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  1. Trenton B.

    I wanna say this was the same guy who was at the end of Living with the Land keeping myself and my girlfriend entertained while we were waiting to get off the boat because it got stuck right before deboarding.

    Such a great guy.

  2. Rosana

    Amazing! Michael Jackson fever is still alive. Long Live Michael Jackson’s Music and his Legacy! ???

  3. You know I’m right!

    No the company of the boat kept you entertained with music and not Michael Jackson. If he was there live it was because he had an obligation…
    Michael Jackson should be Irrelevant. The fact that he manipulated millions of people his whole career, because of his and his family’s fame and stature. He abused children, he manipulated anyone he knew wouldn’t be believed. He picked and chose who he manipulated and abused because he knew he could get away with it, just like any other pedophile and psychopath ever. You can not tell me he couldn’t or didn’t say “you say anything about what happened and I’ll have you killed” or “ Who do you think people will believe, me ( A worldwide pop megastar) or you a nobody”. If you deny it your judgment is clouded. Your opinion is irrelevant (as is mine too you). You have to rely on what other people say because you want to be part of the “in crowd” of bullies and naysayers. Cases have been dropped because he used stature to pressure major corporations enough to have their hands tied. Unable to say or do anything because of a contract! He was a monster and You know I’m right!

    1. Marebear

      No, you are wrong. You have not done your research and just believe tabloid trash. All the information about the truth is out there if you care to educate yourself. The FBI investigated him for 13 years and found nothing to implicate him. They did find evidence that he was being extorted. He was found innocent in a court of law because there was no evidence to corroborate the accuser’s testimony and the defense was able to destroy their credibility on cross examination. But the press only reported the salacious details to the public during the trial and didn’t report that each prosecution witness was destroyed by the defense. The press wanted him to be guilty before the trial even concluded. He was therefore “found guilty in the court of public opinion.” But a jury if his peers saw the lack of evidence and the prosecution witnesses to be liars and acquitted him on ALL charges. The DA was even found to be trying to manipulate evidence during the grand jury indictment, but one of the jurors spoke up about it. It’s time that people stop believing the lies of the press. Do your research. It’s all available for anyone who cares to know the truth.

    2. Very

      not only are you wrong but if you really think what you wrote the sick mind is yours and if you really believe the tabloids you have even more problems. It is not possible in 2021 to continue to believe in that nonsense or you do it on purpose or you are really gullible and I feel sorry for you in this case. Michael was much simpler than you make him out to be, he loved people and children and that’s all and I don’t know why this thing scares you so much.

    3. A. Moye

      He did all that according to you but for how many years Tom Sneddon couldn’t prove a thing. Even with help from the FBI. And Sneddon used every trick in the book to do so.Michal Jackson was not a monster, he did not harm any child and l am glad his music is being played.

    4. MJ4Ever

      Accusations were proven false. Why you still want them to be true? Do you know the list of women that falsely accused him? Of course you don’t. You only fantasize about abusing kids. What major corporations? You talking complete nonsense. People like you should be locked up. Sick dude.

  4. SG

    That’s so fun! Good for him, so glad that Cast Member was hired. Perfect soundtrack too. Truly an entertainer!

  5. EM

    It’s not about Michael Jackson it’s about the Cast Member! He is entertaining people as they wait. He’s doing a good thing and should get recognized for it

  6. A. Moye

    Name one time you heard Michael Jackson said he invented the moonwalk. I heard him say how he study the best and put style to it. If you care to notice he did some of James Brown moves and he said many times how Brown was one he looked up too.

  7. A. Moye

    No you are NOT right.!!!!!!!

  8. MJ4Ever

    This guy loves to fantasize about raping little kids. Why are posts like these allowed here? This guy is very sick.

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