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Guardians of the Galaxy Dead

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Aligator Aligator

    Thanks for spoilers idiots

    1. J

      You literally had to read the whole thing to get spoiled crybaby. That makes you the idiot

  2. That’s horrible. I’m 51,I stopped reading comics in my late teens. I’m a huge fan of the old Skool heros like Cap,Spidey,Ironman, Hulk etc. I had no idea who the Gaurdians were until the movies came out. Now they’re one of my favorite Superhero teams. I’m actually going to try and start reading comics again, Groot and Rocket are my two favorite Gaurdians. Hope they don’t keep them dead for long like other deceased characters. Stop eliminating cool characters Marvel, quit playing with my emotions big perm big worm. Peace.

    1. MJ

      Heroes Reborn series is just an alternate universe or “what if” universe so it doesn’t affect Marvel’s main comic book line called the 616 universe. Even if they died in the main universe, superhero deaths dont last long.

      1. Donkeyzilla

        I hope you’re right.

      2. Ahn

        What!!! No…really now killing of 2 heros is NOT a way to get fan options…just have Focus Groups and Surveys and ASK the readers what the would like to see. What short on Story lines…

  3. Gust

    Marvel comics killing off (but not really) characters for emotional impact? *surprised Pikachu face*

    Whatever the opposite of news is, this might be it.

  4. Chris

    Please, for the love of God, learn how to form proper sentences and punctuate correctly. For starters sentences don’t start with the word ‘but’. Try editing your writing before you hit the upload button. Thanks!

    1. Don Beckwith

      Grammar Nazi

  5. Shawn Keating

    Man, this sounds like one of those dumb DC reboots! Doing things just for the sake of doing them aiming for “impact” rather than good writing-

    1. Dale

      No. The person that wrote this is clueless about the series.

  6. Don Beckwith

    It would be nice to see them come up with some new storylines instead of rehashing old ones, like secret wars. That was done in the 80s, Heroes Reborn? The 90’s. It’s as bad as watching a 4th batman reboot.

  7. Don Beckwith

    It would be nice to see some new storylines instead of the rehash of holders ones. Secret Wars was done in the 80s and Heroes Reborn was in the 90s.

  8. This Guy

    This is a horrendously written “article,” holy cow. Hire a real writer, not some wanna-be blogger.

  9. Mike

    This is what happens. This is why Stan Lee didn’t want to be alive to watch them gut and completely destroy his legacy bit by bit.

  10. Jack

    Wow! There are a LOT of clueless people who don’t read comics in the comments. I know because they all seem very confused about the story this article is talking about. Here’s a hint folks, it’s a temporary 2 month long miniseries where Mephisto changed the history of the world and made sure the Avengers never came to exist so the Squadron Supreme is the premier superhero team and the only person aware of the changes is Blade. Everything eventually is going back to normal, calm down.

    1. J

      Yeah, the whole premise of this article is kind of pointless since it all is happening in an altered continuity. Rocket and Groot are fine in Guardians of the Galaxy (even if Doctor Doom is on the team).

  11. Dale

    How can you be so ignorant of what’s actually happening and yet write a story about it? Shouldn’t there be some kind of basic knowledge required to write a story about it? This is crazy. It is so ill written and lacks a simple basic comprehension of what’s actually happening in the comic’s! Dang.

  12. Howie

    Drax dies in volume 3. He already said it was his last time portraying Drax.

    Also seriously how does anyone think a alternate timeline mini comic series is related to the main timeline.

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