Comments for Viral Post Allows ‘Star Wars’ Fans to “Wake Up As the Head Of Lucasfilm”

kathleen kennedy disney investor day 2020

Credit: Disney Investor Day Live Stream 2020


  1. Nick

    I’d burn the series to the ground since the fans are crybabies.

    1. Jack

      I’d prioritize storytelling over identity politics (and I’m a registered Democrat). Scrap the High Republic trash. Luke series.

    2. LordP.O.

      It seems to be the original generation of fans that whine the most, which I’m a part of, they whined constantly about the prequels. I however didn’t. It’s disney Star Wars I have an issue with. Being a fan since day one and growing up with it, it feels to me that it’s not really Star Wars like it used to be when Lucas was in control…..the first 6 movies and most of the Clone Wars animated series. Without Lucas creative input it just feels like expanded universe stuff to me. I’ll let Rogue One and Solo slide since they both had the Lucas feel to them…..but the sequels HAVE to go.

  2. Gk

    Bake a carrot cake, a banana cake and a chocolate raisins cake. Then eat one slowly with tea watching every trilogy

  3. LordP.O.

    Personally I would bring George Lucas back as the main project consultant on ALL future theatrical films and give him back as much creative control as he’s willing to take on

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