Comments for ‘Bad Batch’ Reportedly Being Edited Following Whitewashing Controversy

star wars whitewashing controversy

Credit: Lucasfilm (Left and Right)


  1. Chachi Chacharello

    Are you kidding me? Seriously people get a LIFE.
    They are anime characters. The color of the person doing their voice is irrelevant.
    They are the voice not the physical manifestation of the characters.
    Secondly they are from Alien worlds in a Make Believe setting. It is possible Saw Guerra becomes darker over time. Possibly from exposure to different suns or he undergoes a darkening process to hide from the Empire.
    Caleb also may have become more weathered due to more exposure than he had as a padawan. He is also on that world during its winter season. Most white people lise their tan in the Winter. The sane goes for the clones. Different suns and the different worlds may affect their color. So the lighting is not the same. Different wavelengths and so on.
    Stop putting your pathetic personal hangups into Fantasy Media. Its fantasy. Accept it or do not watch it or Better yet Come Up with Your Own. Stop demanding the creators and originators of these stories cowtail to you. Its not yours nor your place to do so.

    1. Nishi

      Who cares it’s a cartoon

    2. Sean Plourde

      OMG, big freakin’ deal! Who cares? What does it matter of what percentage of light/ dark shade an animated character’s skin is??? Grow up, people!!!

  2. Jack

    The author quotes “people” talking about this huge issue, but when you take a second to actually look at it, these are just a few people whose posts have 8 likes who are complaining and looking to be offended. The internet is hardly in an uproar.

  3. Mike

    Is melanin content in skin still a thing in 21st century?

  4. Frank

    Whitewashing animated characters is a minor problem compared to real white washing. People have been white washing major figures since Jesus of Nazareth. I don’t think it’s an accurate portrayal of historical figures.

    1. steviant

      You’re right, it can’t be racist if people have been doing it forever. Like lynchings and ethnic-cleansing.

  5. Titania Gasca

    THEY’RE CLONES!!! The”Bad Batch” implies they’re defective, they could be blue for what it matters!! Remember 99? Also some of them were blonde.. A voice it’s a voice it’s a voice.. Also, Agent Alexsandr Kallus was a white man voice incredibly well by a black man (Davis Oyelowo)..

    1. steviant

      You mean like, coincidentally the whiter their skin the more capable of independent thought they are? Yeah that’s not racist at all.

  6. Rawr

    Lmao this comment section is full of snowflakes

    1. Shanequa Black

      Bruh… Fake controversy. Don’t let this tweet with 8 likes allow Lucas film to go through with a $5 million edit to turn the characters black and hire new Zealand voice actors to retcon all 8 seasons of clone wars due to boba Fett being cast as a maouri dude in the live action series. This is so ridiculous. ? Why is it okay to have minorities replace traditionally white characters in movies but if a white character ever dares play a minority character it’s racism? Double standards much?

      1. Sean Plourde

        OMG, big freakin’ deal! Who cares? What does it matter of what percentage of light/ dark shade an animated character’s skin is??? Grow up, people!!!

    2. dis fan

      what in the hell has the world come too

  7. Bru

    Lmao this comment section is full of snowflakes

    1. Alec

      Ridiculous to call anyone this upset about skin color in Star Wars a “fan.” They are NOT fans, just whiny little babies who are looking for social justice points through identity politics and not for the escape to a galaxy far far away that real fans are there to enjoy.

    2. James

      The snowflakes are the losers complaining about a cartoon, get a life

  8. Bro

    Lmao this comment section is full of snowflakes

  9. Irrelevant

    Oh good grief.

  10. Joel

    Stop being big babys

  11. I agree some of you people need to get a life it’s a f****** cartoon why so much about white skin and black skin and all these other stuff it’s a damn cartoon you people need to get a life

  12. Another hot topic brought to you by Disney ! Let’s forget about Walt and call the place something else ? Don’t embarrass his name .

  13. Mark

    If skin tone in a cartoon is all some people have to moan about i wish i had their life, must be so carefree & easy.

    I could understand it if it was live action & all the actors in originally black roles were white, but its a f*****g cartoon!!

    Im disabled, i dont give a s**t that there are no wheelchair users in most productions, ive got much bigger worries than that.

    just get the f**k over it.

    1. Chaz

      Professor Xavier

  14. Chris Wood

    To the person who asked why is kanan white? What color is he suppose to be?
    These are mutations clones. Thus the code, THE BAD BATCH!
    Finally you all need to get a life and a job so you can be a productive member of the human civilization and society.

  15. Ronald Paladino

    This has to be a joke right? Not. Please you people need to get back to work; or go volunteer at a soup kitchen, or go clean up a park. You know I just realized if anyone asks I don’t know if my walls are white or off white or eggshell; I don’t care and no one else will.

  16. Hue

    Hate to break it to all of the SJWs that chose this hill to die on, but you have it all wrong. Boba Fett was originally played in live action by a very British, very white gentleman named Jeremy Bulloch. He was voiced in live action by Jason Wingreen, also a white guy, and all the way back in 1978, the very first actor to voice Boba in animation was David Francks in The Star Wars Holliday Special. He was white too.

    So as you see, if anything, the original Boba performers were all light skinned and were replaced by darker skinned actors. I’m not certain blackwashing is a thing, but if it is, this would be it.

    I’m only pointing this out because I am so tired of all of these self righteous idiots trying their best to be offended by the least offensive thing imaginable.

    When the great Temuera Morrison assumed the role of Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones, and by default became the face and voice of all the clones, including adult Bobba Fett, there was no outcry of racial injustice or demands that Morrison be replaced by a white actor or his voice be dubbed by Wingreen or Francks. It does not matter. And now we are all supposed to be upset because someone thinks a character in an animated series is a little lighter than it was in a previous animated series. Get real.

    Life is too short.

    P.S. Ahsoka from day one was voiced by Ashley Eckstein, a very white actress. When she was replaced by the great, but not white, Rosario Dawson in The Mandalorian, no one through a fit about it. I just don’t understand why anyone would waste time on something so pointless.

    1. Chaz

      And Ashoka is Orange anyway. the pool of voice actors for Orange is pretty shallow, unless you get Donald Trump to voice Ashoka.

  17. Dave

    Funny. No one is talking about the voice actor for omega ?

  18. Paul Rodefer

    Dumbest thing I have ever heard of… IT’S A CARTOON, get a life!!!

  19. Star Fall

    On the bright side, I guess this means we don’t have any REAL problems if this is what people choose to get upset about.

  20. Mark

    Interesting how the comments on the tweets they linked to from people like”Ashoka says trans lives matter” are remarkably similar to the comment section here in that they don’t infact speak for everyone and no one really shares their opinion aside from a small number of activists. Also interesting was the only “people” who seemed to be in agreement with this article were 3 or 4 suspicious posters who all said the exact same thing “this comment section is full of snowflakes” so most likely the writer of the article employing the same smoke and mirrors these people always do to try and create the appearance of a larger group much like a puffer fish. Also a silly comment as if the people who rightfully call out this garbage for what it is are snowflakes and not the author of the article who clearly agrees with his 5 activist Twitter pals complaining about slightly darker or lighter skin shades on animated characters.

    1. rktho

      Exactly. Who’s the bigger complainer, the people complaining or the people complaining about the complaining?

  21. Linda

    Can’t anyone simply enjoy a movie or anything else days? No wonder the depression and suicide rates are up. No one knows how to relax and enjoy anything without going into activist mode. This is really sad.

  22. Brian

    All you people are morons. Social justice morons. Go fu .ck yourselves.

  23. Jason

    SJWs just need to get off their computers/phones and get laid.

  24. Koe

    My comments keep getting deleted

  25. My comments keep getting deleted. Why? Vvv

  26. Comment deleted by admins

  27. Brian

    People complaining that is.

  28. Chaz

    Hmmmm, lets have a little think about the Star Wars Universe, what white character can we think of that was voiced by a non-white actor?? From the 1970’s

  29. Joe Bee

    What a load of crap. People that are complaining about this need to grow up and quit living off your trust fund, you are simply ridiculous as is whoever thought these bozos’ opinions on this was newsworthy!

  30. Van Allen

    If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. That’s pretty easy.

  31. az3

    c’mon guys this is star wars, its very purpose in my opinion is to have people enjoy and appreciate what technology can do. And the whole story concept. if you don’t like it, tell that to the ones who made it. also give omega a chance i know a few people *coughs* who think she’s annoying, but she’s a kid. how much can your own parents tolerate when YOU were like a 5 years old? lighten up ppl there’s imperfection and that’s good, stuff to improve. maybe bring up a list of suggestions and things that annoyed you and mail it to lucasfilm?-

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