Disney College Program Alumni Are Jealous of New Housing Complex

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flamingo crossings

Credit: Disney Alumni Association

Now that the College Program has returned to Walt Disney World, College Program participants can finally make use of the Flamingo Crossing Village complex!

Flamingo Crossings Hotel
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The new complex is luxurious and a huge upgrade in comparison to the previous College Program housing. When Flamingo Crossings was ready, there were no College Program participants to fill the rooms due to the pandemic, so Disney offered the housing to Cast Members. Now, College Program participants have finally moved in, and many who have already gone through the program are a little jealous.

Flamingo Crossings Village
Credit: Flamingo Crossings Village

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Disney Alumni Association (@Disney_Alumni) took to Twitter to show off the new Flamingo Crossings complex and asked former participants where they lived. The Twitter thread has received many responses, and aside from answering the question, many wish that they had the opportunity to live where the current College Program participants are living.

We’re completely in love with the new housing complex, Flamingo Crossings Village! Which complex did you live in during your program(s)? #DisneyAlumni #DisneyCollegeProgram

Kels (@see_kel) had a little chat with the Disney Alumni Association, and it seems like they both agree the new complex is much nicer! Kels said:

Vista and I’m so jealous- my cabinets were literally falling off and this is paradise

Then the conversation continued!

So…Flamingo Crossings Village is definitely an upgrade, right? It’s even more beautiful in person.

Just a little.  everyone enjoys it, it looks beautiful!!

Bg (@guerb201) is glad Disney made an upgrade.

I lived in crusty old Patterson Court building 10! So happy for this improvement to the CP

Stephanie (@stephlikespanda) wishes she experienced this but is happy for new participants!

Sad I didn’t experience this but happy for all the new CPs moving forward! Much needed!

WildWolvie (@WolvieWild) seemed to have both a good and bad experience in the previous housing complex.

2015 chatham (loved it!) 2017-2018 Vista, unrenovated room. Absolutely terrible.

Amy (@amysaravia) was stunned at the new complex!

wow so pretty. You know I don’t think I ever went to the pools.

Julie could have definitely benefitted from the new complex!

a chatham square apartment with a broken ac and roach infestation…

It seems like a majority of College Program alumni are happy to see that new participants will be able to enjoy an even nicer living space than they were once used to. If you want a full tour of the housing, take a look here. 

What do you think of Flamingo Crossings in comparison to the old College Program housing?

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