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Disney FastPasses

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  1. Please bring back fast pass. Disney can’t compete with Universal without it. You spend all day in line without it, and obviously the experience is not as good. You can’t really enjoy the fact that you are there. Table service meals waste your chance at standing in line and doing all your favorite attractions. My son in law thought we should have just ate snacks all day. Please bring back the magic.

    1. G

      If they do wait times get two times longer

  2. DaisyDuckHin

    Disney : Please, Please bring back fast pass. I really really miss it.

    1. Rick Stevens

      I was at Disney World in February and have no interest in returning until fastpass returns. I didn’t care for wearing a mask but would happily as long as I have my fastpass.

      1. Melissa

        Disney bring back fast pass or we cancel our trip. and to the idiot saying it makes lines longer,clearly isnt a seasoned visitor

        1. Wedege

          It makes lines longer!

        2. Rodney Wayne Simonson

          Wow… so much foolishness. Yes, FastPasses increase wait time for those foolish enough to ignore getting FastPasses. Not having them means being able to explore about 1/3 of the experiences, quality and quantity taken together. Being entirely spontaneous means you pick the less desired experiences unless you get lucky hitting a slow day… kinda like pretending you can land a boarding pass with anything but luck. No, I do not plan a Disney trip for a year to be unable to enjoy my preferred experiences. Let me plan my vacation.

      2. Monica Horn

        Rick Stevens. Agree! We were in WDW for 8 park days in Sept ’20. All 4 adult, park veterans in our group agreed that wearing masks did NOT negatively impact our visit nearly as much as the absence of FP did. People who hate FP are just not good at using the system.

    2. Devil

      I was at studios and epcot in May and got on everything we wanted to (except rise of the resistance) without fast passes. I hope they don’t come back but if they do, they are for an extra cost. I love spending money to cut in front of children and families

      1. sup

        Devil works for you.

  3. Paul T

    I think fast pass as we know it is a thing of the past. I predict that fast pass will be an extra cost option on your ticket purchase and will be downloaded to your magic band with a $50 – $65 extra daily cost

  4. C Jenkins

    Fast Pass actually increases the wait times for most guests and should never return. Think about the after hour events when fast pass was disabled – wait times would drop to nearly nothing because nobody is cutting the line ahead of standby. Keep it as is – the lines look longer, but, move more quickly with actual wait usually lower than posted wait times.
    Also, we don’t need a premium version either – where rich people get to cut in front of everyone else.

    1. Bill

      So you’re mad you can’t afford a premium version?

      1. Jorge I Ruiz

        Going on October and staying off property due to all things Disney drop , if fastpass comes back we will be in a terrible disadvantage.

    2. Karen

      Wait times drop during after hours events because there are way less people in the parks for them.

      1. Happy2012

        Exactly ?

    3. Bobby Smith

      Sounds like you have never used a fastpass before. I t allowa you to not have to stand in a line for a long time so you can go enjoy something else, eat, shop, etc until its time to go to your fastpass attraction. Not much different than the virtual que that they use on rise of the resistance. If you get a boarding group, you get to go do other things until time for your group, aka, like a fastpass.

    4. Brian

      The reason wait times aren’t bad at extra magic hours is because of limited capacity. Yes it makes stand by wait times longer, but if you played it right you could go on a lot of rides in a day.

  5. Tara Gordon

    Fast passes NEEDS to return & preferably before the end of this month!! Wait times are steadily going up & it is time as the parks move back to more normal operations to bring this amenity back! Without it what perks do guests have for staying on property!? There is none anymore! It’s time!!

  6. Laser Sharks

    Yes! Bring it back!

  7. Tien Nguyen

    YES PLEASE DISNEY BRING BACK FAST PASSED. ???????????????????????

    1. SG

      AGREE AGREE AGREE. As APs we found they do guarantee 3 rides in less than 30 minutes during peak season. And much less in lower crowds. And they are FREE! We have NEVER paid extra for them, that’s Universal crap.

  8. Lori Kneisly

    Bring them back!

  9. Kiu

    I love fast passes!

  10. Mousefan

    Go to the app and look at the wait times. Even headliners like Flight of Passage and Seven Dwarves mine train are under an hour wait. With fast pass they’re usually at least double that. I liked fast pass but I’ve realized these last few visits how fast the lines actually move without it. Yes they look long but they move almost continually instead of stopping to let 50 or more fast passers in every few minutes. It’s also nice to be able to ride what I want when I want now instead of when I thought I might want to 60 days ago when I had to decide. I hope it never comes back. It’s been way more relaxing and look at all the years we lived without it.

    1. Chloe

      The reason the wait is shorter is because international guests aren’t there and there is STILL barely any park capacity. If people are too oblivious to use the fast pass system then that’s on them. If Disney doesn’t bring back fast pass we’ll be cancelling our 2022 trip, there’s no way I’m waiting for 40 mins for every mediocre ride, under the hot Florida sun, when it could be a 5-10 min wait with shopping and table service restaurants in between, plus being able to leave the park at 3pm having done everything we wanted to!

  11. AntiFastpass

    Wait times will still be high, you will be in a shop instead of a nicely themed queue

  12. Lori miland

    We need fastpass back. With capacity increasing, I hate waiting on lines. It is a waste of my time.

  13. Indy

    It is very easy math to show Fast Passes increase wait time overall. I hope people who believe otherwise read this. FP reserves part of each attractions hourly capacity. Usually it is about 70% of capacity. So a line that might be 30 mins without any FP in park is now close to 90 mins. So if I wait in just one stand-by line at 90 mins, and then use 2 FP(let’s say 5 mins per), I’ve waited 100 mins and ridden 3 attractions. If NO FP existed I’ve waited in three 30 minute lines and have ridden 3 attractions for a total of 90 minutes in line. Isn’t that fascinating. And better yet, the stand-by line moves very quickly so I’m not in an incredibly SLOW moving stand-by. And heaven forbid a ride goes down for 5 or 10 mins because now the stand-by queue stops entirety as they try to catch up with FP.

    1. Kiu

      I’ve never waited in a standby line longer than 30 minutes when FP’s were available. I visited DL yearly from 2013 to 2019. I don’t do the kiddie rides, so maybe that’s where you’re waiting 90 minutes??

    2. sup

      so Indy have you looked online at the wait times today with no FP yet. 45 min. 65 min. ect. bring back fast pass is a great option.

  14. Indy

    FAST PASS increases your wait time and here is why. FP reserves hourly ride capacity of an attraction, usually around 70%. That means a standby line of 30 minutes becomes 90 minutes. So if I wait in just 1 standby line and use 2 FP (let’s assume FP wait time is about 8 minutes), I have waited 90+8+8=106 minutes and have gone on 3 rides. If there were NO FP, each line would be 30 minutes so I wait 30+30+30=90 minutes and have been on 30 attractions. Isn’t that interesting. It takes 3 FP for every stand-by queue JUST TO BREAK EVEN on time spent in line. Also note that the 70% reserved here is probably LOW on some attractions, so your standby time is even HIGHER. So 106 minutes and an incredibly SLOW moving stand-by line because of FP, or 90 minutes total in quickly moving lines with no FP (plus my day at the park is free to flow however I want it and I don’t have to arrange everything around a “return window”.

    1. Jess

      I’d really like to see some of the FastPass lines being used for single riders again. And to actually have folks who can run a line loading the vehicles.

  15. Jay

    Lol @ all the people who don’t understand how FP+ works. Totally agree with you Mousefan.

  16. Pam

    I really don’t think fastpass is efficient. What I want to see are annual passes again…PLEASE!

  17. Chris

    I’m am AP and I try to go to a park every week or 2. And FP+ is greatly missed. I wouldn’t go to the parks all day. But for a few hours in the evening when it is cooler. With FP I’d pick 3 rides. Eat something. And leave. Without the FP it’s hard to do anything without waiting an hour. Definitely want them back…

    1. Wedge

      I have to travel 5000 miles. I cant do that. Wait in line like everyone else. People like you who are able to play the system make the wait times so high that I never would want to go back.

  18. sup

    The idea for fast pass with younger children is not to have to wait 65 min in line to go on a ride. Younger children can’t stand around for 65 min without annoying everyone. Please bring back the fast pass. Disney is about magic for little ones. I always use a fast pass to see Mickey and the gang at Epcot.

  19. Victoria

    We just left DW and fast pass is in use but to my understanding at a cost and they just aren’t making it known to the public just yet, you have to ask about it at guest services to be told about it. So don’t expect to get it free anymore.

    1. Deeana

      Did you use it or know what the cost is?

  20. TommyH

    Yes, maybe if you do the math – FPs don’t actually decrease wait time and potentially increase it by 16 mins. But DL is very much ABOUT waiting. You go from one place to another, even when you are moving – that’s, essentially, waiting! So the question is WHERE do you wait. I would rather have my accumulated wait time increased by 16 mins while I sip a drink at another attraction without any lines, getting a pickle, or simply walking around rather than standing with 1000s of other in the sun. For me, FPs are key.

  21. Heather

    I don’t understand why they haven’t brought them back. To me it is unreasonable to keep them shut down for good. We loved Max Pass at DL resort when we were there in Sept of 2019 and would gladly pay for it again. I dread our trip this fall if they don’t bring them back.

  22. Wedge

    I was just at disney world and honestly the world times aren’t that bad. I never waited in line for more than 40 minutes for anything. Fastpass sounds like a good way to quickly INCREASE wait times. Keep in mind, I have little children so we didn’t want to do a roller coaster or anything requiring a height over 40″. The important rides we wanted to do though we simply got there early.

  23. Butch

    Please…No FAST PASSES.

  24. What’s left without fast passes! You are taking Disney’s magical experience and turning it into a nightmare! Please don’t make people stand in line for hours and only get to see two or three premium attractions a day. You want smiles on the faces of our children then bring back fast passes!

  25. Jeremy

    I was just at disney for 7 days in june 2021 and the wait times were less than 30 mins on most attractions except for the most popular ones. They were 40 to 80 mins depending on times of day. We hit 14 attractions in magic Kingdom from1130 to close with a sit down meal included in that time. I thought that was good along with my travel advisor.

  26. Lynn cantin

    Absolutely should bring back fastpasses, nobody wants to wait in lines for hours at a time, especially people who have young children.
    You spend so much money to go to the happiest place on earth, they definitely need to bring it back.

  27. Ethan Richards

    For a family of 6 it’s 1200 to get park hopper tickets, to wait in line for hours and hours disney has become a money hungry corporation that doesnt care about anything other than making money. They were not limiting capacity nor had they been enforcing social distancing. They have been forcing people to stand in excessivly long lines which just happen to have expensive consession stands strategically positioned near by. It makes me sad but for less than 400 a family of 6 can enjoy a day at Knott’s berry farm where they care about the people who visit and have not yet prioritized money over people. Disney you have hurt and discarded the people who have made you and you may get away with it for a while but eventually when you need them most your true fans wont be there anymore I’m happy to say I will be the first boycott disney and their greedy cash grab buisness plans.

  28. Elena

    I guess people forgot that fp weren’t always a thing…we’d go with our 3 children and have no problems waiting…could it be because people are too impatient now? We were at Disneyland on June 11th and the longest wait was 25 minutes…if people are having problems waiting 25 minutes maybe a Disney park is not for them

  29. Paul

    I’m at Hollywood Studios today, 7/11/21 and there is not a single ride with a wait less than 50 minutes at the moment. Trying to do Disney World without fast passes is a nightmare, especially with children. I will not be returning until they figure this out

  30. Joe Boston

    I will cancel our 2022 trip if fast passes are not available. This is why we booked to stay at a Disney property. The loss of fast pass and magical express (bus from airport) is adding too much to the cost.

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