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  1. Bigspender

    Smart move. Now get rid of the masks, and you get my money$$$$!

  2. MrsWeasleysTwin

    I’m fine with them not doing temperature checks anymore. Temp screenings might weed out some people who are sick. But not all. I had covid & didn’t have a fever.

    1. Bren

      Agreed. Both of my parents had Covid recently, and had no idea. No temperatures for either of them. It wasn’t until a week later when he was so tired he was tested. No Covid symptoms, only double pneumonia had set in, but also recovered from that fine. My mom had no symptoms at the onset, but now she can no longer taste anything. So both of them had problems after. And they had traveled and were required to do the temperature checks at their destination each day. Never a problem, yet they probably had it while they were traveling. We also all had Covid, and not one of us ran a crazy temperature. Different for each person, but I’ve always joked no one would ever know I’m sick because my normal temperature is 97.3 not 98.6. Same with my daughter. Used to hate taking her to the doctor when she was sick because they would insist she was not sick based on her temperature.

  3. Sue

    This is great! Now remove the stupidity of the mask as it has been proven the mask does not work.
    CDC reduced social distancing to 3 feet in January.
    Temperature taking violated many things in the HIPAA laws.

    1. mom

      Seems that you are the stupid one. Masks do work. If you ever need surgery, please tell your surgeon and anyone else in the OR suite that they do not need to wear masks.

      1. Austin Jones

        No. YOU are the uneducated one. Doctors and surgeons wearing masks is a totally different story. But as far as the general public goes, no need whatsoever for them to wear them. Plus, how are you supposed to enjoy yourself without even being able to see each other’s smiles. Wear one for the rest of your freaking life for all I care.

        1. Mom

          If ignorance is bliss then you must be blissfully happy. I’ve worn a mask for 40 years in the OR and yes, they do work. To bad you don’t care about others.

  4. Austin Jones

    LOSE THE STUPID MASKS, and I will be back. Until then, not wasting my money or time at your establishment. Masks do NOTHING to stop Covid.

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