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  1. KTC

    Like most adults, Epcot is my favorite park. Have gone 3 times in last month or so. But I wish Disney would switch to a tier level of price for each park. Right now Epcot is really not worth a full price ticket. Let’s say, HS $149, MK $139, AK $119, Epcot $89. Multi day discounts, hopping, etc adjusted accordingly. Food and beverage in world showcase would more than make up for lower admission. All the construction, and frequent break downs in future world are tough to deal with. I can’t imagine what walking around the former Innoventions will be like when they’re back to full capacity, because even now at 30% it’s difficult. And today guests had about 4 real attractions to choose from, that’s not acceptable. (And that’s counting Figment which I have soft spot for but let’s face it, if so much other stuff wasn’t closed Disney would close that in a second.) I’ve been lucky never to have a must-do be closed on a certain day. But now nearly everyone who was in the park today probably missed their ONLY chance to do Test Track, b/c of the reservation system. They are most likely locked out of Epcot for the remainder of their trip. It’s sad that basically the entire front of the park “got old” at the same time.

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