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grogu in chapter 9 the marshal

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  1. Anonymous

    I just want to say that anyone thinks Kathleen Kennedy has had any more than a minor role in the creative aspects of the movie doesn’t understand what a producer’s job is. A producer might play a part in selecting a script or may suggest changes if a movie tests poor with focus groups, but other than those minor things, Kennedy’s job is mainly making sure everything runs under budget and on time. She’s been doing a fantastic job at this ever since Raiders of the Lost Ark. And by all accounts, focus groups loved The Last Jedi and Rian Johnson was easy to work with and stayed within budget and deadlines. It just didn’t sit well with a segment of the fans that took their issues online. Everything else KK has produced Star Wars fans LOVE, including Rebels, Mando, Bad Batch. Part of why they stepped back and are taking more time with the upcoming films is to get the creative and writing teams to meet fan expectations. The reason 7-9 felt like cash grabs is 100% on the investors to blame for wanting to recoup their 4 billion purchase of Lucasfilm as quickly as possible. And they did.

    1. Edji

      exactly. I’m tired of these divided fans because of some who feel obligated to negatively backlash on everything just because they can. everytime, on every support, youtube videos…etc… (I’m part of those who loves all Star Wars content)

      1. Jeromy

        A producers normal role is exactly as you laid out… But considering how many projects have lost creative talent because of “creative differences” with Lucasfilm (read: Kathleen Kennedy) I think she has been overstepping her bounds as producer on a regular basis.

        Maybe I’m wrong, however, projects where you hear more about her involvement have these issues.

        Sometimes people lose track of what their job is. Happens all the time.

        1. Lallaman

          defo wrong. Ive worked in and out of Disney (as a freelancer) for 15 years. Kennedy doesnt have any overarching role in the day to day creatives. In fact she advocates for directors freedoms. She didnt hire the various star wars directors – shes in charge of the overall vision for what uthe company does. The REPORTS are she sinterfering – I can assure y’all she does what shes supposed to do; provide the support for the creatives to do their job.

      2. VS

        Get real you don’t know wtf you’re talking about how about all the amazing fan made movies Disney feels they have the right to take down at a whim, Nobody is making money here just fan keeping star wars in the minds of fans old and new (SO FREE FCKIN ADVERTISING) but nope the mouse feels it necessary to black ball and discourage would be new directors and actors with legal woes fk the mouse fk the mouse fk the Mouse!

      3. ECT

        Did we watch the same movie? The writing of The Last Jedi was highly inconsistent within the Star Wars universe, and none of the subversion was narratively satisfying. I’m sure you remember how the Original Trilogy made you feel, this one just feels empty. I don’t see people backwashing on a lot of other Star Wars content “just because they can”, it seems reserved for the content that was poorly written.

    2. Ryan Harris

      You are so wrong, she had nothing to do with the three you listed. Star wars rebels? David Filoni
      The clone wars animated series?
      Also David
      The mandolorian?
      Jon favreau
      The bad batch?
      Ana lily.
      Everything kk HASNT touched has done exceedingly well. I don’t know why you think kk produced any of what you listed but she in fact, did not, she damn near ruined star wars.

      1. Zach

        Okay, as a fan who has read every book and watched every piece of content (my favorite being 2003 Clone wars, animated by the same man who created samurai jack). That is a joke. She has had the reigns for creative direction for everything. Disney literally destroyed canon, legends, the EU, a good example is now Durge the bounty hunter doesn’t exist anymore in canon. Best bounty hunter to ever live. Dave has done a fantastic job of 1. Fan service, bringing back old favorites, etc, and trying to continue the story. They literally took away the canon of Darth revan and the best star wars games ever made (besides republic commandos). Star wars should be free from oppressive creative direction. Also be able to make rated R movies, for kids like me who watched the original trilogy on VHS and went to theaters for the prequels. Comparative to marvel with Deadpool. Also, the high republic sucks. I rest my case, sir.

        1. Rich

          Durge does exist in canon. He’s currently in the Doctor Aphra comics.

        2. Walter Drumm

          The only reason Kennedy is still around is because Bob Chapek lacks the guts to fire her for fear of the feminists backlash.

      2. Ion

        No, she absolutely ruined it..

        1. lallaman

          Then you are unaware of her role. Stop reading the nonsese stories and understand what a producer does. They certainly dont instil creative direction. Ive worked with producers and directors my entire career. The real issue with star wars? Pablo. Hes the problem.

      3. Michael A

        You are right

        These people are just paid trolls what do you think they’re the first ones to comment on the article right after it was released defending Kennedy.

        There’s an old saying from 2002 don’t feed the trolls.
        They have people that write these comments to support Kennedy and try and change people’s minds

    3. Bill

      The sequal trilogy was a joke. With each successive film it made less and less money. Only Star Wars I’m interested in favreau and filoni star wars. KK and the woke story group ARE HORRIBLE ALONG WITH Patty Jenkins and ruin johnson. Terrible, unwatchable garbage. I won’t watch anything any of them have their hands in.

      1. Zach

        The could have made snoke Darth plagieus the wise. Could have done so many things different, but instead, butchered it. You are exactly right. Oh yeah and apparently now Darth sid has clones and survived. Whatever you think of George Lucas, his original vision was to have him as the main villain with apprentice Darth talon and have him running crimson dawn, kind of like rogue one. That sounds a lot better than the bullsh*t we got and disgrace of mark Hamill. Shame on you Disney, shame on you Kathleen.

        1. Nicholas A Long

          In all reality the sequels were never going to be good or live up to expectations. The main reason being that they canonical directly follow the original trilogy. That’s impossible to live up to. Plus story wise it’s limiting since they can’t go off in a completely different direction or create a new unrelated story & core group of characters. However, now that everyone has gotten original trilogy nostalgia out of their system they can create a epic 4 or 5 part movie series with new characters new story and hopefully set far in the future of the current star wars timeline. I’m not defending anyone however Kat-Ken did produce Rogue One which is one of the best Star Wars movies even better than the Prequels.

          1. Backcountry164

            All they had to do was feature the original trilogy characters. Instead they crapped on them. A trained chimp with a typewriter could have done better…

      2. Jordan Kop

        I was a kid when ET came out in the eighties. Raiders of the Lost Ark released the year I was born but still saw it before the ninties. Kathleen Kennedy was an executive producer for all of those and more on wards. The only reason the SW sequels failed is because she tried to push political messages in them and bad writers. If not for that I think there could have been some good creative collaboration. Other then those mistakes Kennedy has a great resume decades long. People make mistakes, that dosen’t mean they can’t correct them. Mistakes don’t justify hate or canceling people out of their jobs. As for this cancel culture it’s just a repetitive phase society goes through every couple of decades. Everyone will out grow it and move forward. SW is great entertainment but entertainment non the less. We all have more important things to worry about in life. Making a big deal over a badly written movie or two is immature and not worth the time or energy.

    4. Ion

      I don’t care what Kennedy or Disney or anybody says, the sequels and all the real canon sequels have already been written. I will never watch anything they put out. I only watched solo cause some dumb bi@tch I was dating at the time took me.

    5. Anonymous

      And if any of you are real Star Wars fans, you will watch the credits and see “Kathleen Kennedy” in the same spot in every Star Wars show and movie starting with Rebels, and yes, even Mando and Rogue One, which are universally loved. I never said anyone here has to love the sequels, I have my own issues with the pacing and specifically the ending of TRoS but KK has far more wins as a producer than she does losses, and that record continues to speak for itself with this amazing Star Wars TV that KK continues to executive produce.

      1. Knarfster

        Paid troll

      2. Aron YOUNG

        You must be trolling at this point, Kathleen Kennedy is apparently the one who changed the ending the TRoS

        She also apparently made Luke die in TLJ so overall, I’d say she ruined the franchise, wouldn’t you?

    6. Gunn

      Kathleen, posting on an article that is critical of you as is just plain silly. Mrs. Kennedy, we all know you are the “anonymous” poster of this comment because nobody interested in this headline has a positive view of your wokening/destruction of Star Wars. Please resign and allow people who like Star Wars take control. Instead of taking someone else’s masterpiece and turning it into your abomination, have the cajones to create your own abomination of a story from scratch like a real artist.

    7. Rupert Patterson

      #sololostmoney yeah, a Star Wars movie under Kennedy’s LOST MONEY. Nothing says incompetent like that fact does. “Everything else she has produced fans love” What!!?? You live in a fantasy bro , the woman is absolutely loathed by a huge portion of the fan base (the MAJORITY!) for destroying Star Wars by inserting her BS feminism and identity politics PREACHING. Sequel trilogy was full of intersectional feminism (eg Rey, the woman that doesn’t earn her hero status just “is” awesome and better than everyone else from the very beginning). Zero hero’s journey. You couldn’t be more wrong, frankly.

    8. Isaac

      Nice try. It is her role to hire people. She actually got in trouble for hiring people she was told not to because of their tendency to push views and storylines Disney did not want in their movies. She is the head of Lucasfilm which means it is her job to be the one who takes responsibility if something goes wrong.

    9. Backcountry164

      If people thought The Last Jedi was so great why did it earn 3/4’s of a BILLION DOLLARS less than its predecessor??
      She was handed a franchise that should have printed money. The sequel series made billions less than expected. Each movie doing significantly worse than the one that came before.
      You can pretend that it was just a handful of vocal fan but you’re only fooling g yourself. The third movie made HALF as much as the first. That obviously represents more than a few people…

  2. Alex

    This article is nonsense. Kathleen Kennedy played the exact same role in The Mandalorian—executive producer—as she did in the sequel trilogy. The backlash against her is nothing more than misogyny from small-minded fanboys who feel threatened by her success.

    1. Phil Davis

      Brainwashed fool. Kennedy singlehandedly almost, by a hairs width, killed the biggest most enduring saga. The main hero, protagonists supreme, Luke was turned into a bowl of Jello. It will take the throne of the most pathetic ending for a hero loved by billions of fans. “I’m not playing anymore” (throwing his light saber aside like a spoiled child). Yeah, how you can defend her is beyond any excuses, must be woman hating Really? Luke’s role and performance, under KK script made Jar Jar look like a super hero. KK was outspoken in her desires to make SW as woke as she could, that was no secret. I know of no little girl willing to loss an apendex to be a Jedi. The idea was just inane, hey let’s change the goose that lays those golden eggs. Dude, wake up and smell the foul odor of KKs woken S W ideas that… Yes here it comes, flopped hugely. What more proof do you need?

      1. Rmur

        Well we have found the only two people in th known universe that liked the last 3 Star Wars movies. She has poison the brand with gender politics. A lead that was so OP it wasn’t funny and who never failed at anything. Mando shows you can have a strong diverse cast with out the need to shove a political message down people’s throats. There’s a song out of the wizard of Oz that comes to mind when I hear about Kennedy’s demise.

        1. Whatever

          More than two.

          Yeah. There’s literally dozens of people who think the new movies are good.

      2. Brian

        Woke check that bank account go broke so maybe if something ain’t broke dont try hard to fix it greed will eventually make this redundant agenda die thank God as far as my memory serves me princess Leah was already tough shooting storm troopers telling the dudes someone has to save our skins so what are we supposed wake from we’ve always had women doing stuff I think reality needs to push the refresh button

      3. Aron YOUNG

        You are the definition of “let’s twist what people are saying”

        It’s fine to have a female lead (Leia Organa), it’s fine to have people of colour (Lando)

        What’s not ok, is to make any of them (even if a white male) OP af and undefeatable

        In TFW she had no training and yet could make a Stormtrooper uncuff her and drop his gun

        She with very little training had no reason to know how to heal

    2. Ryan Harris

      You are so very wrong, she was ONE of 3 executive producers, the only reason mado did so well is because Jon and David had their hands in it.

    3. The woke agenda will kill star wars. It’s not fatigue that the sales are decreasing. It’s really bad story telling because of identity politics. Keep politics out of my entertainment. Or, face the consequences. I won’t watch anything that KK, ruin johnson, patty, or lame story group has anything to do with

    4. DDC

      Nah, she stinks and they pulled a very successful ruse. Then she was furious and hopefully soon disappears.

    5. Casey

      At least give some evidence if you are going to make the headline statement. A recap of some of the SW struggles over the years, followed by a garbage “seems to” assertion? That isn’t journalism, reporting of facts… it’s just gossip. There is zero hard evidence that Disney isn’t supporting KK (letting creatives create doesn’t count)

    6. Rupert Patterson

      Wow. It is attitudes like yours that cause the fan division. Why are we not allowed to criticise Kennedy? Solo lost money, the sequel trilogy identity was saturated in identity politics and intersectional feminism (Rey, an all powerful female that doesn’t need a “hero’s journey” because she automatically just awesome. That’s feminism being inserted into the trilogy pure and simple. Destruction of canon, poor writing, criticism of the fans just because they are critiquing a beloved franchise.
      This is what fans are pissed about.
      We are not misogynists we just don’t like seeing our favourite IP get highjacked by a woman who is solely interested in
      virtue signalling and preaching, instead of wowing and entertaining the ENTIRE audience. We want escapism not yet more identity politics slop, which is what the sequel trilogy became. Modern entertainment is more interest in
      Activism than
      Entertainment and this shows up in Disney productions, not just Lucasfilm’s Star Wars. Solo, sequel trilogy, falcon & winter soldier, Loki,
      Wandavision to name but a few.

  3. HMoleman742

    Star Wars Sequel Trilogy’s gross hit a peak of $2B on #7, dropped to $1.3B for #8 and struggled to clear $1B with #9 – all the while, the production, marketing and distribution costs for each successive movie continued to climb. The movies were grossing less and less, but the costs were growing, so much so that despite eeking out its $1B worldwide gross, TROS barely broke even. Meanwhile The Avengers movie grosses trended higher each time culminating in the combined $5B one-two punch of Infinity War and Endgame.

    If Star Wars had had a concise, planned-out storyline throughout the Trilogy, excitement should have built with each release, instead of just limping to the finish line in a muddled mess of indifference by fans.

    A strong hand at the controls could have accomplished a far different outcome for the Sequel Trilogy than it did. Instead, we got the laissez-faire approach of its producer, Kathleen Kennedy driving the franchise almost into oblivion. And yes, the blame for that lies at KK’s well-heeled feet.

  4. Nick

    Star Wars fans hit the roof*

    You mean fat, neck bearded morons who cry about a kids movie?

    How have we gotten to the point where we forgot how Lucas himself nearly killed Star Wars. The prequels were awful. Phantom Menace is regarded as the biggest disappointment in movie history. We had flat characters. Boring politics. Terrible acting. Special effects that have aged terribly. And Jar Jar.

    As pointless as the sequels were… they didn’t ruin the franchise like the prequels. Lucas took one of the greatest villains and turned him into an annoying incel who was afraid of sand.

    1. Greg

      I tend to disagree with you. I loved The prequel trilogy as much as I did the original trilogy. Even 20 years after Phantom Menace came out I still watch and love it

      1. Mario

        I’m Latino. I’m tired of the defense of sorry-ass people saying “you’re a mysoginistic/racist/whatever if you don’t like the sequel”. STFU. I’m tired of the pathetic excuses for the awful quality of editing, acting like they didn’t give a f#$@, story that barely make sense, or senseless preaching in the dialogue. It’s pathetic. Again, what’s the point with the diversity BS, if you doing it wrong? You think it’s some kind of defense the fact they hace minorities? Bull$#@7. All Bull$#@7.
        Again, I’m Latino. I don’t care if Luke was white, who cares? I know who cares: sorry-ass people who didn’t accomplish something and they want to blame white people for their mistakes. Dude, this BS made look minorities like a bunch of crybabies looking for atention.

    2. Nuno

      Ridiculous… the prequels were very good, the only 2 things i would negativelly point were Jar Jar and the inability to writte anakin’s and padme’s romance. I loved the politics and the social development of our vision about the galaxy far far away. Some of the best choreographed and performed fight sequences in cinema history and extremelly interesting character development. Some, are still amongst the most beloved by fans, like obi wan. The prequels were good, the sequels destroyed everything and about KK, its all clear when JJ abrams admits there were no plans. Awfull producer, casting directors and creative crews about ideology that had nothing to do with the star wars universe.

      1. Ion

        Nope, garbage too

  5. Andrew

    She’s good w money, as people in Hollywood have said. Outside of that, she has no creative bone in her body and wanted to push a wokeness policy w SW brand. And TLJ SPLIT the fan base down the middle. RJ didn’t follow what JJ established storyline wise and we got a incoherent story from e7 to e9, especially w Palpy coming back, which was CLEARLY damage control. Hence poor writing overall.

  6. Rmur

    Well we have found the only two people in th known universe that liked the last 3 Star Wars movies. She has poison the brand with gender politics. A lead that was so OP it wasn’t funny and who never failed at anything. Mando shows you can have a strong diverse cast with out the need to shove a political message down people’s throats. There’s a song out of the wizard of Oz that comes to mind when I hear about Kennedy’s demise.

  7. JH

    She absolutely had a major role in story for the sequel movies. Yes, some executive producers are just money people. This is not the case with her.

  8. Zachary

    Half of you see the light. Kathleen and Disney took star wars and bent it over and f***** it. We lost the EU, legends, etc, the high republic is propaganda garbage and a disgrace to star wars. They destroyed Darth revan. They took away durge, so many amazing comics and stories that gave life to star wars. My dad showed me star wars on VHS, original trilogy, I grew up the prequels. Imo, episode 3 is an amazing movie, Darth maul is great, count dooku is great, a lot of things in there; are great. And fleshed out with so much more lore and everything else in the entire series. The new trilogy is a disgrace, they used a waste away nobody character (thanks jj) snoke instead of using Darth plagieus which in lore, would have made the most sense. I can argue anyone on anything with star wars, I have read all the books, comics, seen the movies countless times, etc.

    Bring back true star wars and give Dave Kathleen’s job.

  9. Mario

    I’m Latino. I’m tired of the defense of sorry-ass people saying “you’re a mysoginistic/racist/whatever if you don’t like the sequel”. STFU. I’m tired of the pathetic excuses for the awful quality of editing, acting like they didn’t give a f#$@, story that barely make sense, or senseless preaching in the dialogue. It’s pathetic. Again, what’s the point with the diversity BS, if you doing it wrong? You think it’s some kind of defense the fact they hace minorities? Bull$#@7. All Bull$#@7.
    Again, I’m Latino. I don’t care if Luke was white, who cares? I know who cares: sorry-ass people who didn’t accomplish something and they want to blame white people for their mistakes. Dude, this BS made look minorities like a bunch of crybabies looking for atention.

    1. Zachary

      No one cares, they just want to shove politics down your throat. I’m 22, a young white disabled veteran, I’m so sick of this sh*t too. You bring up a great point. It makes minorities look like they need reconciliation, when they do not.

      1. Oberst Wilhelm

        Any of you newbie fans realize this is the ending of the Skywalker saga and it really had nothing to do with the Skywalkers? Some “Force is female Rey” proclaims herself to be Rey Skywalker is the ending of this 45 story. How JJ Abrams did Star Trek, he stuck to the original script. This was KK meddling. Gross negligence in handling the franchise.

  10. Sebastian

    She ruined the series. Yes, the shows have been awesome ( Mando is a dry character at best, no one watched the show for him anyways.) The bad batch is okay, but that’s it. When I heard Lucas was taking back the reins, I screamed. The last 3 movies had awesome effects, but that was it, the characters were to powerful from the jump, Kylo was a crybaby and Rei was… Why didn’t the empire kill her as a kid? She obviously came out the womb stronger then master Windu ( This is a joke… Sort of, she was just to OP from the jump.) But I’m so glad Lucas jumped back on board and took control, maybe he can save this series before Darth Mickey squeezes that last bit of life out of SW.

  11. Sunhawk

    Mando and Rogue One have been the only good live action star wars from The Mouse.

    Rian and JJ squandered the trilogy, and Ron Howard flubbed Solo. They had 40 years of novels, comics, and video games to adapt. They just ignored it all.

    1. Aron YOUNG

      Atleast JJ tried to fix the stupid mistakes made by Rian

  12. Cj Brown

    Favreau and Filoni are saving Lucasfilm …. maybe it just might be that Star Wars is best suited for Episodic vs Theatrical … maybe Kathleen Kennedy’s strengths are not in leading a Company on her own (she’s always be a part of a Team involving George Lucas Steven Spielberg and her husband, Frank Marshall) …. maybe Team Disney should’ve taken 3 years between Films (vs 1 year), that way maybe there would be New Characters I have the feels for (I have none for the New Characters! The core Characters from Star Wars 1 thru 6 are all I care about!) …. maybe I enjoyed Star Wars: Rogue One (and Star Wars: Solo) and maybe Galaxy’s Edge will be redone with Characters from the Mandalorian, and Clone Wars (I don’t care for what’s in Star Wars Land now!)

  13. Luther Brian Barron Jr.

    Good i think they should make characters that are interesting that make you want to find out whats gonna happen next as for the rise of Skywalker i heard they had a lot of edited scenes cut out that would actually make it better more in depth of what the fans would like to see so maybe they should do a special cut with the scenes ive heard about might help bring the story full circle when I was a kid watching return of the Jedi that movie made you feel like you were there with Luke and when
    Darth Vader saved Luke because he never stopped believing his dad had good left in him its hard to recreate that but I guess that’s how Han Solo felt about his son so everything did go full circle and you always have to be vigilant cause evil will surprise you but the light side of the force will always beat the darkness even if it appears more powerful but im glad they found some creativity that feels like the good old 80s late seventies now I know why episode 4 was the first story George Lucas was a smart dude.

  14. Davin Cleary

    Getting pretty tired of all the hate on women in the business. The misogyny is really pbvious

  15. Ghost

    Just ridiculous that commentary on the failures of what has become of SW is always chalked up to misogynistic thoughts. Like women are above reproach when they fail? Rogue One was amazing with a strong female lead-and successful why? It was well done!! So Quit with the fanboy crybaby talk. Take your licks for making a bad movie and move on. The revenues speak for themselves. The movies had no cohesion dull characters and fragmented plots. It’s plainly obvious that KK and Disney has failed, if they hadn’t They wouldn’t be bringing in George Lucas to pick up the pieces. Just like all PR damage control they double down up front as doing doing no wrong, shift blame and years down the road finally come outta the whole they dug without ever admitting they served crap sandwiches calling them cheeseburgers

  16. Silinrul Srun'lett

    Took them long enough. It will go a long way to redeeming Disney as a movie producer, but it’s still only a drop in the bucket.

    Disney as a company has been content to thumb their noses at their primary revenue sources, and chastise the customers for demanding quality stories without injecting them full of politics.

    They still need to prove this isn’t just a token gesture to improve their profit to loss ratio.

  17. Sterling Archer

    I’m not getting excited until I see the words “Kathleen Kennedy is leaving LucasFilm effective XX date”. Besides, even if she were to leave, the damage has already been done. Star Wars is FUBAR’ed. It’s not going to be restored to what it once was, no matter how much we’d like it to be.

    KK already has two people doing her job for her. One is Momita Sengupta, and the other is Jon Favreau. She already has been effectively replaced. But she’s not going down without a fight (fill in your own joke there). Her greasy fingerprints are now on Star Wars and Indiana Jones for all time. For better or worse, she’s accomplished her mission. To destroy what once was.

  18. Nuna

    What a nonsense article lol


    “The Force is Female! The Force is Female!” Great work, KK! See, Disney? This is what happens when you hire a male-hating ideologue to produce your movies. I can’t wait until you give her another successful franchise to demolish. And to all you KK defenders: Please keep posting! LOVE IT!! RFLMAO!!!!

  20. Lau buk

    Good riddance

  21. Jones

    Too little too late for this fan. F! Kathleen, F! Disney and F! Star wars!

  22. Matt

    I sense some internalised mythogyny in you.

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