Robin Williams’s Daughter’s Witty Response to Dad Trending on Twitter

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Robin and Zelda Williams

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Robin Williams will always be remembered by many Disney fans as a Disney icon. His work as The Genie in the classic Disney film Aladdin has touched so many hearts and will go down in history as one of the funniest and well-loved characters in Disney films.

As I scroll through Twitter, I come to the realization that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. It seems that Robin Williams has passed down this funny bone to his daughter Zelda Williams.

Robin Williams Zelda williams
Credit: ABC

Zelda’s Hilarious Tweet

Robin Williams is still on everyone’s mind as fans have created a Twitter trend once again. After his death on August 11, 2014, the world mourned for actor and comedian genius Robin Williams and has continued to keep his memory alive through social media. It didn’t take long before his daughter Zelda responded with a pretty witty tweet with a popular gif that even her father would be proud of.

Zelda Williams shares:

See’s Dad randomly trending again. Confirms he hasn’t come back as the first zombie. Goes back to daily life.

The gif of Denzel Washington’s sigh of relief gives it that extra shot of hilarity.

Zelda received love from 7.9k Twitter fans and many Twitter users joined in with witty banter. Zeo (Joe) better known as @Zeo797 replies with a quote from Robin Williams stating:

I mean, if the zombie apocalypse was starting, I feel like it starting with “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING BRAINNNNNNS” or “My first day as a zombie and I’m getting hunger for brains flashes” isn’t exactly under my worst case scenario booklet.

Matthew Liu-Picchietti @picc285 wrote a touching response by saying,

I’m sad he’s gone, but if one person were going to come back, even as zombie, I hope it’s him. He’d still be funny and hopefully kind. And if he needed to feed, I’d step up for that.

This was not the first time Zelda Williams mentioned her dad on Twitter. She has been known to share some intimate memories and pictures of her father Robin stating “Isolation spring deep cleaning is turning up some fun old gems” and even played around with a Disney filter that revealed a shocking discovery. See her reaction to the Disney filter here. 

Zelda Williams Instagram
Credit: Zelda Williams

We can all agree that Zelda’s hilarious tweets can keep coming and that the quirky personality she shares with her fans just showcases how much her father’s spirit resides in her.

What is your favorite memory of Robin Williams? Let us know in the comments below! 

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