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EPCOT Monorail

Credit: Disney


  1. KenG

    It appears these CMs are dressed in the monorail uniform, not just maintenance staff, so I would say yes and my guess it will be before 4th of July.

    1. Paul Teal

      It appeared to be a training session for new CMs and a refresher for returning CM’s. I must correct you on one thing. As a former CM we do refer to our dress as uniforms. They are referred to as costumes. Just one of the things we learned at “Traditions” Disney has it’s own unique vocabulary

  2. The monorail not running to EPCOT cuts down on how many guests use the monorail. When we were there in January, we did not ride the monorail during our visit. This was the first time that we vacationed at Disney that we did not hear that recording about staying clear of the doors. We did not have a reason to utilize it. Restaurants that we visited at monorail resorts were not open. It’s time to open up.

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