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Mobile Ordering

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  1. Tommy

    I tried to get a doll whip from the tropical hideaway, and when it was an hour and a half wait, the cast member at the front said I can put it in for you. He did I got online and I had my treat within 10 minutes. So be sure to ask at the check-in if you can place an order then and there.

  2. William C Turner

    I had no wait time toward the end of the day (8:30). I also had no wait to get dinner from Plaza Inn at 5:30 pm. Both on Thursday.

  3. Mike

    We were there last weekend, and as long as you plan ahead it is fine. Just don’t expect to order lunch at 1:00 pm and have it ready immediately.

  4. John

    We were there last week and the wait for certain well known food items was strong 3-4 hours. Also, it doesn’t make sense for Disney to increase the capacity while still enforcing covid restrictions. Just too many visitors to make the covid restrictions practical at this point. Also, most cast members were rude and constantly barking orders at guests to stand here, etc. No Disney magic with such a confrontational vibe from cast members.

  5. Tina M.

    I find it interesting that Disneyland had no problem with dining and snacking at full capacity and now this, you know how to fully function at full speed you need to get back to doing things the Disney way.Many people are now more rude than ever in the workplace they tend to use the excuse of the Pandemic for everything. Disney used to be very careful about the right Cast Members I really hope this dining idea changes when the Park opens to everyone , if it ever does.

    1. Old cast member

      I love your comment, especially the part where you mention the right cast members.

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