Comments for The Kardashians Take Over Disneyland

Credit: ITM (left) Disney (right)


  1. A...

    Really now…please Don’t let them ruin Disney with a stupid reality show.

    1. The kardashians would never ruin anything

  2. Bruce

    Who cares. I bet Disney kissed their butts

  3. Ceridwen

    You may be enamoured by vacuous over exposed celebrities on a freebie visit to Disneyland, but, intelligent people aren’t. In fact I find it disgusting that over processed, over made up bimbos who made a fortune off the backs of a gullible public who prefer to watch other people’s lives than live their own probably didn’t pay a cent for their trip despite having millions, if not a billion dollars in their bank accounts.
    I booked a trip to Disney this week and Disney will grab back my deposit if I cancel through unforeseen circumstances, yet, will give a freebie to people like the Kardashians and YouTubers who live the good life while doing zipedee doh dah.

  4. Diane

    A bit strong, but, I get what you mean.

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