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  1. Kerstin

    It’s such an incredible thing that happened to Mr. J. Depp and I personally am loving to see him on screen very soon again ❣️
    May it please happen 🍀

  2. Deb

    Inside the Magic is definitely not magical. Especially when considering the false narrative regarding the accusations made against him by someone who has been proven to be a liar. Try growing some balls and tell the truth and stop feeding lies!

    1. Mo


      The UK Lawsuit was never going to go in his favor but it brought to light his innocence in this matter. Further blackballing of Depp would be a gross mistake.

      1. Savage Lynx

        You said it! @Mo

  3. EricJ

    It could ALSO be that MGM/Sony still owns a few rights on actual Addams Family adaptations dating back to the 2018 movie.

    (Just like Burton had to give up on an Addams remake owing to rights on the Broadway musical, and ended up turning “Dark Shadows” into a wacky Addams comedy instead.
    I’m guessing the “Wednesday goes to school” concept also began as a completely different series that Burton found the legal loophole to.)

  4. Renee Eckert

    It is so frustrating and so exhausting to hear all the things that are happening to Johnny Depp. I always say that the truth always comes out in the end and I sure hope it happens very very soon. We need to see him again he made a smile he’s made a lot of people smile children smile
    Let’s all hope this comes to end soon so that Johnny can live his life in peace

    1. Jay

      In a way, good.

      Let Amber Heard continue her career, let her be the reason men will reject feminism and the #metoo movement.

      Let’s play the game that men have won since the dawn of time

  5. Femmetac

    They need to come up off it. Maybe look at the wealth of evidence listed on the Fairfax Va web site for his defamation case. As much as the UK judge was in Rupert Murdoch’s pocket, the judge in this case will be having none of it. His ex-swamp witch is going down for what she pulled—and for ruining the women’s movement by issuing in misandry with a younger crowd. We want equality, not supremacy. She’s vile, and everything he’s been through has only shown that violence happens to men too and gendered stereotypes only hurt people further.

    Signed, a feminist in support of all victims

  6. Shel

    Mr. Depp never fails to inspire. Once again, he gives back to the world at a time when so many are against him. He’s been a target in the most horrific way. His abuser manipulated the public into thinking he was the abuser, and acquired a following to assist in abusing him. He could have felt sorry for himself, blamed others for his problems, became toxic, but he didn’t. He fought back when nobody believed him. He continues to fight back, and, at the same time, he shares his heart by giving back to the world, donating to important charities, expecting nothing in return. I love his heart, it’s so open, passionate and sincere.
    He continues making the world a better place for everyone.
    The Addams Family series sounds amazing. If they leave it up to Mr. Burton to select the cast it will be out of this world!

  7. Yip

    Goes to show that Netflix believes lies and conjecture from a bi*** who just wants to further her own career by trying to destroy another. I won’t even contemplate watching anything that that cu** will be in.

  8. Cancel culture really should Cvs sometime.Mr.Depp does not deserve this.All the people in his life say he is a good person.Heard us toxic.

  9. Joni Compton

    Johnny Depp is definitely my pick fir Gomez! This cancel culture has to go. We know Amber Heard will get caught up in her lies! Justice for Johnny!

  10. Cindy Lewisis

    How can they ban him from playing in that series? Do they control who’s in what movie or show to begin with? Are they the ones who are making the series? I don’t believe it’s up to them to decide who is in it but can decide if it’s played on Netflix. I don’t understand how AH can still get roles when she has been charged with lying on the stand and there’s police videocam proof of her lying about being abused. Yet JD can’t get any roles. Give the guy a break, he didn’t do it.. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

  11. Savage Lynx

    You’re asking us? Having fun spreading rumours and Heardsay?

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