Comments for Upcoming ‘Star Wars’ Series Exploring Luke Skywalker’s Lost Years

luke skywalker i am a jedi scene

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Blurrg

    YES PLEASE! Luke’s journey post ROTJ definitely needs to be explored! I’m very much looking forward to the show!

    “Even though the Skywalker Saga is over, it seems as though Luke Skywalker’s story might just be getting started.”

    HECK YEAH! And I’m here for it! ?

  2. Vesuvi

    Absolutely… there is so much ‘Luke Skywalker’ story to tell. Whether Sebastian Stan takes on the role… or if Mark Hamill voices him in an animated (or cgi version), I’d be thrilled to see such a thing in a long-running series. And, with many like-minded friends, I’m sure there would be a market for it.

  3. Jimmy Stein

    I want Mark Hamill and the YouTuber for Deepfakes. I don’t want anyone else to play Luke Skywalker except for Mark Hamill.

  4. Chrissy Holden

    Should maintain Mark Hamill to play the titular character. No one else not even Winter Soldier.

  5. Boba Fetish

    I have pre-ordered Star Wars The Mandalorian – 1/6th scale Luke Skywalker Collectible Figure from Hot Toys. I can’t wait for the series IF Luke Skywalker is in the form of Mark Hamill regardless CGI or Deepfakes.

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