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Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in 'Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith'

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Stanley

    We’ve known this fact for forever, the inhibiter chip was well explained in the Clone Wars. Why was this article written?

    1. Jonathan

      I agree. Plus the simple fact is there wasn’t a malfunction in Wrecker’s chip. It worked as design, programming him to kill anyone refused to follow Empire’s orders. I just lost 2 minutes of my life reading this story.

    2. Aaron Kane

      I highly agree with this, and the only point this article seems to try to make is a racially motivated due to current times. It just goes to show why we don’t see movies like Space Balls or Blazing Saddle anymore.

  2. Patrick

    The clones were a slave army from the beginning. Jedi and everyone in the republic just turned a blind eye the fact that they had a grown army of sentient beings fighting a war that they were born into with no choice of enlisting or even any life outside of the Grand Army of the Republic? The inhibitor “chips” is just a bad plot device to make it more obvious that the clones were slaves.

  3. Keith

    Bruh everyone has known about the inhibitor chips for almost 10 years, why are you acting like this is new

  4. B1

    Hey look my article says slaves. Don’t you want to read about how anakin (a slave) owned and used slaves? Slaves, guys. Did I mention the slaves?

    1. Adam

      Don’t forget the slaves!

    2. English Lady

      I mean all the Jedi were slaveholders, if we’re being technical. Or at least all those who had Clone Troopers under thier command.

  5. Aaron

    Another garbage article from some dingus that don’t know Star Wars

  6. English Lady

    Ummm, its been widely known the Clone Troopers were basically slaves for some time.

    There is an Episode in an early Season of The Clone Wars where one of the troopers refer to them being “enslaved”, and in Season 6, we see a Kaminoan Scientist and a Jedi arguing about whose property they are.

    People who are property are slaves.

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