Comments for Fireworks Are BACK at Walt Disney World Resort

NYE Fireworks

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Justin

    This feels great! Already feeling like we’re back to normal. Sad thing is that I got a reservation for July 3 and will miss out on the first night of fireworks.

    1. Evan

      Fireworks start at Walt Disney World and Epcot on July 1st, they start at Disneyland on July 4th. If your Disneyland bound, catch them next time.

  2. debra ditieri

    Great!! Funny but I really missed my 10pm house booming. At least I always knew the time. You really get used to it.

  3. Linda Faella

    So excited we will be there in Sept. And Dec. Cannot wait to be back!! Thank you WDW..See you real soon!!

  4. Mike

    Very sorry the return of
    Epcot Forever can not bring back the kites. I know Harmonious will be spectacular but so were the fire kites, a unique feature of Epcot Forever.

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