Imagineer Shares Details, Gives First Look at NEW Club Cool

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The old Club Cool sign

Credit: Disney/Zack Riddley

Disney fans have been super excited to hear that Club Cool is returning to EPCOT. Our favorite Lift Apple from Mexico and not-so-favorite Beverly from Italy drinks will hopefully be returning to Walt Disney World soon at Club Cool along with a new a reimagined MouseGear that will be called Creations Shop!

What’s more exciting is that a Disney Imagineer just gave us Disney fans an inside look of what the new Club Cool will look like, a biodegradable EPCOT theme with gorgeous colors!

Creations Shop / Credit: Disney

Club Cool’s New Look

Disney Imagineer Zach Riddley takes us inside Club Cool as he showcased the time and effort Disney Imagineers put into every design that we admire in a Disney Park. Club Cool’s previous look was very bright and definitely embraced an older Coca-Cola theme with red and white floors, bright orange lamps and at times seemed a bit crowded for Guests. (see photo below).

Club Cool
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The new look of Club Cool will feature the distinctive Coca-Cola colors along with biodegradable materials right on the floor as we walk in.

Walt’s vision of the future of EPCOT and the world was really integrated into this new Club Cool theme as Riddley shared on Instagram:

Today is National Have a Coke Day – and to celebrate I’m sharing a few design details about our entirely new Club Cool hosted by Coca-Cola experience coming to EPCOT this summer.

A cool design feature will be a totally custom floor. We carefully selected colors and aggregates to create three unique terrazzo finishes for the new Club Cool.

Terrazzo is a type of poured floor that is known for its style and flexibility, giving our Imagineers a chance to pick unique colors and textures that feel like EPCOT.

And get this – we are bringing pieces of Coca-Cola products into the materials of the floor itself!! This terrazzo will incorporate recycled Coca-Cola green glass chips that will capture light and bring the color and connection underfoot.

And if you look closely you can even see the remnants of the red bottle labels within the flooring material!

This terrazzo is also distinctive in that it uses a natural binder, made up of biodegradable materials. These beautiful floor finishes not only create a branded aesthetic for Club Cool, but further emphasizes both Disney and Coca-Cola’s commitment to sustainability and protecting our environment – perfectly fitting in EPCOT.


More on Club Cool

Club Cool, which opened on November 14, 2005, has been a Disney fan favorite, and for good reason. This EPCOT area allowed Guests to cool off and unwind with some complimentary Coca-Cola self-serve soda from all over the world!

These eight caffeine-free drinks, including the Beverly from Italy, became a Disney must for Guests to try when visiting Walt Disney World. The Beverley became a challenge for the Disney community to drink as this was the least favorite of the bunch, and in my opinion, it was like drinking a penny!

At this time, we are unaware if these eight flavors will return to our favorite club, but Inside the Magic will update you as we get information. For more on the new Club Cool, visit our website here.

club cool
Credit: Disney

We can’t wait to see more of Club Cool and are anticipating its return soon as the summer approaches! Having a place to cool off and enjoy free drinks at Disney has been on a lot of our minds.

What’s your favorite drink at Club Cool? What drinks should they add to the club? Let us know in the comments below!

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