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disneyland fireworks

Credit: Disney


  1. Leeann Jacket

    Walt Disney World announced today that fireworks will return on June 28th. My Birthday! But I’m going to Disneyland. Lol! ?

    1. Chris

      Of course, two days after we leave….lol

  2. Fireworks Is Great.
    But I Want Hugs Back With Disney Characters Right Now.

  3. Fireworks And Parades Are Great. But I Want Hugs Back With Disneyland Characters Right Now.

  4. Helen Yapura-Weiler

    I have been unable to reserve a table at the Blue Bayou at Disneyland. Has anyone else encountered this problem on the reservation website or have any suggestions on how to get through? I used to have the phone number but it doesn’t seem to be public now. Frustrated

    1. Lisa Maggio

      Yes! I will be visiting Disneyland at the end of July. I can’t make any dining reservations!

    2. Kris

      I was just there(last Thursday/Friday) dining reservations were basically impossible. We should have tried walk up but we were too busy!!

  5. CM

    It makes me wonder if this is a newly created position. If not, why not get the person who was holding it before the pandemic?

    1. JM

      This is not a new position. I know the person that had the role and they left California because it’s the worst. They were offered the position but were unwilling to return to a wasteland of lockdowns and mask wearing. Thanks Gavin!

  6. Paulette Hailey

    Hello, my family has a trip planned for California 6/17-6/20, Disneyland June 20, for my Grandaughter’s 2cd Birthday…. We also have some older siblings & friends that has questioned about the fireworks show.

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