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disney dining plan


  1. kathy barr

    Love the dining plan…Hopefully ? it will return by end of Aug. ?

  2. Patt Janiszewski

    Used the dinning plan all the time and I have been there 27 times and coming for the 50th anniversary – hoping they bring it back for October

  3. J.


    1. Sandra

      Love the Dining plan! Anxious for it to return. We will be there in November. Hopefully it’s back by then! ??❤?

      1. Dellamae King

        We love the food plan

    2. Jonathan Barmoy

      I love the dining plan. I hope it is back by September for our visit.

  4. Linda McAfee

    Love the dining plan. Hoping it will return by November. I’m planning another trip.

  5. Thomas

    The Dining Plan makes all the difference to a trip, I know when my brother and I visited we wouldn’t have been able to sample so many varied, wonderful and different dishes had it not been for the plan. We opted for the standard 1 Snack, 1 Quick Service and 1 Table Service per day option and it was perfect for our needs. Excellent news.

  6. SG

    Yes, in order to bring back the DDP ALL restaurants need to be open. All the restaurants mentioned in the article are currently closed and no mention when they’ll reopen. Last weekend even the Main Street Confectionery was closed!

    1. We actually have reopening dates for each restaurant mentioned above! Hooray for corn dogs! 🙂

  7. Harry Sampson

    Definitely yes!

  8. Pamela

    We are coming for 50th Christmas Celebration dec 17 thru 24 and were planning on using the dining plan and it definitely makes planning expenses easier
    Bring it back asap

  9. Tiffany

    I LOVE the dining plan. I actually won’t be staying in a Disney property hotel unless they bring it back. It’s just not worth it.

  10. Jonathan Barmoy

    I love the dining plan. I hope it is back by September for our visit. The main reason to stay on property otherwise not worth staying on property.

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