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bucky and sam

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  1. Bloop

    I wished that Bucky would have taken out Sam’s sister at the end of the show….

  2. Carla

    Why do people care what his sexual orientation might be? Can’t you just enjoy the show without trying to make him gay, bi, binary, or whatever the next alphabet may be? Gets old…and lame.

    1. D J

      Exactly it’s a superhero show not love island.

    2. Alexis

      Because romantic relationships are important in TV shows. Just because its not a straight cis relationship does not mean that its odd to ship it. In every friends to lovers relationship people assume early on They will end up together. This is the same thing. Just because it is not heterosexual does not make it wierd or wrong.

    3. Stephanie Childs

      Exactly. Thank you

    4. Matt

      You look old and lame. Sooooo when you are straight, you have thousands upon thousands of romances in popular culture, gay people don’t get that kind of representation so why do you attack people for wanting more representation. Especially you being a minority yourself. It’s not cute to bring other minorities down

    5. Really???

      I hate ignorant minorities. It’s like the same thing happening in the news now with all the black people attacking Asians. I don’t get what purpose is served when under represented groups target and hate other under represented groups… we should be striving for a world with as much diversity as possible…

  3. Brian Williams

    I don’t understand why some people see certain Marvel or Star Wars friendships as possibly gay. Both men and women usually have one friend who they consider a best friend, who they are most close to. I don’t get it. Why does every friendship have to possible be gay??? There is obviously an agenda being pushed.

    1. Luke

      Theyre bi in the comics

      1. Jane

        No, they’re not. There is only speculation from the imagination of people who watch the MCU.

        1. Alexis

          No bucky is bi in the commics the same way Loki is gender fluid. Just because its not heterosexual does not make it wrong. I can not name the ammount of platonic. Friend relationships people have shipped for a guy and a girl so stfu.

          1. Sue

            Then you obvious don’t know the comics. Read the originals by Stan Lee. NO ONE was ever gay.

  4. Gimme Ahbreak

    So anytime two people become close in any way these days, it must be romance. Some people really need to go out and make some friends to see what it is like.

  5. Kyle Sanchez

    What is up with Gen Z wanting each and every movie friendship to be gay?

    1. Elizabeth

      Exactly! It’s a push of an immoral agenda! I miss the days when I could watch superhero movies and shows with my nephews, without having to expose them.

      1. Sean Raines

        And you dont want them being exposed

      2. Kyle Sanchez

        I have zero issue with LGBTQ+, but it is freaking annoying when people try to ship or force something as gay where it doesn’t need to be. Bucky is a straight man as it’s been established in the movies and even the TV series. Let’s stop trying to recon his sexuality just so Gen Z can fulfill a wet dream fantasy.

  6. Brimstone

    Hey, people! Have you considered that the reason some people want characters to be lgbtq is because they are so severely underrepresented in media that they have to make up their own ideal scenarios?

    Also, their is a difference between thinking a couple would be cute, and hoping and expecting that it will actually happen.

    I personally hope that Bucky is made to be Bi because it would be amazing to see on screen representation with a well known, fan favourite character. But, I recognize that unless Disney suddenly get cool with a lot of things real quick it’s probably never going to happen

    People saying they think a it would be cool if a character is lgbtq or they think a relationship would be cute hurts no one, so why act as if it does?

    1. Apache helicopter

      Well in that case why don’t you make up your own lgbtqrstuvwxyz superhero flick and stop messing with established lore.

      1. Brimstone

        I could if I wanted to. However, the impact of a singular, unknown person making a lgbtq character is minimal compared to the impact that a well known character could have.

        Also, it’s technically never been established that Bucky is straight. It’s just expected that people will assume he is because straight is seen as the default and anything else is seen as other

        On a different note, adding letters to a well established acronym to make it seem nonsensical, or making your name an overused Transphobic joke does not make you clever, it just makes you seem intentionally ignorant

      2. Sue

        I totally agree. It is time to stop this nonsense. They realize they are in the wrong so they try to take everything good and demoralize it.
        If you want a specific character then go write your own comic book and stories.
        Stan Lee did not become famous overnight – it was years of writing and hard work.

  7. Elizabeth

    We need to get back to God. And if you wanna talk about underrepresented…disabled people are underrepresented. There are very few I can relate to.

    1. Ben

      As a Christian, hard disagree. That being said, I do agree that there should be more disabled representation.

      1. Sue

        Has a Christian? Has a Christian I object to all this BS about sex and sexual orientation. Let it go already. He are heterosexual – male or female – end of story.

    2. Matt

      Ugggg just stop… barf. Basically everything in the marvel world would be considered a sin based off the Bible. So you yourself are under represented and you are complaining about other under represented people ??? What a mean and hateful person you are!

  8. Andrea C

    I don’t think Sam and Bucky should be gay. Follow the comic strips and make Bucky romantically involved with Natasha, Black Widow and only her!

    1. Ben

      #1: What’s wrong with Bucky being Bi? It contradicts nothing in the movies…
      #2: The movies have zero obligation to follow the plotlines from the comic books, and they have never followed a comic storyline exactly.
      #3: Black Widow is literally dead at the bottom of a cliff, so no. Plus, they have barely interacted.

    2. Sean Raines

      Are you kidding? Black widow is certainly not monogamous. She gets everywhere. Live action and comics

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