Robin Williams’ Daughter Attempts Viral “What Disney Character Are You?” Filter

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Ever wonder Which Disney character you are? Well, there’s a simple way you can find out!

In case you haven’t heard yet, there is a new filter going around on Instagram that allows users to match with a Disney character. From Pumbaa to Ursula to Belle, there is a wide variety of Disney characters you could potentially match with.

Users across the platform are having fun sharing their results and even celebrities are getting in on the fun. Josh Gad, who everyone knows as the adorable snowman, Olaf, decided to try it out, but the results seemed.. well, a bit off.

But the results aren’t always this far off. Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda Williams, decided to try the fun new Instagram filter out, and well, take a look at her results.

That’s right! She matched with her fathers famous character from the Disney Animated Classic, Aladdin. The late legendary actor is known for voicing Genie, and Williams was a bit surprised (but ecstatic) when she saw his character pop up above her head.

How To Find The Disney Filter:

If you haven’t yet tried the new Disney filter but are curious what your result would be, there are two different ways you can find it:

Zelda Williams Instagram
Credit: Zelda Williams
  1. Find a friend’s story that uses the filter. The filter’s name will appear under your friend’s handle in the top left corner. When you click on it, a gray bar will appear that says “try it.” Click on it, and start your selfie video and show the world which character you are.
  2. Go straight to the source. The filter was created by @arnopartissimo. Under his “saved stories” click on the Disney icon on the far left. It will begin his own story and from there, click on the filter’s name in the top left corner and then click the “try it” button on the pop-up bar.

Have you tried out the new Disney Instagram filter? Let us know your results in the comments.

Source: Daily Dot

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