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Credit: Universal


  1. Blake

    I waited 4hrs in line for hagrids, it’s weird how ‘over an hour’ is “LONG”

  2. Ryan

    Wow an hour wait time. That’s an eternity! Lol. Let me tell you, I’ve waiting 4-5 hours before at our local amusement park when they’ve opened new coasters. If I could’ve gotten on in a little over an hour, that would’ve been fantastic! I don’t really think an hour or a little over an hour qualifies as a “Long” wait time. Come talk to me when you’ve stood in an open, uncovered queue in the summer sun for 4 hours.

  3. Matt

    I suppose 75 minutes is LONG considering the lower capacity. If capacity was at full then it would likely reach multiple hours. Always good to see rides with single rider lines. The question is, though, if the ride breaks down, do the raptors eat the tourists?

  4. CJ Brown

    I am delighted to see what Universal Studios Orlando accomplished with this Roller Coaster (from the queue line to the ride).

    It will only encourage Walt Disney World to offer more – and better – along with Busch Gardens Tampa / SeaWorld Orlando, as well as Legoland Florida.

    Innovation is Inspiration

  5. Rodger

    Even with reduced capacity this past February, over an hour seemed like the average time for Hagrid’s and the other popular rides.

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