Comments for Michael B. Jordan Has Emotional Reaction to ‘Black Panther 2’ Title

Black Panther

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Gary

    The new Black Panther movie should be really cool! Can’t wait!!!

  2. Ydntk

    Didn’t Kilmonger have all Heart Shaped Herb burned

  3. Gwen

    Unless it will be a prequel or through Wakanda’s advanced technology, they found a way to raise the dead, I believe Killmonger is dead…right?

  4. cheri

    That’s what I thought…

  5. Quan

    It would be amazing if Michael b Jordan came back !!

  6. Landon

    There’s no way M B Jordan can come back to film a major role and this movie to come out when they say it will. M B Jordan’s schedule will be too full with Creed 3. He’s directing and starring, & it’s due out in 2022, and so is Black Panther 2.

  7. Sandy Wright

    I agree that will be great

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