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  1. Bridget Berich

    My daughters and I got stuck at the start of the incline for the final drop of Splash Mountain! It was the longest wait! They entire time we listened to the crows! Their repeated lines, “you say you want to go the the laughing place, I’ll show you the laughing place!” I guess at least we were at the bottom, and not the top! Lol!

  2. David Smith

    This one time, at band camp…

  3. Robert

    It used to be a great place to cool down and rest. Not anymore. I was there yesterday, and the thermostat was set to “struggling.” … Hey Disney! That attraction helped you launch the park in 71. Why not show it some respect and update its air conditioning? And while your at it, maybe assemble a small team of imagineers that remember and love the 60 year-old attraction and task them with updating its animatronics? — not to mention the 30 year-old vision of the future?


    Too many years ago to count, my family got stuck on SpaceShip Earth.
    It was at the end of a long day and we decided to ride on our way out.
    It stopped just as the cars were turning after coming down at the end of the ride.
    Even though we were almost at the end we had to wait while they turned on the lights to walk the people who were stuck higher up down first.
    My mother had bought a ceramic planter in Mexico and my cousin a sombrero.
    We have pictures of my mom holding on to her planter and my cousin kicking back under his sombrero taking a nap while waiting to be let out of our car.
    Then after we got out, it was so late the park was totally empty as we left.

    1. Diane

      I’ve been stuck on a lot of rides over the years, but, the strangest was at the end of Tower of Terror. The lights came on and we got a request not to video or photograph anything while we waited, fat chance. Hearing the ride continuing around us was scary. 20 minutes later we were rescued from having to look at that creepy doll (ventriloquist dummy).
      I actually didn’t mind being stuck on CoP, but, it was the 1940s part and not the desperately in need of updating final part.

  5. I have been stuck on rides, including the COP. It stopped during the lovely scene when the lights go out. Yeah, that was creepy. It was also during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party. Not so scary huh? A lot of rides kept breaking down that night. I remember the People Mover and Pirates broke down as well. Resting on the People Mover isn’t bad but floating on a boat at the end of the ride just sitting there because the boat can’t get back up at the dock is not fun. Can’t remember which other ones might have but it was most of them, to be honest. It became a game of which ride isn’t going to break down on us.

  6. Mark Kaplan

    I have only one think to say…..

    Five Nights At Freddy’s………

  7. Samantha Helms

    My family of 5 got stuck on the Haunted Mansion for 2
    hours straight. All of us in the same doombuggy and right beside Constance Hatchaway (the bride). They would not let us off or get out at all (per the usual with that ride). “Hurry back, hurry back, be sure to bring you death certificate!” is still stuck in our heads. 8 years later. And the Haunted Mansion is now my favorite attraction!
    My stepson and I also got stuck on Splash Mountain twice that same night. The last time we were going over the mountain and the log flume stopped face down. It was a gorgeous view of Magic Kingdom and prime seats for Wishes. They finally had to come get
    us. The cast members had to anchor themselves to Mountain and then harness themselves to us and slowly walk us out of the log flumes and we got a behind the scenes walking tour of Splash Mountain. Of course, no pictures or we would be banned from the parks for life. Lol. Good times!

  8. Glenn Hofmeister

    My family and I were stuck on a non-moving It’s a Small World ride for over 20 minutes. They kept playing that song. I thought I would go nuts.

    1. Zorba

      I got stuck on Figment, at the Eye scene. After the fifth or sixth time, I was ready for the song to stop playing, and I even like the song. Luckily, about the time I thought I was really going to go nuts, they turned it off. Evac took an excessive amount of time, though.

      Later in the trip got stuck on PM in SM, was walked off it in 10 minutes, really quick.

      1. Tiffany

        My husband and I went to DW right when it opened back up. We were the last people on Its a small world at the end of the day, and we got stuck 2 or 3 boats from the transition to the goodbye signs section because someone either miscounted or didn’t care to make sure guests were all off before starting the end of day deep clean of the boats.

  9. Amie

    It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow….

  10. Geoff

    Sorry but magic kingdom isn’t open at 2am so chill with your fake bull stuff!!!

    1. Emma

      I thought the exact same thing ! Latest (this was in 90s) was midnight due to midnight parade

  11. Roz

    Got stuck on the Frozen ride at Epcot just as we were going up the big chill hill. We were literally leaning back so far it was like we were lying down so here comes the keepers of Elsa’s castle to get us all off the ride. Now that was hoot trying to get everyone off their backs and out of the boat ! Hilarious! Too funny but we made it. Also got stuck on COP. That wasn’t so much fun after hearing There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow for the 100th time ! My hubby slept through it !

  12. Don

    Sounds fun!

  13. Emma

    Hang on it’s not even open at 2am…

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