Comments for More Details Unfold For Gun-Related Arrests at Disney

disney fire arm

Credit: Disney (left) ITM (right)


  1. KevinY

    Thanks for covering this. As much as going through security can be unpleasant it is obviously necessary if people are still trying to bring guns in. I wonder how many have tried in California of late?

  2. Charles Harden

    The editors need to fact check this article. The Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop sold toy pirate pistols in the 2000s. A quick Google reveals that they only stopped this in 2015, not 1999 as the article says. I researched this because I remember buying my oldest son a toy gun there about 2004 or 2005. We did not go to Disney World with him before 2003.

    When a basic fact like this is messed up, it makes me doubtful of the article at all.

    1. Beth

      I was going to comment the same thing! My son was born in 2001 and had the rifle from Frontier land, and guns from Pirates, Buzz Lightyear, etc.

  3. Leave the guns at home people. I own several, but they dont go everywhere with me. I believe in the second amendment, but that right ends when you cross on to private property.

    1. Dianne M Willemstein


    2. Dianne Willemstein

      Totally Agree!!

  4. How can you “forget “ you had a gun in ya bag ?thank heavens these people get stopped

    1. Sue

      Bc people have no common sense any more and to the person that said they are no really believing the story well it’s true. I have many neighbors that work at Disney and they can tell you some stories. Not all make the news but people will try anything. And some just look to cause trouble hoping they get something for. Nothing from Disney.

  5. Sue

    Absolutely bogus story. I highly doubt any one tried that as you would be stopped at security.
    If you have license to carry a concealed gun different story.
    Disney is not above the law.
    Disney started this screened security after 9/11.

    1. Bren

      Ummm, they were stopped at security. Maybe you should read the original article in the Orlando Sentinel, or even this article which has some of the details??? Not a bogus story. And even if you have a concealed permit, no weapons of any kind are allowed to be brought into any Disney theme park, or Disney Springs. Their property, their rules, nothing to do with the “law” at all.

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