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  1. Mark

    I believe I heard Tom Morris speak of another sink hole in MK behind the IASM show building. They needed to move the show building up a bit. This created that terrible bottleneck between IASM and PPF.

  2. so cool(not) with your Disney shorthand

    1. Crystal

      It’s a small world (IASM)

      Peter Pans Flight (PPF)

      1. Thank you. I could have thought about that forever and not figured it out. Dennis was right. Thanks for telling us what those meant.

    2. Andrew

      Assuming It’s a Small World and Peter Pan’s Flight. Though, not sure why M and not W if I am correct.

      1. Jennifer

        MK for Magic Kingdom

  3. Melissa

    I remember there being a rumor of a sinkhole under the old Horizons building.

    1. SirStephenH

      It was just a rumor created by fans to explain why on earth Disney would close it. All that happened was GM quit as a sponsor a few years prior and Disney didn’t want to pick up the costs of upcoming required renovations.

      1. Rdt

        Except GM was never the sponsor of Horizons, but good try!
        You’re right though that the supposed sinkhole and structural issues with the building theory was not the reason for the attraction being shuttered and demolished.

      2. RdT

        Except GM was never the sponsor of Horizons, but good try! I think you meant GE.
        You’re right though that the supposed sinkhole and structural issues with the building theory was not the reason for the attraction being shuttered and demolished.

        1. Big John

          I don’t remember when GE dropped Horizons. But I remember reading about GE was trying to buy Universal for a long time which they finally did somewhere after 2002 . Guess you don’t want sponsor an attraction at the competition

          1. Bernie

            GE was sponsor from 1983-1993.

        2. KC

          I have heard this story for over 30 years now but I was first told it as a Epcot cast member and every tenured CM insisted that’s how world showcase lagoon was created.
          TBH, until I hear this from an actual Disney executive, I’m going to chalk it up to urban legend.

      3. Matt Wojnar

        Maybe, this is a sign that disney should redesign epcot. If there is a sinkhole, they should really relocate epcot to a safer nearby location

  4. Omg when I saw the header on my email it gave palpitations phew am I glad I got it wrong

    1. Jimmie Glisson Jr

      Where at Disney world is the sinkhole at

  5. Martin Untied

    During Epcot’s original construction, all the pile-driving companies had to be financially helped. They went way beyond the depths calculated to achieve proper piering support . So much so that they were going into bankruptcy if Disney did not bail them out. Ah.. building over swamps…. should have been no real surprises here. Total engineering mistake!

    1. CJ

      Total engineering mistake?! 🤣. Look at the footprint of WDW, how much Walt acquired the land for and how the park was paid off in insanely short period of time with only minor structural issues.

      1. Noah Lidey

        None of that has anything to do with engineering. Good financial decision, but makes it awfully difficult for the engineers responsible for public safety.

  6. Ncmom

    You about gave me a heart attack since I am visiting soon! Shame on you for scaring me to death

  7. Wholey Moley

    All of WDW is the largest sinkhole for money in the world. Does that count

  8. Gregory

    Small world and Peter Pans flight are in Magic Kingdom completed 1971. EPCOT opened in 1983, and is not connected to Magic Kingdoms foundational infrastructure.

    1. T

      They said MK. Duh now you don’t look quite as smarty pants.

      1. Michael A Macias

        Why act like a cunt?

      2. Michael A Macias

        Geez what a c**t

  9. SirStephenH

    “Disney World Has a Massive Sinkhole in EPCOT”


    It has since been filled in and a lagoon placed inside the remaining hole.

    Reported as “misleading or sensational” to Goggle.

  10. Steve Yarosz

    The sink hole is in the middle of the lake, not where the video indicates and it’s not 300 feet it’s 165. All this info can be found in Marty Skylar biography.

  11. PJ

    It is Florida… this is what swamps do.

  12. Dodo

    Isn’t Disney built on swamp lands

  13. Michael

    Why behave like a cunt? Go be miserable somewhere else

    1. Melanie Durham

      Oh my gosh, do you have to use that language and be rude! Matter of fact….do you have to act like that word? Go away

  14. I was a pass holder for roughly 20 years. But the prices have gotten so high I just cannot afford them anymore. I miss Disney but I also have bills to pay.

  15. Call me skeptical

    What does a temperate climate have to do with a sinkhole? Most, if not all, of the US is in a temperate climate. I fail to see the connection.

  16. Armando Ontiveros Vela

    They have plenty of money. They can afford to fix it. Of course they will spend more money talking about it than getting to fixing it quick.

  17. Jenny

    That will close Disney World down for atleast 1 yr or two easy

  18. Drew

    Disney is already planning a full renovation for Epcot. With Guardians of the Galaxy and all.

  19. Chris

    There’s no sinkhole in the vicinity of any guests or cast members in WDW. Sorry, folks.

  20. Mamaharley

    Why is this news every horizons fan will be rotfl w this and not in a good way was told thats the reason horizons closed welp the death trap is on the same sinkhole do not believe everything you read dearie!

  21. Matthew Brewster

    This isn’t exactly a secret. You didn’t mention, though, that a second sinkhole was found beneath one corner of the Horizons pavilion, which contributed to its permanent closure. (Yet a THIRD sinkhole forced the draining of Blizzard Beach’s main pool in the late 90s).

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