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Mary Poppins


  1. EricJ

    Wow…They’re STILL doubling-down on Mary Poppins Returns, even after losing the Epcot England area?
    The shelf-life on that movie is expiring fast, now that we realize that yeah, they were just copying every scene in sequence.

  2. Rick

    That movie is just awful. Big fan of the original, but the sequel was a total waste of time and a terrific cast.

  3. Iger

    Great idea Chapek! Make a restaurant based on one of the few Disney movies that has been a total flop.

  4. Barry Moss

    Mary Poppins Returns was a fun film, but honestly wasn’t material to become a classic. I’m certainly surprised that Disney would expend money retheming a fine dining restaurant to that theme. Citricos is one of my favorite Disney restaurants, and I hope that they won’t be downgrading the menu as part of the retheming.

    1. Matt

      This film saved my life. I was in total dispair and for 2 hours I was a little boy with hope and no troubles. Brilliant cast …brilliant film. More please!!!

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