just to act like a bunch of idiots? I hope those two get a permanent ban.

  29. Suzanne


  30. Teddy

    I feel bad for the little girl, an innocent child who has to be removed from the park..because of her role models.

  31. Sherry

    The saddest part about the whole altercation is the little kid who just wanted to have a magical experience at Disney. Unfortunately, the adults in this situation could not put their differences aside to make it happen.

  32. Jim

    Don’t know how to act in public

  33. Cinz

    That is one expensive family argument!

  34. Yomama

    Some peoples just cannot behave themselves in mixed company.

  35. Klove

    Period. That’s all that was needed to be said.

  36. Jane

    Oh wow “adults” not acting like adults. Big surprise there

  37. Thomas Crary

    We all thought Disney was exempt from this craziness. I hope and pray this is an isolated incident and not a trend.

  38. Vader

    People like that should be banned from theme parks indefinitely! No reason to act like a rabid animal!

  39. VJK

    Makes you wonder if they’ve been drinking. Isn’t it amazing that these things are happening more and more now that Disney serves alcohol

  40. Bc

    Look at the face of that child! Shame on you!!

  41. IzzyCrespo

    Its the happiest place on earth!
    I honestly think that Disney land should ban anyone from using foul language. Just my own opinion. Have a wonderful day everyone ?

  42. Ashlee


  43. Laszlo

    ProTip: try to start each news article with a complete sentence.

  44. Dee

    I feel horrible for that poor child. Hopefully he is young enough not to remember this foolishness.

  45. Joe

    Toot-soons. No surprise there.

  46. Aingeal


  47. Ernie LaPointe

    I actually seen a few family – ( fights ) different races – Epcot serves alcohol- along the walkway- some guests females / males obviously have a drinking problem – and with the heat humidity- tempers flare – unfortunately the children suffer from the attitudes of the parents or mothers boyfriends – I don’t look at race – it’s drinking or drug induced at a family park – stop with race crap- I blame each individual who has some addictions problems being in a place where the problems of the world be left at the gate

  48. It’s amazing that it seems to happen regularly at the theme parks, on an Airline, Walmart, Popeyes, or a “house” party. And we are to believe people just want to have peace, fun, and justice ?. Well, hopefully the Sheriff have you one out of three.

  49. NMendez

    Disgusting!! The language and fighting! It’s Disney World! For families and children, so act right or stay home!!!!

  50. Tamara


  51. El Chato

    It’s sad that people can’t leave their true selves at home for one day.

  52. Wow it’s sad to think it’s come to this

  53. Anonymous

    I feel sorry for the child that was with them! What a shame

  54. Okboomer

    How can you be sure he was armed? It could have been a taser or spray.

  55. Jennifer

    It’s really sad that this happened in front of those kids. Parents acting like fools ruined the kids day. You want to fight or argue go home and do it. So sad, I feel bad for the kids.

  56. Try again

    Struggles or not, this is no excuse for this type of behavior in any public place, much less Disney World, where families spend thousands of dollars to enjoy themselves. It’s people like you, the woke supremacists, that continue to give a pass for this type of behavior and make excuses for them. As long as this behavior goes unpunished or is not frowned upon it will continue, and right now its worse than ever.

  57. ???

    Is this site officially affiliated with Disney?

  58. David

    Some people just show their stupidity and want to run a day of fun for every one else who paid high dollars to listen to and view their their stpidity when theyb9aid gorvinteryainment not a family acting out like little children and ruin it for everybone and their selves way to go disney security . I hope they get banned to never ecer return to disney world

  59. Willy Wonka

    The Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries!

  60. UncleScrooge

    “Please note that Disney Cast Members and security officials are always at the theme parks in order to maintain a safe environment as much as possible.”
    Riiiight. The person sweating in the Mickey Mouse costume for $15 an hour is gonna risk their job and safety by intervening in a fight. I’d be willing to bet they’re instructed not to get within 1,000 yards of a fight. Donald or Goofy in a fight would go viral. Security is virtually nonexistent.

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