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avengers campus standby queue

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  1. Jane Doe

    We utilized the DAS to get into avengers campus by getting a return time to guardians of the galaxy. We did have a return time for web slingers as well as we were one of the lucky ones on opening day. You can use the das for Guardians and then stay in the campus as long as you like. I do agree that the DAS pass should allow guests to get a return time for all the attractions and remember now there are 3 virtual cues, rise of the resistance, Indiana Jones and webslingers

  2. Manny

    Everyone always finds a way to complain. Get over your self. Disney does a great job accommodating everyone the best they can. You think just cause you have a special issue it qualifies you to get everything your way. You think it’s fun standing in line for hours with a toddler? If you don’t like it leave!! I’m fed up with everyone getting their butt hurt! Fun fact. The real world doesn’t give a 💩. Everyone is special not just you. We all pay the same price and some pay more.

  3. Nick

    But what about immune compromised people?

    Or gluten intolerant people?

    Don’t forget them!

  4. Cj

    Disney Sheep are willing to spend –
    $97 on value days
    $110 on regular days
    $124 on peak days
    only to stand for hours wasting time trying to gain entrance into Avengers Campus (when they should be enjoying Rides, Attractions, Live Entertainment, Dining, etc all over DCA!) There needs to be a way for Park Guests to reserve entry when they purchase admission into DCA (when the maximum amount that can be admitted into Avengers Campus is reached on a given day? you stop selling admission into DCA!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Team Disney Anaheim doesn’t care (neither does corporate at Team Disney Burbank), because Disney Sheep are willing to ‘pay more to get in thru the gate and experience less’ (is Disneyland 💯 open? no, but Park Guests will pay 💯 admission price!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    As Consumers, we can do exactly what happened in 2019 – stop going to Disneyland / DCA and hit Team Disney in the wallet (a vacant Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge sent a message, I’m sure a vacant Avengers Campus will, too!) 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Meanwhile, I’m having fun at Knott’s Berry Farm (Buena Park next to Anaheim!) 👍🏻

  5. Yoda

    As a former cast member and a person with DAS, I have seen a multitude of people with DAS abuse the system. Many are in violation of ADA 36.202 since they can set up a return time, go to a different attraction and then return to at their return time to do that attraction without waiting in line. That is giving people with DAS an unfair advantage over non DAS guests who have to wait in line for first attraction.
    Basically, is it fair that someone can get a DAS to return to Avengers Campus and then go do other attractions, shows, meals, etc. while other guests have to stand in the hour long plus line? That would be DAS guests violating ADA.
    Disney can’t win and they are trying to make it fair to everyone.

    1. Chas

      You bring up some very good points. As a person with a disability, I wouldn’t feel right going on other rides or eating lunch while waiting for my turn to come up as everybody else is forced to stand on line. I deal with the pain, sit down on the ground, or find a shorter line.

    2. Michael

      28 CFR 36.202 prohibits public accommodations actions. It has no bearing on park guests.

  6. Rachael Harralson

    People need to stop being so spoiled. If you don’t want to stand in the stand by queue for the Avengers campus, get a boarding pass to the Spiderman ride. Those have a virtual queue. If you can’t get a boarding pass, visit another day. I would love to visit Disneyland but don’t want to deal with the crowds so I am waiting for them to go down. Disneyland is a business, and they have every right to manage crowds as they see fit. Disneyland is very accommodating to people with disabilities. Being disabled shouldn’t give you extra access. If there is at least one option for not standing in the queue (Spiderman ride), that is enough. I hate the way so many people (disabled and not) act like Disneyland is their personal amusement park and must cater to them personally in all matters. Really ridiculous. Yes disabled people deserve fair access to Disneyland. I think they have more than fair access already.

  7. Indy

    Here’s a thought. Don’t go until things get back to normal and the rush dies down. If you have to be the first to something new then expect to deal with the situation that is going to be present .

  8. Person with a condition

    As a person with a major physical disability that makes it impossible for me to stand in long lines or in confined areas, I find the comments here to be selfish and shameful. For the “case member” calling out abuse of the disability return time – shame on you to have any judgmental comments on someone who states return time. You don’t know what disability anyone has – many are not obvious to others but they are real. When I had my annual pass I used the return time for anything I could so I could spend my time in less pain and enjoy the park. I was relieved to be able to get a return time so I didn’t have to stand in agony in a long line. Walking is better for my disability and being able to sit down to relieve the agony. You would not see my disability but it is real and millions of people have it – you just don’t know how hard it is until you have it. So my family and I were able to enjoy the experience without having to worry about me all the time. And if I chose to sit out a ride or experience while they do things I did it. I have no interest in going back to the hateful world you commenters exist in towards other people – always having something smart to say about what someone sees as a much needed accommodation as though it hurts you. Be thankful you don’t suffer from anything in your life now that needs support. When it happens to you I will wish that you recall your mean words to others who are unable to walk freely without your disdain. Accommodations are used for more than what your narrow minds believe they should be.

    1. Chas

      You know how I deal with my disability that prevents me from standing for extended lengths of time? I simply don’t go to those types of attractions. If I really want to go see something that has a long wait in line. I’ll sit down wherever I am and rest. I’ll wait in line just like everybody else. I deal with the pain or find a shorter line. If you’re in so much pain that you can’t wait your turn like everybody else, go back to the hotel room. I bet if you had to wait in line for 5 hours for a million dollars you would suck it up and put on your big boy pants. Stop crying.

      1. Mamatamas

        Everyone should have equal rights whether disabled or not. The problem is that people have started “using” disabilities to get more benefits than people without benefits. Perhaps Disney could allow a person with a disability and one other person, someone to take care of them, a DAS pass. If they are with a group, the rest of the group must wait in line. Everyone has a phone now, so someone in the group can call the 2 people with the DAS pass when they get closer to the front of the line. The 2 people with the DAS pass can then rejoin them in line in a designated “rejoining” area in line. If it takes them a while to regroup, the people in line behind them can move forward until the 2 people rejoin their group and they all continue in the line together. This will spare the person with a disability from waiting in line for extended periods of time. It will also prevent entire groups from skipping the line, which I think is what infuriates the other guests.

  9. Michael

    When I went to the Louvre and Versailles, I wasn’t required to get a DAS pass. Security and the other patrons were happy to identify my disability and help me enjoy the facilities. Of course, there were some people who complained about my skipping the line, but everyone just called them “Americans” and paid them no mind.

  10. Greg

    Man, the Disney social media influencers have become ravenous beasts in the post pandemic world. They just expect the gates to open, and everyone going right back to hanging on their every word. Too bad Disney doesn’t need them, to survive, as much as they need Disney, to survive. They might look into a new topic to exploit and feed off of.

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