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Credit: showmelovejete Instagram (right) showmelovejete TikTok (left)


  1. d3bug

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    1. PicoPaco

      I came looking for this comment. I don’t know alot about this guy but from what I could tell from the few videos I watched he is thoroughly obnoxious . He forgot that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      1. Charles P

        You got what you asked for; congratulations. Now that you have your 15 minutes of fame, you can leave now. #wasitworthit

      2. Kathryn Birdwell

        Why are you capitalizing “guest?” Before you publish something for the world, know basic grammar.

        1. Lisa

          On Disney property, and in Disney nomenclature the word “Guest” is a proper noun. It is always capitalized. That is our “basic grammer”…

    2. Another Girl

      My first thought as well!

    3. Ed

      That is exactly the comment I was going to make. Schmuck got what he deserved

  2. VaderOne53

    Oh well. People who openly and mockingly refuse to abide by rules designed to protect themselves and others shouldn’t be allowed back into the parks. Let that be a lesson of what NOT to do and what consequences will follow. Good riddance Jeter!

  3. Andy Powell

    Sounds like he was trying to see how far he could push them before they lost their patience. Well, now he has his answer. I guess there will be no more “great big beautiful tomorrows” for this guy!

  4. Jose

    Loser from beginning to end…. bye bye Jeter

    1. Michael E Mullens

      Not funny.
      Not entertaining.
      Not happy.
      Not employed
      And not there.
      Nobody will miss him or care..

  5. BoBo

    Disney is trash to begin with. You can ban me because I’ll never go there to begin with.

    1. Rm

      I’m glad, people like yourself are exactly the trash I don’t want to see.

    2. Natasha

      Why is Disney trash? I hate the mask rules too but if Disney did away with all precautions and some got sick claimed they caught it at Disney or there was a cast member out break, people won’t blame the government or the Governor they will blame Disney and that’s a big Nono and bad PR for them looking like they don’t care or something. With that says, I cannot wear one outside in that heat and humidity so I will come in the winter instead.

      1. Jan


    3. Does anyone care what you think? Er,no!

    4. Judith

      What else can you ‘begin with’???

    5. Nate

      You’re trash and should be banned from the planet!

    6. BayChaz

      Cool! Maybe you can hook up with Jeter at Universal, go backstage and rummage through the locker rooms.

  6. Jill Faulkner

    It seems like an almost weekly thing now where someone gets “banned for life” from Disney. Kind of creepy

  7. abbey

    no loss, we won’t miss his silliness.

  8. Jeremiah Ward

    Last time I was there some idiot walked you and stole a drink off the server station. Another customer and I decided to report it and he was taken away by security so quietly I don’t think anyone else noticed. I don’t know what happened to him but I’m sure he was booted. Way to ruin your family’s vacation over seven bucks or whatever. Some people just don’t think.

  9. Fightback Media Group

    Disney has always been a vibe where people go go that enjoy paying too much for things and being told what to do. Never been my deal. And to be the “happiest place on earth” has no sense of humor.

  10. Kevin38

    This Happened at Universal a few years ago A blogger took over the wall photos of new construction (selfie sticks are allowed ) and was banned for life .It was quietly reversed a year or so later

  11. N.A.

    There seems to be a lot of TikTokers, influencers, social media people that seems to be all about Disney but have done things against the rules or seemingly worked against the rules and laws, and then get upset when they are caught.
    Good for Disney taking the steps they did.

  12. Judy C

    Seems appropriate. We try to teach our son that you need to show respect to receive respect. This individual did not show respect and earned his consequences.

  13. Ernest

    That guy is so annoying. He traded a lifetime of Disney for a few likes on TikTok. Sad.

  14. Chaz

    Hope we’re not expected to feel sorry for this dummy. A supposed cast member, and he pulls this nonsense, before AND after he gets fired? He knew better, and was aware of the possible consequences of being a jacka$$.

  15. Dave

    It isn’t “for life”. Adam The Woo was given a No Trespass notice for the same thing and after two years he appealed. He promised to not violate the rules again and now he’s a celebrated guest of the parks.

  16. Amber

    So glad he got banned. He is and obnoxious individual and deserves. I’m glad they did something about it.

  17. Jan

    Disney protects the happy positive environment for its guests. It is why it is such a great getaway. Total disconnect from the outside world. Shenanigans like this man’s have no place there. He was obnoxious. Thank you WDW.

  18. Philip Rolfe

    Good thing Disney parks aren’t in Baltimore. In Baltimore, the state’s attorney has declared that she won’t prosecute trespassing and that police shouldn’t arrest trespassers.

    1. VWS

      That would be because they were misusing it to pick up whole blocks of kids in sweeps… They closed a loop hole that was being exploited by some bad COP’s. Period. Good for them. it’s fully documented if you care to Google it. 😉 Go Disney!! Apples and Oranges, don’t you think?

  19. John doe

    Why would anyone go to that bastion of corruptness that is Disney…Walt would be so ashamed of what the crazy leftists have done to his company…Hey Disney you going to fire any more workers but first make them train their replacements imported cheaper from India again???

    1. Cult Liker

      lol who cares what Walt would think? He was openly antisemitic and stole others’ work to build his empire.

  20. “One Tik Toker recently viral after creating many”…If the author of this article can’t write grammatically correct sentences then all her interactions should be confined and restricted to TikTok. From the subject and content of the article alone she’s obviously qualified to be part of the Tiktok brain trust.

  21. Lee

    I Am self banning My Entire Family until there are NO MASKS!! Already saved 12,000$ from not going for 2 years. Masks or my money..pick one

  22. Phil

    What kind of name is Jeter? is that like the stupid version of Peter?

  23. Paully

    I knew some swindling Pin Traders at Disneyland who got banned..

  24. GamerNerdess

    He fully deserved that. This whole trend of young people being disrespectful, rude, and just outright ridiculous for some fake likes is getting absolutely out of hand. Put your damn phones down and live life. By the way, I’m only 34 years old and yes I know the irony of my comment given I’m doing this from a phone.

  25. Greg Xpresley

    Getting banned from Disney for life is now officially on my bucket list.
    Can anyone suggest a way for this to happen without, y’know, actually having to pay admission?

    1. Yep, jump over a walk to get in… You’ll get banned and you won’t have paid.

      However, wanting this, that’s equally idiotic.

  26. Lisa

    On Disney property, and in Disney nomenclature the word “Guest” is a proper noun. It is always capitalized. That is our “basic grammer”…

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