Comments for Pixar’s ‘Luca’ Signifies a Shift In Storytelling


Credit: Pixar/Disney


  1. Catch-2260611

    Toy story had soul. Cars had more soul than Soul. I don’t know that I appreciate this new writing style or story telling. Something is missing.

    1. Matt

      They are better movies and stories than the ones you are making, so I dont really see the point of grumpy internet boys…

    2. Road Runner

      Agree Catch, very rarely do I see a Disney/Pixar film that doesn’t warrant repeat viewings, but for me, Soul and Onward were “one and done” features. It did feel as if something was missing. I hope this isn’t the trend for future projects.

  2. Wombat

    They are shooting themselves in the foot with marketing with recent movies. Where are the memorable, distinctive characters in Luca to make into toys, clothing, etc? It’s just a bunch of stylized kids that all look alike. And can you name one character from Soul that a kid would want to play with as a toy? I can’t.

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