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splash mountain animatronics

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  1. DisneyFan

    How about no!!! Leave Splash Mountain as it is and give Tiana the freaking new ride she deserves. I’m so sick of these wannabe armchair imagineers.

    1. SG


  2. Jeffrey

    Stop pressing our berserk buttons please!

    As DisneyFan said!

  3. Marcus

    Or just give Princess and the Frog their own ride in a land that makes sense and leave Splash Mountain as in.

    The petition is over 89,000 strong on change . org – hopefully Disney listens and at least can save the Florida Splash Mountain. Don’t get rid of the Laughin’ Place <3

    1. SG


  4. Darth Updates

    That’s right! NEVER change anything, EVER!

    Leave everything exactly the same, always.

    And who cares about making things inclusive and non-racist? In fact, if they update at all, they should include MORE racist overtones in other rides! Keep things the same! Keep things the same!

    1. Nick

      Relax hero. 99% of people had zero idea what song of the south was… but thanks to some white knights who think they are the savor of POC… here we are.

      How about we make everything just gray? Go watch the first Christmas episode of South park. Ya… thats you

    2. DisneyGrowABackBone

      The ride isn’t racist snowflake. Go be a SJW somewhere else.

    3. Scotty

      Something has to be racist before you can call it racist. It’s okay to change stuff, but when it’s solely because a bunch of liberals and self-victimizing babies want to cry about how miserable and pathetic their lives are, then no.

      You literally can find racist sentiments in every single aspect of human existence. Liberals will never be satisfied.

  5. Walt is spinning

    Change the name from Splash Mountain to Pander Mountain.

    1. Ellen

      I always thought “Riot River” would be a suitable name for the retheme.

  6. Jake Sully

    Please Disney. PLEASE follow through with the planned retheming of Splash Mountain.

    The animatronics can EASILY be repurposed for Zootopia land, the first of which is being built in Shanghai Disneyland.

    Also, please do not listen to all the rightwing fans who peddle the “get woke, go broke” line, which is nothing but pure propaganda that has no basis in reality.

    Let’s not forget that James Cameron’s Avatar is once again the highest grossing film of ALL TIME!!

    James Cameron’s Avatar is as far-left and as “woke” as any movie can get, especially for its blatantly obvious depiction of US imperialism and American soldiers in general, but despite all of that, it was still able to hold onto to its title of the highest grossing film of all time for almost ten years and then regained that title again.

    1. Jake Sully

      When it comes to Avatar, the movie didn’t really do all that well amongst the American audience, which isn’t surprising at all.

      I remember that when the film first came out in 2009, people were gossiping very negatively about the film. Most of the people who saw it in theaters urged their friends and family members to NOT see the film because it completely s**t on our men/women in uniform.

      In the end, all of the politically motivated hate against Avatar caused the film to perform mediocrely amongst American movie-goers back in late 2009 to earl 2010.

      Hell, I guess you can say that James Cameron’s Avatar was one of the first victims of the “Cancel Culture.” But… it was a “Cancel Culture” made up mostly by people with rightwing political views.

      I, on the other hand, LOVED that film precisely because it gave a huge middle finger to the US troops and glorified their annihilation at the hands of a defector, our hero Jake Sully!! 🙂

      Now despite the fact that James Cameron’s Avatar did poorly amongst the American audience, that film still managed to earn its title as the highest overall grossing film of ALL TIME. It held that title for almost 10 years, then lost it for some time to Avengers, but then regain the title again.

      The main reason why James Cameron’s Avatar was able to achieve such a feat was due to the INTERNATIONAL audience. The blatantly anti-US Imperialism message in the film was talked about all throughout the world, and the international audience loved it.

      And when I say “international audience” – I’m referring to people of all countries, NOT just the people in countries allied to the US/West. I’m also referring to people in African countries, Asian countries, Middle East, South America, etc…

      If Avatar was only released to people living in countries allied to US/West (NATO countries) then that film probably wouldn’t have done so great overall.

      In the end, the people of the world have spoken, and they have decided to reject white supremacy – notion that white children should be treated better than others – and they’ve also decided to reject American nationalism and go along with the ‘F**k the troops’ line (referring to US troops, LOL) as well.

      1. James

        Jake Sully, you need serious help.

        Go outside. Do something. Please.

        Avatar was only popular because it was the first huge budget 3D movie. Thats it.

      2. Mike

        You are nuts.

      3. Chris Cruz

        Avatar made so much money because of the cgi being so ahead of its time in 2009. Just because your liberal arts professor thinks it’s some big anti-US movie doesn’t mean it is. You realize that every country with a population higher than 50 million has an army that does the same exact thing as the US military right? Nobody cares about some glib message about peace or whatever they just wanted to see the planet brought to life. It has NOTHING to do with white people you idiot

    2. Mike

      Avatar has nothing to do with Splash Mountain.

      Go cry your liberal views somewhere else.

    3. Scotty

      Yes, because unless you’re black, a radical feminist, or a homosexual, you’re not allowed to have any rights.

      The Democrat Party is cancer.

  7. Angela

    Twitter crybabies ruining Splash Mountain.

  8. Jenni

    Splash Mountain is the most popular ride at the Magic Kingdom.

    Leave it Alone.

  9. Shannon

    Splash Mt is not freaking racist. If it upsets you, you need therapy.

  10. Linda

    Leave Splash Mountain and Country Bears where they are and put Tiana animatronics at Port Orleans French Quarter.

    1. SG


  11. Roger Stevens

    Disney has to get a certain groups and a head female imagineers approval first. Remember they consider the critters in Splash Mountain racist. I rather see it torn down rather buckling under domastic torrists groups demands.

  12. Kathy

    In Disneyland: Please leave Splash Mountain alone. If you feel you need a Princess and the Frog ride, then make it a new ride. Not every princess has her own ride.

    In California Adventure: Can we put Country Bear Jamboree in the area near Grizzly Rapids? Fits perfectly and adds more to do in that area than just walk around. DCA has very little for young ones – this would add one more place they could enjoy.

  13. christine lee stubblebine

    please do not take away my laughing place. it is the happiest ride there.

  14. Chris

    I’ve given up caring about how Disney destroys their stuff.

  15. Gracie

    Splash Mountain MUST be kept!! It’s an attraction Walt Disney helped design himself and it’s a favorite classic ride!! Besides, it’s just a bunch of singing animals!! ?
    Leave it be!! #savesplashmountain

  16. KenR

    First, Splash Mountain is one of the very best attractions at WDW and does not need to be changed. Especially with other rides missing, or needing to be redone (Figment). Second, it is not racist or offensive at all. Third, not every Walt Disney movie “needs” a ride. There are far better WD movies than Princess and the Frog without a ride, parade float, character greet, etc.

  17. Phoebe L Ho

    If they are really going through with this, I predict that a lot of the Animatronics can be used in the new ride. Plenty can fit right in the new bayou scenes, and maybe the riverboat finale can be used too. They repurposed them before, they can do it again.

    That being said, I love Splash Mountain as it is.

  18. Chris Cruz

    How is one tweet with four likes enough to write an article on?

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