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Credit: Marvel Studios/Marvel Comics


  1. Neal Shannacappo

    This is a horrific idea and a big slap in our faces.

    Sacred teachings are tied to our regalia and we use them in ceremony every year across Turtle Island. Our regalia isn’t a costume!

    Would the obvious racism of an Indigenous Captain America be only visible if he wore a headdress?

    This is marvel dictating to two Indigenous artists how they are to reinforce Hollywood stereotypes of our people. This is actually a form of gaslighting where the abuser convinces the abused is okay by getting abused to buy into the idea which is detrimental to their well-being.

    The artists should be ashamed to be associated with this atrocity.

    They should have had the backbone to stand up for our people and said “Hard no!” Instead of acquiescing.

    This Indigenous Captain America is a message of having forgotten our peoples’ history of struggle against the colonial government that has been attempting to wipe us out.

    Indigenous Captain America is just another native mascot no different than the Red Skins logo and mascot which we just got rid of.

  2. Brian Francis

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Way to offend two groups of people you dumb women idiots.

  3. Brian Francis

    I mean woke not women

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