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  1. Brigid Winsor

    Went there in March and I enjoyed it. Full 360 screen in large room. Wish every county had viewing like this.

    1. Verna

      Seems odd to close a newly introduced attraction. And that space doesn’t seem appropriate for food and wine festival… There must be something more?!?!!

  2. Absolutely not, love the circle vision 360, wish all the countries had one of their own to showcase their country!

  3. Keep the 360 vision, it’s amazing plus a nice change of pace to cool off and relax. I agree it’s probably being used for food and wine, let’s hope so.

  4. Dana Radford

    No!!! Love all of the EPCOT Circle Vision 360 movies, but especially Canada’s! Whoever has been making these theme park decisions needs to be fired. I’m still upset that they closed the Circle Vision in Magic Kingdom – Timekeeper!

  5. SLM

    Visiting in July and have waited 15 years to bring my now grown baby to Epcot. They are ruining this park. Most of what made it unique and engaging has been systematically stripped away over the years in favor of more profitable displays. It’s bad enough Norway was ruined, Morocco is mostly gone and the pandemic has stripped away all of the live cultural entertainment. There really isn’t leeway to strip out another attraction at this point.

    1. Chad

      I agree wholeheartedly. Epcot was my favorite theme park as a child. Horizons, world of motion, journey into imagination and the imagination station. Epcot needs to return to science and cultural immersion. Not be a show place for their animated adventures.

  6. Thomas Soucy

    I love Canada vision 360. It gives an opportunity to show American and the rest of the world what Canada, US biggest neighbouring country and trading partner, looks like.

  7. Don B

    We love the Circlevision films at EPCOT and this is yet another step in a wrong direction. We hope this is temporary. Disney seems to be forgetting about the “ magic “ that makes it unique. As long term DVC members we are witnessing our benefits disappearing including the very reasons we joined.

  8. GL

    Maybe Disney has closed this attraction because Canada is continuing to keep their border closed to U.S. citizens and others. Disney may not want to frustrate its visitors, as they are not able to travel to, and visit the sights shown in the attraction.

  9. Teresa Ayers

    I love Canada far and Wide. I hope Disney realizes how important it is to those of us who have been going for years to relive our wonderful memories as our families grow and change.

  10. B. Halder

    Keep the Canada exhibit open! It is a beautiful space and the movie showing the beauty of Canada is thrilling and makes you want to live there.

  11. Helen

    Keep it the 360 is great. And it’s one of the reasons we go four times a year.

  12. Ian Motter

    They should put in a virtual 360* tour of the Moosehead Canadian Lager Brewery. And offer testing of all of their beverage options!

  13. Gram

    I would love to see a United States Far and Wide instead … With all the fabulous cities highlighted, New England, the Great Lakes, Williamsburg, the Smokies, Mississippi/Bayous, Grand Canyon/Painted Desert, Mt Rushmore, the Redwoods, our coastlines, Hawaii and Alaska including whales and volcanos. I’m sure all our international guests and children wonder why we don’t display America the Beautiful and our rich history first.

  14. Jim

    Good, Canada sucks.

  15. Sonia Pagan-Lopez

    Unless they’re going to enhance they need to leave Canada alone. 369 gave my daughter and I a whole different perspective of our neighboring country. Instead of Europe, we are planning a trip to Canada because of our trip to Canada 360!!

  16. Paul

    Well, I’ll just have to wander over dere and have a beer instead, eh?

    But seriously, love this show. Hopefully it’s just a temp shutdown for the festival.

  17. Florence Charbonneau

    I do not go to Disney because of roller coasters. I do not go to Disney for shopping. I go to Epcot Disney for the experiences. Every time you shut down an experience, or a venue you undermined the exact principles that Walt Disney had for his beloved parks. To teach the children and families about our world.
    Shame on the venue planners that have decided to do this.

  18. Mike

    Levy and O’Hara?? Bring back Martin Short!!

  19. Bill Okerstrom

    I visited Epcot when I was in college. I loved it!! Canada 360° was one of my favorite things. I want to take my granddaughter to see Epcot. When I describe it to young people, they seem excited. It’s for all ages. Don’t mess with it!!

  20. Mimi G

    The film at the Canada pavilion is in my top three of must sees. It never gets old. I would hate to see it disappear and not be there, especially for people who have never been to Canada and don’t know how beautiful it is.

  21. Josh

    The strangest part is that the signage is removed as well. I think they will use it for the F&W apple tastings like in 2019, but I have my doubts if it will ever come back. This new one fell really flat with me as an audience member when I saw it opening week. Considering the actors they got for this one, I was expecting it to at least be a little funny…

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