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Credit: showmelovejete via YouTube


  1. Rob

    Moronic, plain and simple. He represents all that is useless about social media and meaningless idiots intent on causing a stir, outrage, or rebelious behaviour that leads to nothingness.

  2. Lisa

    I COMPLETLEY agree with the first commenter. I’ve read other responses about how Disney was wrong and about Jeter saying that “if they would have only asked to take the clip down he would have”.. which is all BS Disney DID say something.. when he signed his employment agreement, AND when he was warned AND when Tik Tok kept taking it down. Also..has ANYONE ever seen ANYONE ELSE post pictures like this..especially clearly stating where you are?!?! NO… so like I always tell my kids..”if you look around and no.one else is doing it, then YOU ARE WRONG!”. People just need to ignore this idiot and he will go away… hopefully back into whatever technology cave he crawled out of when he decided to TRY to interact with actual humans… clearly you were WRONG Jason Jeter

  3. Tina

    When you consider Disney at least tries very hard to keep mosquitoes at bay, while not using pesticides who knows what’s in the attractions fountain water. Anyone working there would know that. Universal may do the same I don’t know, but if you can get drinking water for free then you’re just being an ass.

  4. Raymond Bryant


    1. Manuel

      Seems like this “moron” has the attention of at least 5 people here.

  5. Jete’s Mom

    He’s such an amazing talent. I love watching his videos. Look out world, here comes Jete!

    1. Marsha

      Only a MOTHER could love.


    Seems he could do something better with his time than break the rules of amusement parks. He has received due punishment.

  7. Marsha

    Good for Universal Studios. Soon he will be banned from Universal Studios too. His park for attention is about to get him attention for a very long time. Hook and Book time.

  8. Mike

    What a twat. These will.be good for him whe he goes searching for a real job. Waste of time. Don’t even post things about idiots like this. You’re just feeding their bs.

  9. Shawnna Staachiak

    Ban him from UO and IOA!

  10. KenR

    And this imbeciles 15 minutes are up……..now.

  11. Lorenzo

    When the Mickey Mouse police force shoot him for trespassing or attempting to break into Disney World I do not want to read how he was an outstanding citizen or a “prince”. This guy is just asking for trouble and for who knows what reason? Grow up man..

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