Comments for Post-Pandemic DVC Prices See Another Huge Increase

Grand Californian

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    Considering resale for GCH has been feeling at $305 points for 200+ points, this isnt surprising in the least.

  2. Barb

    The Disney parks have turned into resorts for the filthy rich. I’m pretty sure they are NOT what Walt had in mind. Of course, now that there are no Disneys involved those who ‘pull the strings’ have allowed greed to takeover! IMO greed is a sin! No one is worth millions of dollars a year!!!

  3. KenR

    Hard core Disney fans who visit Walt Disney World frequently (still a small percentage of WDW guest) know how much they save by buying into DVC and it actually saves them money over the years making the “for the rich” statements off the mark. It would cost way more to book as a regular guest multiple times a year. WDW has enough land and resort rooms to add more DVC resorts as well as regular resorts. For those looking for a bargain, there are more high-end resorts than ever on Disney property or steps away that offer really nice accommodations for a fraction of the price. 5 Hilton owned resorts alone at Bonnet Creek and Disney Springs all for a fraction of the cost of staying in a Garden View room at the Floridian or even a Moderate. The “Disney is for the rich and makes it unaffordable is complete nonsense “. Disney knows they can’t manage hotels as good as Marriott and Hilton do so they are deploying resources towards those “hard-core, frequent visitor, guest.

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