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shawarma palace food cart

Credit: Disney


  1. KebG

    For quick service carts as this is I say ditch the mobile order. It just slows things down and you end up having tow lines trying to get food.

  2. Paul

    You keep using this term, “Big Change”. I do not think it means what you think it means…

  3. Jaylene

    I was able to join a stand by line for Pym’s and got in for lunch!

    1. Mom G

      Is walk up service available/preferred for Pym test kitchen? We will be at DCA in a few days and are unclear about the best way to eat at Pym’s, as there are never any available “arrival windows”. It sounds like you definitely need a Spiderman virtual queue to get into the Avengers Campus, but once in, can you walk up and order at Pym’s without a mobile order arrival window? Or does it help to arrive at DCA early in the am to try to get an arrival window (not sure if being close to DCA helps secure an arrival window)?

  4. Cj Brown

    Carts should remain a line up / walk up (and Team Disney Anaheim better get a shade canopy set up for that line)

    I’m not a fan of mobile ordering (I’ve had problems where orders are backed up). Anyone else remember the days when you had the ORDER HERE Window / PICK UP Window and that worked fine (provided part of your group search for and obtained seating)? Me too!

    Keep it simple, put the Walt back in Disney!

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