Comments for Original ‘Mighty Ducks’ Stars Loved Flying Together Again

original Mighty Ducks

Credit: Disney


  1. Ben

    I’m really disappointed goldberg wasn’t here. That guy needs some Disney magic more than any one else. He’s on the streets doing hard drugs and in dire need of a intervention and a good paycheck. Love the mighty ducks, like the new show, but sad to hear that they couldn’t have done anything for goldberg.

  2. Nancy LaMora

    I can’t believe that BIg is being removed. First you removed Pepe Le Pew now Big. I have a subscription to Disney. Not anymore. You want to cancel these great cartoons, and movies because you get a burr up your ear. I am done with Disney. Plus we come from a mixed race family so we understand where you are coming from. But this is getting out of hand. Next you will be in Libraries like Hitler burning books. Look out world. Shame on Disney.

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