Comments for Dave Filoni Might Rewrite ‘Star Wars’ History With Ahsoka Retcon

ahsoka tano (left) and ezra bridger (right) in star wars rebels

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. David

    You should get an editor to look over your articles before you just post your rants on the internet. Yikes.

    1. Sam

      Right? Like no offense to the writer but there are mistakes in here.

  2. Jason Wessel

    I think they were talking to Saw Gerrera. The plan to launch a covert mission in order to get a tactical battle droid head seems more like a guerilla fighter tactic than one a Jedi or a politician would come up with. At least at this point in the timeline.

  3. Brian

    how would this automaticly disqualify the events of the ashoka novel? we know in the aftermath of that novel she basicly became Bail Organa’s spymaster, the only thing questionable here is the timeline, and it’s not hard at ALL to make that add up.

  4. Nora McLeod

    Who says it has to be a Jedi or Jedi ally? Given Rafa’s propensity to make a cred, and Trace’s naivety, we may just have seen a Crimson Dawn agent in the holo….

    1. K.M.

      That was my first thought. Maul has an interest in bringing down the Emperor

    2. Dee

      Bad Batch happens immediately after S7 of TCW, so it’s not a stretch at all that Ahsoka shows up here. She didn’t go on the run (in the novel) until inquisitors showed up, which has yet to occur.

  5. A.S.

    Wth. You spoiled the episode before even saying anything about the latest bad Batch. Why didn’t you put the warning in the beginning….you are a jerk and should read all these comments.

  6. None

    You’re missing the obvious which is that it could be Ahsoka, but the sisters may only know her as Fulcrum and believe that Fulcrum is a man.

    Fully expect my comment to get deleted, as my other comment did pointing out the errors in the other post you guys did about this episode.

    It’s pretty clear you aren’t fans and don’t know the franchise.

  7. Kent

    Comments already full of people calling out mistakes…
    I just wanted to say I’m upset about the misleading title w/picture. You say ‘retcon ahsoka’ and show a pic of the world between worlds; hinting that this would be an in-cannon change; but no, nothing at all to do with the world between worlds. That is rude and deceptive.

  8. Tyler Durden

    I might be mistaken, but I thought I heard a hint of the music from the last two episode of clone wars when the hologram was called up.. I think it’s Maul.

  9. Dave

    The timeline between The Ahsoka novel and The Bad Batch series is a bit more complicated to make add up than most people seem to be seeing here. The Novel is clearly stated to begin on the very first Empire day, so exactly one year after the ending of both The Clone Wars series and Revenge of the Sith when Palatine makes his announcement declaring the formation of the Galactic Empire.

  10. Nomad

    Calling out mistakes and calling someone not a fan. Let’s continue to be toxic Star Wars fans. They pissed off George Lucas and that’s why we’re in this Disney mess now. Dave and John obviously got this handled. The world between worlds can retcon anything (I’m also somewhat of a marvel fan also) Marvel had changed a lot of histories and made good stories of it for decades. But hey, according to a lot in not a fan either so what do I know

    1. Nope

      Toxic fans are better then the yep people that no nothing about star wars but claim they do like you sound like, the fans are far from toxic though, they are just will to call out bs when they see it which is 100% what star wars needs, not more of your bend the knee and kiss disney’s ass kind “fans”

  11. Bcarraway

    Meh, this article really seems like hard wishlisting to me. Completely ignores key evidence that deflates the theory (the fact that the mysterious figure is referred to with a male pronoun), and pushes on thru to their fan theory. I honestly think they could have legit shown Maul or some other male character, and writer would still insist it’s REALLY Asoka behind the scenes.

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