Comments for Disney World’s Halloween Event Has Heavy Competition This Year

Dr Facilier at Boo Bash

Credit: Disney

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  1. Vanessa

    No competition for me. We already have tickets for Halloween night for the Boo Bash.

    All these complaints and temper tantrums are ridiculous. It’s not the same thing as MNSSHP and it is not being advertised as such. It is a very limited capacity event with special entertainment, food, and ambiance. This is an upgrade for those wanting a truly special, exclusive event and don’t just feel entitled.

    I can’t wait for Halloween. I have absolutely no interest in the other events and won’t ever be attending them. I think all this hoopla about the “negativity” surrounding Disney’s event is way over hyped. Clearly there is a tremendous amount of demand. And there always will be. Disney is superior. Period.

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